The Clamour Begins To Give Ibrox The Help Celtic Has Never Gotten.

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It’s that time of the year again, and once more the reek of self-entitlement wafts out of Ibrox and its environs.

As I pointed out the other week, had they gone out of the Champions League on Tuesday they’d have gone straight into the Europa League Groups, and watched a £5 million bounty disappear with it.

But it would have been two games less on their calendar.

Now those games are real and looming and although Ibrox would not want to be in any other situation, the bitching and moaning and wailing about those two extra games is well underway, and it’s extremely irritating to hear.

Celtic has been playing qualifiers on top of league games for years now, and not once have we either asked for not expected any special dispensation at this stage in the campaign.

The Dutch FA has granted it to PSV; their schedule is less manic than the Scottish one is. For God’s sakes, we have a domestic cup game in midweek at the end of the month.

Every year we hear how screwed up our schedule is.

Football adds more and more games to it. If we get the Group Stages of the Champions League in 2024 there will be even more games for us to fit in and God alone knows how the SFA intends to do it.

But I guarantee you that nobody will be offering us help, and nobody in the media will be fighting our corner on it. We’ll be expected to get our head down and get on with it, just as we’ve always been.

Over there, though, the foot stamping is underway.

McCoist is in the papers this morning having a nutty.

What an eejit that man is. The ancient call that it would “benefit Scottish football” to have two teams in the Groups is, of course, bollocks. It will benefit Ibrox. Scottish football as a whole sees these two sides with more money than the rest as it stands right now … this only moves them both further out ahead.

How does their progress benefit “Scottish football” if the likes of Motherwell are being knocked out by Irish opposition? What’s the point in boosting the co-efficient further for these teams? The Ibrox club is damned lucky still to be in the Champions League; it is not the role of the SFA to give them a leg up or a helping hand.

If it was, how come Celtic hasn’t had one in all these years?

Honestly, to be making demands for cancelled fixtures this early in the season is just nonsense. I thought they had the squad strength to put out two teams, one for the domestic game and one for the European arena? I suggest they follow through on it, and there’ll be no need for all this whiny bitching and foot stamping.

It really is amusing to hear them like this.

They ought to win awards for having a brass neck.

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  • Benjamin says:

    Are Hearts going to get special dispensation for their playoff too? Or Dundee United should they get through their qualifier later today? Hearts are already guaranteed group stage (as are Rangers!), and Dundee United have a chance to make it 4 Scottish teams in the group stages for the first time ever.

  • Frankie says:

    The gardener he can talk some soil, if sevco had have dealt with their money in better ways then the desperation would not be there for big money they must have numpties for financial advisers, they go from one hole into the next deeper one.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Although I totally agree with you James, a postponed league game would mean them always playing catchy-up with us, and with PSV favourites to go through anyway, it could be a win/win situation.

    However, the SPL should not be bowing to them in any way.

  • John S says:

    It’s already a ‘Fix’ as it is. Otherwise there wouldn’t be ‘derby’ games on the same dates every season.

  • sparks says:

    The 5 games in 11 days myth is rolled out again , no mention of December 4, 2007
    The SPL agree to postpone Rangers’ game against Gretna to help them prepare for a Champions League decider against Lyon. – now this was no help whatsoever as they got pumped 0-3 ….but again why only 1 team get this type of help and what team that is , clear for all to see.

  • Derek Mcwhinnie says:

    Absolutely true we’ve never had any help

  • John Copeland says:

    That lot out of Ibrox, cannot see an expired piece of purple cheese, yet want a bit! Sulking ,crying, screaming , moaning and complaining like spoiled brats! What are the odds the alleged governing bodies, absolutely kowtow to their demands?

  • SSMPM says:

    The league has only just started, they’ve hardly kicked a ball but they’re tired or worn out enough already after a hard season of games. Yet they are the special ones and deserve the special treatment no other clubs get. It would not surprise me however if they get special dispensation because they’re the institutional club of Scotland and represent their special type of privileged citizen

  • Martin says:

    Long term the solution is a bigger league with fewer rounds of games. But the TV won’t allow it as they want 4 Celtic vs Old Firm FC games a season minimum. Were the SPFL taking charge and doing their own TV subscription deal this wouldn’t matter. Just saying…

  • James White says:

    I find the crazy contradictions in football highly amusing.
    When a Scottish clubs draws a Scandinavian side in a Euro Qualifier, the narrative is always ” they are well into their season, we have only just started, it’s not fair”. So, by that logic, the best way to prepare for a Euro Qualifier is, well, to play more games before it.
    But, here we have Super Sally demanding less games, in August. Coz that’s what the Dutch are giving PSV. Pathetic.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Please don’t anyone slag off McCoist for doing a nutty.
    Sean likes Ally and he will be very upset.

  • Bob Malcolm says:

    Ok let’s be clear here it’s Mccoist that’s bumping his gums not Ibrox however there is a lot wrong with the league high headyins that’s need looked at even this season there is a problem with the fixture lists. Nobody has commented to my knowledge about it so hear it is —— the first 11 fixtures has Celtic at home to Rangers Aberdeen Hearts and Hibs now Rangers play these teams away during this time. After 33 games and the split Celtic have played these teams twice at home and once away and Ranges the opposite . Now I would think that Celtic Rangers Hearts Aberdeen and Hibs would be fovourits to be in the top six so then who do Celtic play at home in the last five games after the split other than Rangers . Serious problem then if the league is close .

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