It Might Not Have Impressed The BBC, But Celtic Fans Loved The Quality Of The Goals.

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One of the things that stood out a mile yesterday was how good the goals were. Even the ones where the finish wasn’t particularly special came about because we’ve gotten very good at opening up defences.

Three of them were right out of the top drawer.

The two over-head kicks are special goals, goals from players who have found a new level of confidence. It’s not the first Giakoumakis has scored, but when you consider how this guy started his Celtic career to where he is now it’s night and day.

Jenz, who was getting stick from Chris Sutton over his debut, as though they guy wasn’t settling into a new team and system, was excellent yesterday and the goal marked his surging confidence.

That’s a sure sign of a player who is right on track to be a bit special.

It’s his second goal in a week, at a time when the media is wetting itself over an Ibrox striker.

Kyogo got his second in seven days too.

But of course, the performance of the day and the goal of the day, was Jota’s.

He was magnificent once again. His goal was a thing of beauty, sheer artistry, the mark of a player who is now firing on all cylinders, a player who has the bit between his teeth and can produce the goods week in week out.

The BBC did want to discuss the goal in some detail, but their focus was on whether the goalkeeper should have got to the ball instead of concentrating on the beauty of the strike itself.

That’s typical of the “national broadcaster” and its increasing negativity.

I expect no favours from the BBC. They haven’t laid out their allegiances, as such, but they’ve made it clear whose tune they now dance to. We are going to get nothing from them because anything we do get might upset their new “official media partners.”

And if there are some of their journalists who don’t like that, too bad.

They can take it up with their bosses who’ve come to the agreement, paid their money and left the credibility of the organisation and those who work for it shredded.

The minute they ponied up their dough that was that. Media outlets paying the organisations they cover … it’s scandalous and nothing they say will ever be able to justify it or convince people their coverage isn’t tainted by it.

It reflects on everyone who works there. How can it not?

Jota’s goal is a masterpiece of skill and execution.

The accuracy, the power … that’s all we should be talking about, but the BBC’s desire to debate whether or not it was simply down to bad goalkeeping is perfectly in line with how they’ve been behaving for weeks.

Ange’s patience with them has already worn thin.

He’s had to rebuke them already this season, and we’re only three games in.

They should have asked him whether the keeper was to blame for Jota’s goal; I suspect that his response would have been highly amusing and not in the least bit amused. He understood how some of them operate long before this season started; last year he had to answer no end of ignorant and stupid questions.

Still, this represents another episode in a long line of them, and it comes at a time when we should be trying to talk our game up. Instead, we get the national broadcaster taking the spotlight away from the best footballer in the nation right now and putting it in the hapless hands of a keeper instead. What a joke that is.

Celtic fans know what they watched yesterday; quality, and in particular three of the goals. The long range effort from Jota was easily the best of them, and a goal of the season contender.

Whether the BBC or anyone else likes that or not.

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  • vincentmcsherry says:

    A lot of good contests on the fixture list on saturday,Where were the BBC ? no prizes for guessing where!!

  • Pan says:

    As Celtic supporters we are happy with what we see. It does not matter what the BBC or SKY or any other media outlet think, appreciate or otherwise. It is important what we think. It is our opinion that matters. Arse-lickers are never popular.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Fk them all, the long and the short and the tall…….

  • John Copeland says:

    The sense of underwhelming commentary from the BBC ,especially during a Celtic game is getting ridiculous! Jota’s magnificent technical strike ,the second in as many weeks, should have the biased Beeb clique waxing lyrical at the skill of the goals. Instead we got mutterings as if he had tapped the goals in from two feet. There is more excitement when the Rangers score an offside goal! Go figure ?

  • John says:

    Any Celtic goal for me is a beauty whether its a rocket from 25 yards or a tap in from 2 yards. Personally I thought, for sheer football, the first goal was the pick of the five but everyone will have their own opinion

    • Damian says:

      Agreed. Taylor’s ball was superb and the coordination between the forwards was stunning. First goal always gets more points from me anyway because it’s the hardest one to get.

  • Damian says:

    I listened to most of the game on Radio Scotland. They waxed lyrical and at length about the strength of Celtic’s performance and the quality of the goals. There was a discussion about whether the keeper should have done better with Jota’s strike (personally, I think he should have though am delighted he did not), prompted largely by Pat Bonner – admittedly a strong contender for the most openly biased and inarticulate pundit working in Scottish football, though not in the way you imply. I presume the Sportscene pundits picked up from Bonner’s notes at the time.

  • Ujeste12 says:

    It amazes me that a large proportion of Celtic fans are still surprised when ‘Auntie Beeb’ or the SMSM in general display their partisan negativity when referring to ‘Selikk’.
    This is 19th Century Protestant/Unionist Scotland we are talking about.
    As well as kowtowing to the mighty Old Firm Fc with the Survival Lie to keep the Bears onside, a novel experience for their players if truth be told, and most importantly prepare the Staunch Brigade for the anti Indy2 Campaign next year, their attitude to US is as obvious as it is unwanted.
    Can’t have those terrorist lovin Fenian Septic SNP following Oirish immigrants ,that won’t go home, dictating to the Scottish Establishment / Masons / Orange Order how they run the Country.
    The SPFL is the equivalent of the old Roman Games for the plebs. Give them bread and circuses to keep the people happy.

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