McInnes Took His Beating Hard, Because He Still Refuses To Give Celtic Credit For it.

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Derek McInnes has been embarrassing himself since the weekend.

His comments after we’d spanked them on Sunday were pretty stupid.

He’s doubled down on them with talk that none of our goals were necessarily down to good football, but to his own side being asleep at the wheel. This is the latest instalment of a familiar story:

This Celtic Side Ain’t As Good As They Think They Are.

Dear oh dear. Really. I often wonder just who he and others think benefits from the push of this narrative. It certainly isn’t their own clubs or the one from Ibrox.

Before you can take on an opponent you have to be willing to acknowledge that they have certain strengths, or you are just asking for trouble. The fans across town don’t rate us at all, which is why the rude awakening that awaits them will be a big shock.

A majestic long range effort, Kyogo’s neat finish after brilliant passing and crossing and two overhead kicks … if you’re not prepared to give the opposition credit after goals like that then there is something askew with your perceptions.

But that’s what bias does to a man. It screws with how he sees everything. McInnes is bitter, yes, but think of it like this; he’s done us a favour here, as everyone who talks this team down or refuses to give it credit is doing us a favour.

McInnes has previous for this. It didn’t used to matter how badly we beat that Aberdeen team of his, but he would never simply admit that we were the better team on the day.

Always he’d look at what his own side could have done better.

He’s not the worst at this, or the worst for it, but I am not surprised that McInnes has given us credit as he rarely has before. The only thing I can say in mitigation is that he has occasionally slated his own team after the club across the city has beaten them too.

Still, he isn’t ever going to be our number one fan and the day he says to us “well done, you were the better team” without qualifying that statement in some way will be the first time he ever has.

After a defeat like that, pretending that the opposition didn’t put on a show and that your team should have prevented all five goals though … it’s more than a bit daft.

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  • Tony B says:

    McInnes is a hun fanboy twat, as well as a shite manager.

    That’s all you need to know.

  • Benjamin says:

    There’s an old axiom that a football game without any mistakes will always end in a 0-0 draw. The better team will usually have more scoring chances, and that means the ‘worse’ team can ill afford to make many mistakes and expect to get anything from the game. It may come off as disrespectful to not acknowledge the quality of the opposition, but I think McInnes is – rightly – focusing on his own team, their mistakes, and what’s within his control to fix. Focusing on how his own job, improving his own team, and shutting out everything outside of his control – the opposition, the pitch, the fans, the referees – is why Aberdeen were consistently ‘the best of the rest’ while he was there. The SPFL – particularly the bottom half of the table – would be in a lot better shape if more managers took McInnes’ approach.

    • Thomas mcateer says:

      You think & type a complete load of utter Guff…

    • Roonsa says:

      Aye. U think Tommy has a point mate. Who uses the word “axiom” in the comments section of a football blog. Axiom? Here mate. Let me show you how it is done on here ….

      … McInnes is a hun bawbag. I smash his fucking teef in. Prick. Bawahahahaha … etc.

  • Johnny Green says:

    It’s not only daft making these negative statements about his own side’s frailties, but it then must reflect badly on himself with his employers thinking, if the team are to blame then quite clearly so is he. At least if he gives Celtic credit and we go on and inflict the same damage on other teams. then he won’t look quite so inept, since he had indeed been beaten by a quality side right enough. Anyway, more fool him, he has the bluenose streak in him and cannot shake off his obvious disrespect and dislike of Celtic. Let him dig his own grave and go tumbling further down the managerial ladder.

    • Seppington says:

      Exactly the point I was going to make – when he says he can’t figure out why his team didn’t stop us as if he’s admitting he’s a clueless failure of a coach. He is at best as bang-average as you’ll find in the pro game…unless you ask any typical hun hack in which case he’s one of the finest coaches of his generation. It just goes to show that whether it’s management or hackery…hun = garbage.

  • Charlie Kelly says:

    Well I’m sorry not once have I heard that twat of a man ever give us a bit of credit and certainly don’t ever remember him ever having a go at the Huns,he has always be been over the TOP with his credit for them.I think that is why majority of Fans take great pleasure in stuffing his teams

  • SSMPM says:

    I see no problem with concentrating on your own team’s performance. He’s critically analysing and reflecting where and how his team went wrong, if you don’t do that you don’t improve. There are points in the play that they could at least have stopped a couple of our goals.
    In the same regard Ange will be doing exactly the same though from a differing perspective and so he should be. There are points in our play that we should be doing better. They need analysing and reflecting on with the coaches and players, like why we don’t take advantage of a lot of our creativity and finish off the chances we make. At the end of the day what really counts towards the outcome is goals, stopping them and scoring them.

    • Seppington says:

      There’s focusing on your own team and there’s being deliberately disingenuous about your opponents which is what that arsehole was really doing.

  • Garry Cowan says:

    Once a Hun always a Hun

  • Green Machine says:

    Just call it Murder Ball cause it Kills Them each and Everytime we Gub Them??

  • John Copeland says:

    I thought McInnes was the full time coach/manager of Kilmarnock FC . Full time! ‘Lo and behold ,he was on the Rangers duty for BT Sport Tuesday, when he should have been preparing his club for this weekends league game. It’s obvious by this evidence that this Charlatan is as they say, a Bengal Lancer!

  • Kingmurdy says:

    So when ,and I mean when,we are gubbed by a “super club” in the champions league,we’ll all applaud ange when he lauds the victorious opponents….??
    Ffs…what do you expect mcinnes to do..?..if mcinnes was such a lover of all things ibrox – why didn’t he join them when he had the chance a few years back when offered the job??
    this getting to be more like a teen fan boy blog by the fukn article…

    • Seppington says:

      No-one is asking him to lavish praise on us like Martindale does for Sevco but for him to claim the goals were all a result of his players being shite is a total arsehole move by a bitter, bitter man. He doesn’t have to love Sevco to hate us you know…?

    • Thomas mcateer says:

      Another guff talker…

  • Thomas mcateer says:

    You think & type a complete load of utter Guff…

  • Thomas mcateer says:

    Another guff talker…

    • Seppington says:

      Why not regale us with your non-guff opinion instead of just being a little troll wanker then? All I see from you is the words of a wanker…a hun wanker maybe? Sure seems like it…

  • Tony B says:

    McInnes is the biggest greetin face ungracious LOSER since glum Jum Jefferies The Greyfriar’s Jobby.

    Calimero readily springs to mind.

    It’s an injuuuustice!

    He’s still a hurtin hun and a SHITE manager.

  • John says:

    James, please no more articles about McInnes. Everyone knows he’s a d*ck.Everyone knows he’s a hun. No matter what he says the record books will always show we pumped them 5-0. Obviously just trying to appease his own fans to save his own skin. No Celtic fan cares what he says so why do you?9

  • Jorge says:

    Reminds me of that diet hun Levein denying Celtic any credit for a win by saying two of the goals we scored against them were actually own goals. How churlish can you get!

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