Roger Mitchell Is Becoming A Celtic Critic On The Level Of Charlie Nicholas.

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This week, two tub-thumping fools have talked the self-same garbage about Celtic’s place in the Group Stages of the Champions League. Neither of them shocked me with his idiotic intervention.

We’ll get to the Village Idiot of Sky later.

For now, let’s focus on Roger Mitchell, another of those “Celtic fans” with a public profile who loves the sound of his own voice and thinks that the best way to look like a neutral is to criticise the club whenever he can and talk the worst nonsense the rest of the time.

This week he was united with Kris Boyd in trotting out the outright falsehood – and the easily disproved falsehood – that we are in the Champions League groups because of the club from Ibrox. How many times must this be hit over the head before it dies? How many times must it be pointed out that our co-efficient score over the spell is higher than theirs?

Besides, and I know this is too complicated for some of these halfwits to understand, but even if it were somehow true that their contribution to the co-efficient was the sole reason for a Scottish club being in the Groups, that place has traditionally gone to the league champions … and from what I can recall of last season, that was us.

Nobody gave us anything. He was a top football chief executive, so he knows exactly how stupid the argument he’s making is, and so I can only conclude he’s doing it because he knows the media will publish it. All this comes down to is an exercise in massaging his own ego, and Mitchell is very fond of praise and very intolerant of criticism.

He has responded twice to articles on this site; when one praised him he retweeted it and preened like a peacock because I said that although I thought he talked crap at times that I would have happily supported him as CEO of Celtic because he would have shaken things up.

The last time I wrote about him I wasn’t so kind and I was instantly blocked for it.

He does not like being called out when he spouts drivel, but it’s richly deserved at times and this is one of those times because only a clown would say what he did this week.

It is dead easy to get attention in the press by trash-talking Celtic or praising the club at Ibrox.

Some people do it every week, like Hugh Keevins, Andy Walker, Charlie Nicholas and Kris Boyd, and that’s the company this guy has found himself in; that of the attention seekers and the certified morons.

I am sure that’s not the club he sees himself in.

But really, it’s where his opinions deserved to be classed these days.

You can only get away with talking crap when the audience doesn’t know that you are, and I’m afraid this particular theory has been comprehensively disproved and scorned and so anyone pushing it deserves to be called out for it.

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