The Ross Barkley To Celtic Non-Story Rises Again With A Push From The Scotsman.

Image for The Ross Barkley To Celtic Non-Story Rises Again With A Push From The Scotsman.

I see The Scotsman, ever desperate for hits, is pushing the Ross Barkley story back into the public domain today. I cannot believe that this thing, which has been hit on the head with a hammer so many times already, simply has not died yet.

There is no earthly way that Celtic have moved or intend to move for Ross Barkley. He’s not done enough to justify the salary he’d command or all the hype that would surround him even if he was willing to make the move. There are offers in England. He is better off there. We can do without players like him coming up here for a holiday.

Celtic fans know better than to hope for bling nonsense like this. Our club has way too much savvy, and saw the outcome of the Ramsey move, for such a stupid and wasteful bit of business. Our team is in a good place. Our club is in a good place. What sense would it make to introduce some Billy Big Time from the EPL to the dressing room?

This is what none of these clowns ever seems to consider; they always talk about these kind of moves “giving the club a lift” but quite often they have the opposite effect. You bring in some guy who thinks he’s a superstar and that he’s slumming in, a guy who’ve been earning a hundred grabd a week, and that can upset things quite badly.

For these reasons alone any such move would be lunacy. Ange will have seen this happen and will be wary of it. He will know better than to take such a mad punt.

Any outlet putting this stuff out there is trolling us. There is no prospect of this. If the media was suggesting he was an option over at Ibrox I would absolutely believe they were considering it, because this is the kind of stuff they do.

The people running the football department at Celtic have too much sense.

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  • TCA says:

    Well said James. I’m sick to the back teeth reading about this one. I wish other Celtic fan websites would follow your lead and stop repeating it. Ain’t gonna happen.

  • Nick66 says:

    When I first saw the headlines a couple of weeks ago, I had my doubts then, I still have the same doubts today. A non event. I believe these rumours are meant in the same way as the “clubs interested”, “are lining up a bid”, type stories. If you cannot upset the squad by turning their head with interest, then upset them with big name signings to undermine their place in the team. Lots of LOLs are the standard response to these stories.

  • SSMPM says:

    We don’t need backward moves and another expensive bench warmer passed his best. He would struggle to get into our young progressive midfield on anything but a bit part role so more tosh.
    If they’re not drinking lavvy water they’re reading bog papers

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