Sevco’s Addiction To Bling Will Probably Result In Them Doing Something Daft This Week.

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When the Ross Barkley to Celtic rumours started I pointed out that this was a ridiculous idea that only the club across the city would contemplate.

It is no surprise whatsoever to see that they are being linked with him, and although their “official media partners” have been told that the club isn’t considering it, don’t be shocked if they do.

Because Ibrox needs to pull a big rabbit out of the hat in the next few days.

It is obvious to everyone that Celtic is in a good place right now. We’ve got the team producing in a big way, and the manager seems relaxed and confident. Our Champions League Group allows us to dare to dream a wee bit. We have a better squad than any of us imaged this time last year when we were still trying to get this team up to speed.

We have a two-point lead in the league, and a superior goal difference.

Their fans are anxious, and with the money the club has already brought in, the huge costs of watching them in the Groups and a very tough series of matches to come they expect to spend money, and big money at that.

If they don’t the backlash will be fierce, especially if they fail to improve their squad and then find themselves five points behind us by the weekend. Their supporters will conclude that the club lacks ambition, and their board is too afraid to let that happen.

I would be stunned if they did not make at least one signing which gets their fans excited. Knowing them it will be a barmy piece of business, such as going and getting Barkley and putting him on a massive wage.

It would fit with their past behaviour.

The situations with Morelos and Kent are more interesting to me.

Neither player has signed a new deal yet and I don’t believe that either player will, although it’s clear that Ibrox went out of its way to make Morelos look unattractive to other clubs.

Still, they will want to dominate the headlines going into the weekend and the best way they know how to do that is to sign some “big name” and trumpet it as the best thing ever.

The press laps this stuff up, as we all well know. This will be no exception.

Either way, if they do this they are taking a massive risk.

If they don’t do it they are taking just as big a one. With the money they’ve made they have the latitude to take a punt. What we know from past experience is that it will not be an entirely sensible one.

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  • LadyGreybush says:

    I think they still need to move one of those guys out before they sign more players. They’re still plugging a hole with finances, and if what Phil is true(SFA telling them they can’t take any more directors loans and pass FFP or whatever it’s now called.), and it usually is, they’re going to stick with what they have unless some muppet pays for Kent, or the donkey.

  • Peterbrady says:

    James no more articles on Saturday game against the new wee club/ team sevco are a irrelevant it’s all about the Bhoys and Ange HAiL! hAIL! The Glasgow Celtic

  • Northamptontim says:

    Hail Hail it’s Celtic and only Celtic

  • Paul says:

    They could sign Houdini but even he couldn’t help them out of the shit they’re in. ?? ?HH?.

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