When Celtic Lose Qualifiers We’re Permitted Neither Alibis Nor Excuses For It.

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Had we played, and lost, last night in the manner of the club across the city then nothing would have been the same. The inquest would be underway already before the second leg had even sold out.

There would already be talk of a season in crisis.

At the weekend, the clownish Keevins suggested that if Celtic had lost at home to Aberdeen that our fans would have been ready to tear down the building.

That man is a complete yahoo, but he gives himself and the paper he works for away when he writes such tripe.

That is precisely the reaction they would have tried to provoke in their coverage; the feeling that one defeat had plunged the whole club into gloom, that the wheels had come off big time, and that Ange was a one-season wonder.

In their euphoria over the Great European Run not one national title has ever done what I spent much of the end of the last campaign doing, and subjecting it to honest-to-God scrutiny.

A lot of our own fans talk as if it was some incredible run of games instead of an incredible run of luck. Seven wins in twenty-one matches – a ratio of one win in three – should not take you to a European final.

Our own six wins from fourteen games barely gets talked about.

We would never have gotten away with a result like that one last night, not even with the possibility of overturning it in the first leg.

The rest of this week would have taken on an air of crisis “Celtic facing two must-win games in seven days” would have been the headline as though Ross County away had become a fixture fraught with peril and the prospect of doom.

In the aftermath of last night there was talk about how VAR had cheated them, about how too many players haven’t had a chance to settle in yet, about how it’s a scandal that these games come soon for Scottish clubs … some of that is stuff we’ve talked about.

But none of those alibis would have been granted us.

Not one of those excuses would we have been allowed to make, and get away with, by the hacks.

Today’s Ibrox pity-party was expected, but it is no less nauseating because we knew it was coming.

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  • Dando says:

    Their biggest concern should be the lack of tactical awareness fae the manager throughout the whole game…


  • REBELLIOUS says:

    When they lose in the return leg the dr will be FULL OF EXCUSES…FULL to BURSTING.

    I can hardly wait to read what you write here, dr is a shameful excuse for a newspaper, there should be someone holding that rag to account. They print LIES DAILY yet nothing is done.

    Is there no one to hold these fqrs up and say ‘NO YOU CANNOT PRINT LIES’ ??

    IF there isn’t well; there bloody well should be.

    People sue newspapers when they print lies about them, yet the dr lies daily and is free to do so again and again. Maybe I’m missing something here…

  • Stephen McElroy says:

    You’ll still get a lot of our fans telling you how good the Huns are in Europe. I’m reading comments already that they’ll still go through!
    Bizarre stuff.

  • Stewart says:

    Your correct in what you say, we would have been slaughtered, their lackeys in the press rooms a fire fighting at the moment o keep lil gio in a job as last thing they want is for that foaming at the mouth lynch mob calling for a new manager so soon in the season, as they’ll see it as over

    • Delbhoy says:

      Watching that game last night ,the moment the commentator mentioned one of the players at USG played for Malmo ,I knew this was going to b gd and it was and I laughed and on Tuesday I will laugh again at the Tribute act , ahh fun times

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    If they’re still 0-2 down on aggregate with five minutes to go on Tuesday – then I might just have to tune in to Rancid Radio Scotland to cream maself at their pain !

  • scouse bhoy says:

    i stopped buying the sevco rags long ago so i read all the denials and lies when the celtic blogs call them out. i said in a previous post it is the normally reliable cheerleaders who are giving them stick . when the likes of hately start criticising then i wonder what is really going on.

  • John S says:

    At least the BBC don’t have to apologise for showing the game.

  • SSMPM says:

    The press won’t call them out but I/we can, bag of cants do anything in the big league. First Motherwell, now this rubbish gathered from a midden. CL ain’t for everyone

  • Johnny Green says:

    I’m just on for a right good gloat.



  • Starman says:

    They’ve dismissed Malmo (twice) & noo the Belgian Buns as simply Cannon Fodder lol! Simple fact is this is a mob that’s that lost tae a RANK ROTTEN Romanian side & Kaunus in previous yrs PMSL!! They’re ABSOLUTELY FUKIN PISH, A MEDIOCRE PUB TEAM.. BEAUTIFUL BAWAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  • Johnny Green says:

    I wonder if that clown at Hibs still thinks the huns put Scottish football back on the map.

  • Frank Connelly says:

    The boss man’s face was a picture near the end. Anchored in the dug out with no plan to get back into the tie. A manager who as you said in your earlier article James a mish mash of signings at the last minute. For me it wasn’t about lack of preparation time. They were complete dross. A lovely watch it was!!

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    That run they had kast year wiuodnt have gone past Dortmund if they had a full stadium! Only 10,000 were allowed this is something no one ever spoke of either and we all know the hun loves an” empty” ground even their own hoardes screamed for them at Christmas time! Weirdos that they are! Amongst plenty others things as we know

  • Tam black says:

    That is so very true James I agree 100%as for keevins he has had a chip on his shoulder about celtic since 1999 when he.was not let into the celttc supporters club for a news conference he has taken to slagging celtic in every column he writes the guys a pure arse he should just retire and jive us all arest

  • francesco says:

    Absolutely correct. We would have been slaughtered !

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