The Sky “Team Of The Week” Is A Bad Joke. Celtic Players Will Have The Last Laugh.

Image for The Sky “Team Of The Week” Is A Bad Joke. Celtic Players Will Have The Last Laugh.

Did anyone see the Sky Sports Team Of The Week?

Christ almighty, that was a joke. Four Ibrox players and the Kilmarnock keeper. It had one Celtic player; Greg Taylor. As excellent as he was that just makes you feel like laughing.

Who came up with that?

Someone with a better sense of humour than George Carlin ever had.

You know what?

Let those in the clown-car have their moment.

Boyd, Keevins, the BBC, whoever, wherever. Let them have their dishonest debates and throw up their hilarious names.

Let them enjoy these little victories whilst they can.

When this season is drawing to a close, when the big prizes are already virtually secured by Celtic, when nobody doubts who the manager of the year is and the only debates to genuinely be had are which player was the most effective, those debates will happen where they did last season; all within the orbit of Celtic Park.

Jota is the name on everyone’s lips. But there are contenders who could beat him.

A lot of us have talked about Kyogo and Giakoumakis and Callum McGregor and O’Riley, and of course Hatate. Any one of them could do it. The Portuguese wonder is in the driver’s seat and won’t easily relinquish his position, but really these guys will run him all the way.

The winner will come from Celtic Park. I can say that with full confidence.

Sky Sports and the BBC and others can name their “teams of the week” until the cows come home and fill them with every comedy selection they can muster … but we’re going to sweep the annual awards, just as we did last season.

That’s what the best do.

Honestly, I saw that team of the week and I laughed my ass off.

It’s almost too ridiculous for words.

The keeper who conceded five gets in the side whilst the players who scored the goals – including the two over-head kicks and the long range effort which, by the way, the BBC was blaming the guy for, don’t?

In what universe is that remotely credible?

It feels like something done to troll you, you know?

Like something done to piss you off.

All it does is make those who made the selection look like utter muppets.

I find it funny because of how little it will actually matter.

They can’t take points off us, but they can stop us from getting the credit?

For how long? A day? A week?

Come the end of this campaign, we won’t even remember it.

The names of these players of ours, on the other hand, will ring out louder than ever.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    Our satisfaction comes when we look at the League Table.
    Unlike the team of the week, the Table doesn’t lie.

    • Damian says:

      Interesting. This early in the season, the table doesn’t always tell the truth, as such, either. For the first six rounds of fixtures last season, Hearts were at the top of the league. Much more interesting is the XG table – a massively better indicator of things to come (by far the most important data used by bookies, for one thing). Even when Celtic were languishing in mid table in the early rounds of the last campaign, they were atop the XG pile, where they are today too.

      I didn’t watch all of the SPFL Prem games this weekend, so I’d defer to anyone with a solid overview of all of them for making clickbait/air-filler, unimportant calls like Team of the Week. The Killie keeper does seem odd tbf.

  • SSMPM says:

    Only 4 huns? Its an absolute noise up, there should be about 9 or 10 of them and the Dundee Utd goalie (sorry m8)

  • Tony B says:

    This is reminiscent of the player of the match award, which is decided by the home club and invariably goes to a home club player, which is understandable because they wish to support their own.

    It would appear that the team of the week is decided on similar grounds.

    Let’s see how the team of the week perform tonight.

  • REBELLIOUS says:

    SlySports, bbc and the dr have been doing this shit for years, best way to show them how ridiculous their ‘team of the week’ is, is by winning every match gathering the points to make those selections look even more stupid. The inclusion of the killie keeper shows its BS and they know it.

    The above organisation’s would love for Celtic to fail this season, thankfully I cannot see that happening, and this is one way they attempt to unsettle the team where there is competition for every place, effectively; we’ve two teams, both capable of the job.

    They’re running scared and it shows in the shit they do. FQ EM ALL.

  • Thomas Daly says:

    Simple answer to this is,if your a bully and keep bullying the same person/animal,eventually no matter how long it takes it/they will come back and BITE you SEVERELY,look out all stupid bullies.

  • Seppington says:

    Sky are staffed by huns from top to bottom so it’s hardly surprising to see this level of bias. It is hugely unprofessional to let the biases of one of these knuckle-scraping clowns make it blatantly obvious that SKY hates everyone but Sevco.
    They haven’t had a penny of mine for 20 years and they will never see another. Biases aside it’s shockingly overpriced for a hundred channels of repeats and reality tripe. Do your brain a favour and switch it off. Do Scottish football a favour and don’t pay for or endorse hunnish products, directly or indirectly.

  • Bjm says:

    Well said sepington , sky haven’t had a penny from me from the day Aston Villa bought Stan .

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