Who In The Media Hijacked The Celtic Captain’s Q&A With Questions About Ibrox?

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Yesterday, Callum McGregor sat in front of the media to launch his book. His book, right? It was damn all to do with the team itself, or the fixture list, or anything of that nature.

It was certainly nothing to do with the club across the road.

Yet today he’s being praised for his “diplomatic” answer to a question about whether or not he thinks Scottish football will benefit from having them join us in the Champions League.

I absolutely agree that he handled it with great diplomacy.

In his shoes, I would have given that a two word response and the second would have been “off.”

Why in God’s name was the guy asked a question like that in the first place?

It’s ridiculous, it’s some hack who was desperately fishing for a controversy, and Callum would have been well entitled to remind him why they were there and invite him to beat it.

Their European run has no bearing whatsoever on the story of Callum McGregor or his book. That question was not just idiotic but a colossal show of disrespect on the part of whomever asked it.

It betrays a certain contempt for the occasion and for Callum’s achievement.

Yeah he handled it diplomatically.

He didn’t even state what is obvious to all of us and certainly is obvious to him; that the idea it “benefits Scottish football” to have them in the Groups is deserving of nothing but derision. It benefits Ibrox, only Ibrox.

The whole narrative about the “benefits to the game” is wholeheartedly dishonest, and so the person who asked that question must have known that too.

Our captain showed amazing restraint in treating that question with even token respect.

It is more than the person asking it extended to him.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    We all might prefer Callum to be less of a gentleman in this sort of instance and put his interrogator to the sword with a stinging rebuke, the same as what Ange would do, but fair play to Callum he is who he is and he played it the only way he knows how. He was, as always, the diplomat and showed respect even where it was not deserved, he is a genuine nice guy and he cannot change his personality despite provocation. He is our Captain and , he is an out and out credit to our club.

  • PAUL MCCANN says:

    of course callum would want to see shite bag barasic get shown up in the champions league

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    There’s a surprise. They’ll always force an angle tae involve the ibrox club regardless. Could be talkin about how Cmac’s granny made tremendous stovies and they would be askin him if they were as good as kent’s grannies. Fkn pathetic. They ‘will’ try.

  • SSMPM says:

    I’d rather, like Ange, Callum wasn’t subservient to this clown’s question. Was he being diplomatic about the huns in Europe or commercially sensible by ensuring he added to not reduced sales of his book. Unlike when he’s on the field he’s not really one for conflict off it. Which hun supporting journo clown was that anyway? Needs outing

  • Northamptontim says:

    Why is Scottish media so backwards
    I left Scotland 40years this December and still do not understand the media.
    Myself is more interested in Callum McGregor
    Achievement being captain and wining the double in his first season after coming back after season collapse loss of the 10

  • Peterbrady says:

    Who was the zombie gimp

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