Of Course Kris Boyd Defends The Only Company Daft Enough To Put Him On The Telly.

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When you listen to certain people nowadays, you have to get past the drone of their voices and listen for the background sound; the squeak of self-interest which powers their voice box.

You can hear it best by watching the Tory leadership election.

The parade of charlatans and grotesques who have come out in support of Liz Truss is not the least bit surprising. On some level they have to know that she’ll be a monumental disaster for the country, as Johnson was. But they support her anyway.

And at least some of them do so because they want jobs in the government when this election is over. Either the jobs they currently have or the ones their beady eyes are on when she appoints her first cabinet.

Some of them – like Rees Mogg and that god awful human being Nadine Dorries – are so appalling in every way that no credible leader would ever let them near to one of those jobs.

Everything they do to debase themselves and this country in the course of this race is about their own career trajectory.

Sunak would not have been a great Prime Minister, but he would have brought some measure of seriousness to the role, and none of these people would have held any office higher than the parliamentary equivalent of a lavvy attendant ever again.

Today the papers are filling up with Kris Boyd, defending the abominable deal Sky is putting on the table for Scottish football. His intervention is being seen as news by some folk, but it’s no more significant than the likes of Dorries backing Truss because she knows that’s the only way in which she avoids banishment and irrelevance.

Idiot Lucky To Have A Job Defends His Bosses. That’s news?

Boyd shouldn’t be anywhere near or telly screens any more than Rees Mogg should be near the government front benches unless he’s wearing one of those cleaning aprons and carrying a bottle of disinfectant.

Boyd’s witless utterings are part of the reason – a big part of the reason – many people don’t want Sky to have the contract in the first place.

The idea that any other firm would give this smirking halfwit a gig in front of a camera is laughable.

Boyd could not give a shit about the clubs or the fans or the betterment of the game itself, any more than the assortment of goons floating around Truss care about the good of the country.

Without Sky’s involvement with Scottish football he would be hosting a podcast for a living and it would be so unintelligent and unengaged not even the Ibrox fans would listen to it.

He made these comments, of course, in The Sun, that gutter rag which no football fan should ever pick up for fear of contact contamination. The rest of the media could have shrugged and comfortably ignored it. But most have chosen to reprint it as if there was some point of view here which brought new clarity to the whole idea.

We’re supposed to look at the coverage of this clown in the media today and pretend not to know that. We’re supposed to take him seriously when he claims to be speaking up for the sport. It is embarrassing that the likes of the Evening Times have given this moron credibility when it’s obvious that he doesn’t have any and that he’s speaking for himself.

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  • John Copeland says:

    The Sun, the Evening Times, Kris Boyd,all in the same breath and sentence ! Do I need to say anymore?

  • SSMPM says:

    Greedy hun bar stewards. The new rankers have told every club in Scotland that they will ‘get them back’ for what ‘they did to the dead club’ in 2012.
    The blob is just another hun gobshite looking in on a self interest basis and who is not the slightest bit interested in the good of the Scottish game. The rankers are the institutional team, being supported & promoted by sly tv and I repeat they have told us all that they will do their damnedest to get every club back. its like putting a Trump in charge of the USA so that he can ruin it and change it to the way he wants ie dictator, dictating to all and sundry how its going to be. Let them do the deal with sly tv and we can stop them from showing the Glasgow derby games which is what they want. We need to be better than this, its not in our interest. C’mon Hoops lead the way

  • Paul Conner says:

    Hair – fake
    Teeth – fake
    Tan – fake
    Brain cell – lonely.
    Stop giving him publicity
    Never read Scum rag. Don’t watch Sky Sports .

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