The Rise And Rise Of Celtic’s New Unsung Hero Greg Taylor.

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It is great to watch Celtic at the moment, and in particular to watch how the players are coming into their own after one year with Ange Postecoglou in charge.

We can see the improvements in guys who we’ve brought to the club in the last year, of course, but in my opinion the real way to read what Ange has done is to look at those who were already here when he arrived.

That’s very important to do.

Last year, the focus was on how quickly, and well, Tony Ralston settled into Ange’s style and bought into what he was trying to do. The improvements to Callum’s game were obvious in the way he won the player of the year awards.

Less was set about Welsh, but I think he’s looked a better player under the boss and will play a big role.

Greg Taylor’s improvement might well be the most impressive though. Not only was he excellent for much of last season, but he’s started this season in superb form. So much so, in fact, that our new signing at left back,

Bernabei, has yet to make an impact.

Taylor has come on leaps and bounds under Ange. Every aspect of his game is better. He reads the game better, he is an all-round better defender and as an attacking force he has become hugely effective, especially at crossing the ball.

I always liked this guy – that’s on the record, I’ve said it many times – and always considered that his biggest problem is that he’s not Kieran Tierney. But it’s an area of the field where we’ve needed some competition and now that the Argentine has been signed we have that.

Taylor’s improvements were definitely obvious last season; I look at his Scottish Cup semi-final performance, in particular, as well as the one at Ibrox, but it just feels that the signing of Bernabei has given him that extra jolt and pushed him to demand more from himself. Whether it’s that or just the Ange Effect, he is like a different player.

In some ways he’s the unluckiest player in Scottish football when it comes to getting full recognition, in part because of the national team having two world class players in that position, one of whom he is constantly held up against and judged by.

But he’s not had that recognition from the Scottish football public as a whole either, or even from our own supporters. The boy is doing well, he’s doing very well, and it is high time that we all said that in voices as loud as we can, all the better for him to hear it.

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  • Michael McCartney says:

    Like you James I always thought that Taylor was unappreciated by a section of our support.
    He has always worked hard and never hidden even when getting in my opinion unfair criticism. Under Ange he has brought his game to another level and he must be a joy to play alongside as he makes himself available for a pass throughout the ninety minutes.

  • John A says:

    I have been very impressed how Greg has came on especially as he was written off by so many. We wouldn’t have scored our 1st on Saturday if it wasn’t for him getting stuck in and winning the ball. Doesnt hide.Keep it up Greg!

  • Johnny Green says:

    I have been one of his biggest critics and I am not about to change my mind about him after just two games. It’s too early to be getting carried away and I certainly do not see improvement with his crossing ability.

  • Johnny Green says:

    There are only two Celtic squad players that give me the fear, and I have reservations about them playing in the Champions League as I don’t consider them to be good enough at that level, Starfelt and Taylor.

    In run of the mill league games they will do fine, pass marks even, but on the big stage…..not for me.

  • jrm63 says:

    It is about playing to his strengths. He understands angles on a football pitch and can pass accurately. He lacks pace and height. He is not getting to the byline. It might just be my imagination but he does seem half a yard faster this season

  • Michael McCartney says:

    Johnny Green, it isn’t after two games that I have judged him on. The second half of last season he was one of our most consistent players. The other player you mention also had a very good 2nd half of the season.
    As far as Champions League goes of course those two players plus quite a few more in the squad wouldn’t be looked upon as Champions League level. That’s why we probably won’t get beyond the group stage. My hope is that Big Ange can get the best out of the players as a team and finish at least 3rd in our group. Unfortunately that’s called being realistic as to our position in European football at this time.


    Unfortunately a large part of our support don’t do realism very well.
    If it isn’t ‘entitlement ‘based on our domestic preeminence over the last 20 years or so it’s blindness to the extremely fortuitous circumstances surrounding DeidCo’s European exploits last year. The’ if they can do it then…’ mindset.

    Realism is accepting that 4th place in the groups is our level based on relative finances but hoping that on the day, providing our players give their all on the park, just hoping that the Football Gods shine down on us. Just as they did against Barcelona all those years ago.

    The time for expectations to rise is when we have had 2 or 3 years sequential appearances in the Groups with yearly improvements in the quality of recruitment to the Squad. This all depends on our Board’s willingness to reinvest some of the guaranteed income from the Group Stages and if we can hold on to Ange.

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