The Pro-Ibrox BBC Were Slapped Today By A Celtic Manager In No Mood For Nonsense.

Image for The Pro-Ibrox BBC Were Slapped Today By A Celtic Manager In No Mood For Nonsense.

It seems like the BBC were terribly negative in their interview with Ange, an interview he handled with his typical brilliance.

Responding to several loaded questions, he emphatically denied that we were wasteful, frustrated, lack a cutting edge and that the game was heading for a draw.

We, apparently, are the only team not allowed to wait until late to win.

As you’ll have read in my own assessment of the game, I thought we were more than value for the victory, I didn’t think it looked, at any point, like we wouldn’t get the victory and although I think we do need to start putting more chances away I cannot fault a Celtic team which knew that it had the tools to get this job done and kept doing it.

It is typical of the BBC to ask such idiotic and negative questions.

None of us is in the least doubt any longer as to the particular leanings of the “national broadcaster” whose open letter kissing and making up with Ibrox was one of the most sycophantic boak inducing things many of us have read in a long time.

Celtic is fair game for this lot.

But Ange is excellent at handling these guys and corrected the negative discourse at every step.

He made it clear that he thought we were the only side likely to win, and he is correct. They offered nothing to trouble us except for the corner and the late free kick; we were the dominant team and our performance fully merited the three points.

Ange knows how these people work now.

Nothing they say or do will surprise the big guy in the least.

He is able for them. He seems almost keen for the battle at times.

Nevertheless, the media continues to be shockingly one sided and that the national broadcaster is now one of the worst culprits is both well know and appalling at the same time.

Frankly, if these people aren’t prepared to be objective I don’t know why he bothers to talk to them at all.

Maybe one day he’ll decide not to.

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  • Christopher Parkes says:

    The smirk on Julie Fleetings face at 1-1. Fml!!! Her Jane Lewis and Cammy Bell. They’re not even trying to hide it

    • Charles says:

      Even the BBC commentary on the game was bias. Ross county matched up with celtic that have been very good. Celtic look like they are tiring etc etc. Big paddy trying to be positive and the commentator but but but

      • Kevan McKeown says:

        Typical approach, tryin to get somethin out of him they can twist and stick on a big headline. Think the big man knows how to handle these eejits well enough now tho.

  • Justshatered says:

    78% possession, 12 corners, 27 shots at goal; yip we just edged it.
    I don’t know why we still expect objective reporting from these Peeple.
    I heard the also having s go at Moritz saying he started poorly.
    Honestly, you could take the best players in the world, put them in a Celtic top, and the negatives would be flying after the first five minutes.

  • Derek Duncan says:

    BBC hun kunts

  • Scouse bhoy says:

    Scotlands sevco media shame 140 years of history ended it was them that told us that fact of law

  • REBELLIOUS says:

    Your last point James re. Ange, I’d point blank refuse to speak with any of them and state ‘once they do their jobs ie. ‘impartial reporting’ I’ll gladly do the interviews.
    Until then there’s no point in speaking with them when they’re constantly sniping at him and asking biased loaded questions.
    However, it’s okay for gio to do that, if Ange did it they’d have him up in front of the beaks @sfa real quick.
    Different rules for that lot, disgusting.

  • John says:

    Ange should tell them where to stick their microphones but I suspect he won’t because I rather think he enjoys showing them up for the biased and bigoted ar*eh*loes they are.

  • Andrew Lamb says:

    I listened to the build-up to the game yesterday. The amount of attention given to the penalty awarded against the zombies without stating how they actually could have lost by 3or4 goals sums this bunch of amateurs up. It should drive everyone at Celtic on to ram it down their throat by winning the league again. I personally will never watch Sportscene again and look forward to the day when the lot of them are out of a job when it’s defunded.

  • david tolmie says:

    No let Ange keep burying these fools making themseves look like Total Idiots and exactly what they are Old Firm Fans HH i love Ange carving them like Zorro.HH

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