Walker’s Quest Not To Sound Like A Celtic Fan Makes Him Sound Like A Sevconut Instead.

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Call it as you like; I thought the worst performing individual connected to that game today wasn’t Willie Collum but Andy Walker. If Collum had a poor day – a poor half day – then Walker was truly lamentable.

You would have got more balance listening to SevcoTV.

I listened to Walker some weeks ago, talking about how he didn’t ever want anyone to think that because he played for Celtic that he would favour us in his commentary.

There was never any danger of that.

Right from the start, Walker has been so determined to sound “neutral” that he spews venom at us when we don’t deserve it, and his tongue has caressed the Ibrox posterior more regularly than Tavernier gets to take penalties.

Today he was woeful.

The Hibs penalty call would have been soft. Their penalty is a stonewaller on the other hand, and maybe the Hibs player was lucky to stay on the park. He pondered whether their defensive midfielder should have walked as well.

When commenting on the first red he sounded almost apoplectic with fury.

His take on the Morelos one – “that’s not violent conduct” – is just preposterous.

When you are on the wrong of a debate that’s one thing.

When you are lamenting a red card against Ibrox which even Kris Boyd accepts was well deserved you should maybe wonder how far from the middle of the road, and into Sevconia, you’ve actually strayed.

Walker has made the mistake that many ex-Celts in the media have, and Mark Wilson is the next in danger of walking into that minefield with some of his nonsense.

These people think that a Celtic background means that you must lean in favour of Ibrox just to be seen as a neutral. But the minute you do that you’re not a neutral, are you?

No, you’re an Uncle Tim.

That’s the name for it. That’s what we call it.

You spend so much of your time not wanting to offend Ibrox that you become a puppet for them instead … and eventually you morph into Hugh Keevins, someone so bitter and twisted that there’s no measure of objectivity left at all, and you’ve become a siren wailing on their behalf.

Walker, in trying to look “objective” looked the complete opposite today.

He sounded like a guy with Mark Dingwall’s hand up his arse.

Other people – like Michael Stewart – manage to simply comment on games and judge every incident on its own merit.

Walker didn’t even try.

If you get a chance to listen to that commentary of his today look out for the moment of the third or fourth replay of the Morelos incident; Walker, in that second, realises how much of an idiot he must have sounded with his reflexive defence of their player and starts to backtrack slightly … he never gets all the way there, but he does roll back on his previous words.

But had he been objective in the first place, and judged the incident in the moment for what it was rather than wondering how it would sound to some in the audience if he called it what it was, there would have been no need.

He would have redeemed himself somewhat for the rest of his sycophancy during the game. As it was, he simply enhanced the view some of us have of him as being completely untrustworthy when it comes to giving an unbiased view.

And here’s the thing; Walker is a Celtic man and he always has been and I don’t have the least shred of doubt that he does favour us over them … but God, he is a dire broadcaster.

In trying not to sound biased that’s exactly what he sounds like.

That today …. Uggh. Awful beyond belief.

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  • Michael Conway says:

    Walker may have played for Celtic but he will never ever be a Celtic man,he has over the years slandered Celtic & the players

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