Mad Dog Slipped The Leash Again Today. He Is The Ibrox Problem That Won’t Go Away.

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How do you solve a problem like Morelos?

Overweight, over-excitable, prone to weird and not so wonderful off-field dalliances which hint at difficulty regulating his behaviour and still to sign a contract extension for his club.

This is a guy who is lauded by their fan-base in spite of never scoring twenty goals in an SPL campaign since arriving five years ago. He has been linked with a move in every window, for big money, and not one serious offer has ever transpired. Even now, with his contract running down, nobody seems interested in him.

When Kris Boyd is calling you overweight, that’s pretty bad.

When your own captain is talking to the media and ripping you to pieces, that’s worse.

Morelos is now scorned by some in his own dressing room, and amongst the Ibrox support. Combine that with Kent arguing with the manager, whilst the cameras watched, in the first half today … that’s trouble.

But then he’s always been trouble.

Mad Dog isn’t called that on this site for nothing.

I’ve written enough about him not to be in the least bit surprised by that act of thuggery today.

He is easy to provoke. He is easy to wind up.

Morelos is one of those players who no team should ever feel entirely comfortable putting out on the field. If an opposing player has a dig at him early he forgets that he’s on the pitch to play football and starts going around looking for scores to settle.

He came on today with that mind-set, obviously tiring of the bench and unable to believe that the manager prefers someone else to him. His frustration was evident.

Within minutes he was having a wee fly kick at a Hibs player.

The explosion was coming when he got away with that.

He gets away with this stuff so often now that he probably didn’t honestly expect the card for it, but Collum likes to be the centre of attention and didn’t even hesitate.

But no ref would have allowed that.

No ref would have allowed such yobbish behaviour from a player with a long record of previous lunacy.

Mad Dog can’t be trusted on the pitch because you never know when these detonations are going to happen … he scores goals, yes, some of the time, but he also gives you a level of risk.

This is one of the reasons nobody has come in for him, and one of the reasons why they might not get an offer that they can accept in this window.

The red card also increases the chances that Morelos himself might not want to stay in this league where he must constantly feel like he’s targeted; that’s another trait of the anti-social personality, a strong sense that no matter how badly they behave that they are the ones being picked on. I am sure he does feel like the victim.

None of it helps his club. Morelos is a problem they can’t easily solve.

If he stays and signs a new deal there will be more days like today. If he stays and doesn’t, he will gurn and gripe and fight and claw his way through his final year, unless they bench him completely.

But what kind of fee can they expect from a little fat guy who wants to fight with everybody?

Morelos is becoming better known for his early use of the carbolic soap than he is for scoring goals.

Who the Hell wants to spend big money on that?

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  • Garry Cowan says:

    Is Kent the only goth to be playing professional football in the UK? Asking for a friend

  • Nick66 says:

    He is slow, so goes offside to be in position to score. He is awfully obese in sporting terms, excluding weightlifters, so is point 1and caught out. I think that the spectre of VAR is giving the Refs serious palpitations. They over compensate to show they’re fair. Thing is that may be true regarding Sevco and are giving decisions that are correct. Mororless was laughing at the card he received, he knows his time is up in Scotland. Where his time is, is open to question now. Anyway who cares, we can go 2 points clear tomorrow, and then win all games can go 5 ahead after the Derby. That’s where my focus is.

  • John Copeland says:

    Grit The Honeybadger!!

  • Frankie says:

    You could see the way he was going about yesterday something was going to happen, he has spat the dummy out of the pram because of being on the bench overweight honey monster it must be a record of all the windows that’s past no interest in that loose cannon it is great he has let that shower down again ehhhhh ha.

  • SSMPM says:

    Dora he turned up with the blondeness you were wary off but ended in red anyway. A big win today and that fear and loathing will be on full display, well unless buffalo arse Mororless blocks you sight. 3 or 4 today I reckon. C’mon the Hoops

  • Bennybhoy57 says:

    Please please sign the new deal on the table alf, board wasting more resources for a guy can’t keep fit and has discipline issues.
    Only going to split dressing room with players thinking, fat boys on £35k so should I be.
    Best days behind him, again please stay good for the craic.

  • john clarke says:

    Benjamin, Are you saying Neck Tattoos are inversely correlated with
    temperament ?. If so, you might not give Sead Haksabanovic a run with Celtic.
    Have a squiz at David Beckham’s neck. Is he a Goth?. He makes his living
    by being a celebrity. He seems a contented fellow. Japanese are scared of
    confronting people with Tattoos and I think Hibernian players as well. They run
    away from Ryan Kent yesterday.

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