Let’s Not Kid Ourselves About Why Clancy And Collum Are Under Ibrox’s Spotlight.

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I think Willie Collum is one of the worst referees in Scotland. Period.

Some of his calls over the years have been downright shocking. He should never get a Celtic game again. I would have some of his decisions under a microscope and compare them to suspicious betting patterns.

I have always been very clear that I consider refereeing in Scottish football to be corrupt to its core; I am less concerned with whether it is bias or cheating for other reasons.

I think Kevin Clancy is a terrible official.

I would look into some of his decisions as well. He is basically incompetent and one of those guys who would never make the Grade One list in a country which actually had high standards and enforced them.

But that’s not why Ibrox’s fans are fuming with them both.

It is not why these are the only two referees Ibrox has expressed “concern” about in an official capacity these last few years. There is a bigger reason why that’s the case.

Clancy went to a Catholic school. Collum teaches in one.

I make no bones about that. I make no bones about it because the Ibrox fan-sites and the swamps of their forums make no bones about it. They are quite open that they don’t want their matches to be refereed by these “fenians.”

I am quite clear that I don’t want ours refereed by cheats.

The reason there will never be reform of refereeing in Scotland is not that Celtic or our fans oppose it; we are amongst the most vocal supporters of that reform.

It’s that Ibrox’s version of it, run by their lunatic fringe, would have an exclusion criteria longer than the Chinese telephone book.

Any ref who’d ever worn green or set foot in a chapel would be off the list. Foreign refs? Forget it. Imagine refs from Portugal, Italy or Spain doing one of their games?

Christ, you would hear the squealing in Morocco.

Out of all the refs in Scotland, why do you think Ibrox has only complained about these particular two? This is not the first time their club has stuck in an official complaint about Collum. Clancy was famously the subject of an “eight-point list” of complaints after a game with Aberdeen a year or so back. The SFA didn’t stand by their man either.

This is not a coincidence. Remember who drives the train over there. Remember the calibre of people we are talking about. Remember their past record.

These same loony board members have taken issue with several members of the SPFL and SFA committees for perceived “pro Celtic” leanings … they are rabid paranoids who see the Unseen Fenian Hand everywhere, and in everything.

This is merely the latest front in their undeclared war against the conspiracy theory in their own minds. Their stance here appears profoundly, nakedly, anti-Catholic and if you doubt that look at their forums.

If you doubt that their forums are a barometer for the mood inside the club you’ve not been paying attention these past few years.

What do you think “official media partners” means?

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  • John Copeland says:

    Won’t be too long until brother Bobby Madden gets the call to return to the Scottish game ! We can’t have the Rangers players being sent off ,that was not in the pre season script. What I believe would help is for referees to give a 20 minute discussion after every game to explain away any contentious decisions during matches. It’s not a panacea, but would help greatly.

  • Andrew Lamb says:

    I agree with all that about Collum and Clancy , although we need to remind ourselves they are only human, and can you imagine being catholic refereeing in that bigoted cesspit. He got one decision possibly wrong I say possibly because I still think it could be dangerous play as his studs were showing. This is all deflection as they are pish and the deluded can taste defeat this season and beyond.

    • Martin says:

      Lundstram was guilty of serious foul play, by the letter of the laws. These types of lunges are increasingly being encouraged to be reds as an attempt to rid the game of this type of thing, which can lead to serious injury. It’s really not Collum’s fault (for once!) that the media is full of out of date has beens who don’t know the rules of the game they’re paid handsomely to talk about.

  • Dando says:

    It is laughable that this cesspit of a club has followed in the footsteps of the original one, complaining about everyone it perceives as an “enemy”.

    If the officials at Mount Florida don’t back Collum over this the games a bogie in Scotland….

    1. Hibs *penalty – stonewall.
    2. Sevco penalty – soft.
    3. Scouse hard man red card – soft.
    4. El Buff red card – stonewall.

    With the four contentious issues Hibs benefit from two & Sevco also benefit from two ….

    It’s their imperious complex that makes them think that they should never be on a level playing field in “their own country”….


  • Finbar muldoon says:

    No laughing and joking on radio clyde phone-in tonight. Luv it. Cry more. HH

  • Michael Mccann says:

    It’s good to see you have got to the core of it, this has been happening for years. Now, what is the Celtic board going to do about the lack of protection for Celtic players while they are playing. It’s a miracle a Celtic player hasn’t been maimed over the decades. The Celtic board have also a lot of power and influence and the legal capacity to bring the SPL and referring body to account for what is happening on the field i.e. video evidence.

  • john clarke says:

    So they are squealing like stuck pigs! There was no need to say, that Clancy went to a Catholic school and Collum teaches at one. I am serious. You will make the situation worse. Squeals will be heard in Timbuktu..

  • john clarke says:

    Willie Collum, Kevin Clancy and Jack Beaton are now the undisputed best refs
    in the SPL; since Bobby Madden went South. For every Red Card Willie and Kevin gives to Rangers and Hearts players, they receive indulgences (remission of sins) of 365 days less time in purgatory. When John Beaton gives Red Cards to Celtic players, all he gets is an extra ride on the goat. The Great Architect above, can’t calculate the remission of sins number. She is having difficulty using the set-square and compass.
    Check out Willie’s Twitter Account. Is he funny? Is he vain? Is he puerile? ….or was the account established by his students as a joke?. Might be another Willie in Scotland.

  • john clarke says:

    I think one or more of the above mentioned Refs will get a FIFA Europa game,
    and do Scotland proud. They have been good in European games before.

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