The Media Has Already Given Us A Hint Of What Celtic Fans Can Expect This Season.

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Yesterday we were denied what I thought, at the game, was a stonewall penalty when Reo Hatate was taken down in the box with the game still finely balanced at 1-0.

It looked like a shocking decision, and made worse by the fact that the stand-side linesman – who’s view it was probably better than that of the ref – had an absolute shocker and allowed all manner of stuff to happen on his side of the pitch.

But it wasn’t a penalty, as I saw later on when I got home and watched it again.

Had it been given it would have been pretty harsh. We should give officials credit when they get these right. And we should be forever highlighting what they get wrong.

One decision is being highlighted in the press today; the offside decision that went against Ibrox.

As per usual, we’re being subjected to the latest chatter about how VAR would have made a difference. You would sometimes think its introduction is viewed as something for the benefit of only one club, and in the eyes of the press that ain’t us.

But watching that decision yesterday at our ground, although I later noted that the ref got it right, I remain convinced that we will be a net beneficiary of VAR, because no matter how much officials might not want to give decisions like that in the moment, calling them over and showing them the footage will make some of them think twice about turning the obvious ones down.

I was not surprised that the press is focussed on the decision at Livingston, a decision which I actually thought was a pretty good one. I think he strayed just offside and that VAR would have borne that out.

But already the echoes of last season can be heard, and not just in that but in Jim Goodwin’s comments about the corner they should have had being highlighted as proof that perhaps Jota’s goal shouldn’t have stood.

Last season, every single decision which went our way was subjected to the kind of scrutiny only a CCTV clip of a murder would get. Hacks and Ibrox fan media sites were toting up the points we “could” have lost and the ones they “could” have won … and this week in, week out, no matter how comprehensively we beat people.

You can already see that this will be similar. VAR will be introduced at some point, and that should shut a lot of people up … but until it does, it’s all going to become achingly familiar.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    Yes the Hatate incident wasn’t a penalty and might I add that I thought he was poor by his standards yesterday, he looked out of sorts for some reason. The Huns disallowed goal was a good goal in my eyes, if we had one disallowed like that I would have been furious. However Livingston also had one disallowed and I did not really see anything wrong with that either.

    Jim Goodwin though let himself down with his sour grapes comment and I have no idea if he was correct or not regarding the goal kick. Aberdeen still had to get on with it and had still to defend the ball in play and failed, great goal and end of story.

    VAR? I welcome it, anything that makes the game fairer has go to be good,

  • Sophie Johnstone says:

    I said to my mate at the game what made up harsh decision will Goodwin highlight post match

  • Seppington says:

    Goodwin needs to shut his crabbit gub. VAR wouldn’t have made any difference to them getting a corner. Refs actually do make honest mistakes sometimes (no, really!) and sometimes you get shafted. I never saw anything to indicare the Dons should have had a corner though so I don’t know what the torn-faced bawbag is greetin’ aboot?

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Always been the same, far as I can remember. By far any questionable big decisions either Celtic or rangers get, it’s the Celtic incident thats analysed and scrutinised for days, weeks by the media. Only need to remember the goal in the cup final 1-0 game ffs. How long did that go on for. Tho funny enough, when you ‘remind’ them they still had 30 mins against 10 men to do somethin about it, things tend to go quiet. Media seemed to miss that point as well.

  • sparks says:

    VAR is only at the request of the referee is it not? No one talking about the blatant penalty Germany didn’t get against England. handball on the line not worth a review? The useless refs that officiate our games are not going to become competent when the system overseeing them is flawed.

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