Keevins’ Latest Celtic “Speculation” Is Just More Pig Ignorant Trash.

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The Scottish football commentariat are amongst the laziest and most stupid people in the world. Everyone knows that. No individual in its ranks sums this up more than Hugh Keevins, who this website writes about a lot but would be glad never to have to mention again. His retirement is overdue. I honestly wish he’d get on with it.

Keevins doesn’t need the money; he can’t possibly. He needs to think he’s relevant. He needs to think he’s special and important. But he’s just another guy paid for talking utter trash. Today he’s at his finest, and this without anyone even having to tell me that he took the Ibrox club to win comfortably. Because he does that every week.

No, today he’s talking about the impending signing of Sead Haksabanovic.

And before I say another word, I want to thank my mate Paddy Sinat of Vital Celtic for posting the initial article on this, because he does a truly thankless job in listening to Keevins and the dirge on Radio Clyde every week.

I like to think I do my bit reading the guy’s column … but let’s not kid ourselves, Paddy goes above and beyond the call of duty subjecting himself to that.

Discussing the likelihood of this transfer deal being done, Keevins brings up Liel Abada and “speculates” that if one goes in the other goes out “if Celtic were to get a terrific amount of money offered.”

It doesn’t matter that there’s no offer for Abada on the table, or even the least bit of speculation about him, or that Ange has been talking for weeks about how we’re building something or that every report has linked us to a wide player.

None of that matters.

Keevins has this all figured out, and doesn’t need to rely on anything as frivolous or wasteful to a good story as facts, or the words of the manager, or even the simple us of common sense to arrive at a conclusion.

Why bother with any of that? Why waste a thought on it? Just find an anti-Celtic angle in the signing of a good player and run with it. Even if you run into a wall. Because that’s what this eejit does, all day, every day … he “speculates”.

Even when he’s wrong 99 times out of 100.

Even if the one occasion when he’s right is sometimes something he’s misunderstood in the first place and offered his view based on an incomplete understanding of the issue.

I’ve always thought that one of the biggest problems with Keevins isn’t even that he’s biased and blatantly anti-Celtic but that he actually does think he knows things, and that he believes that someone in his gig can’t possibly be as stupid as we all know him to be.

The central thrust of the story – the idea that we might be bringing this guy in so we can move Abada out – simply isn’t worth commenting on to any great extent.

Not, this is about one of the worst “journalists” in the country and one of the dumbest people in a section of the industry not exactly loaded down with geniuses.

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  • Paul says:

    Let’s get one thing straight, I dislike keevins and can’t normally read more than one paragraph of his articles.
    He is paid for opinion pieces , his opinion.
    The guys a clown , we all know this. I don’t understand why James Forest needs to spend time writing articles about him.
    Talk about wasting your time lol

  • Charlie Kelly says:

    Keevins grew up acting like that in Partick always though he was better than everyone else BigBilly No Mates has went from being a Twat to Arrogant Twat funnily enough still no mates,can’t believe he’s still allowed into Celtic park

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    Shug “my brother’s a priest” keevins? Never got over getting horsed from London Rd Celtic supporters club . HH

  • Roonsa says:

    I agree. James. You refer to the Scottish media as being among the laziest in the World. I would challenge that purely on the basis that I am sure you are not aware of many others. Even if they were, isn’t this lazy? Wait for Keevin to spout his demented garbage. There another easy article that writes itself.

    Please stop this. It is pointless.

    • Tom Foolery says:

      Just like Keevins James ‘needs to think he’s relevant’ and Keevins is an easy target. Weird thing is we all know James can can up with much better stuff than this….

  • harold shand says:

    Remember the total savaging this guy and the rest of the media were giving Starfelt last season and still continue to do so ?

    Goldson seems to be at fault for every goal they’ve lost so far

    Nothing said

  • John Gow says:

    Sorry if I’m stating the obvious but the very fact that you find the need to comment about him means he has done his job. This will be a never ending occurrence for you if you don’t wisen up and ignore him. They are all the same attention seeking nobodies getting paid an income from a self important media.

  • Tom Foolery says:

    “if Celtic were to get a terrific amount of money offered.” We are a selling club. So what’s the problem? Or are there people who read this blog and don’t know we are a selling club…Hands up everyone who thinks that if we got offered a ‘terrific amount of money’ for Abada we wouldn’t sell?

  • Johnny Green says:

    Keevins again, doing what Keevins does…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • SSMPM says:

    Tom its hands down from me, we’d probably take the money, and its sad knowing that’s pretty much the truth. Though a delay is possible too as there did seem a temp delay within the board with French Eddy and Ajer. Temporary. As for the village idiot no need for further comment or analysis. Bets that James F. won’t mention him for a week are not being taken at Paddy P. apparently

  • Tony B says:

    Pishful thinking bollocks and talking oot his erse, and he gets paid for it.

    Nice work if you can get it.

    Fortunately, we don’t have to contribute to his income and can rely on people like James to keep us abreast of the shite in the Scoddish meedja..

    Thank you James for your sterling contribution.

  • Damian says:

    Just hot air. If Celtic receive a silly money bid for anyone, they’ll go. Just the way it works. Money for old rope that argument. Keevins continues to work at Clyde 1 because listener numbers rocket whenever he’s on, and the switchboard is never busier. It’s why he’s on twice in the Mon-Fri rota. I know because someone who works on the show told me that. The fact that Celtic bloggers write about his every deliberate shit-stirring utterance (even if all he’s saying is a banal statement of the obvious, like this) is only further evidence of this.

  • Starman says:


  • Tom Foolery says:

    Another way to look at this is that if psv do the biz on wednesday and the deadite fanbase face the reality of no cl money just think how much that fanbase will be absolutely bricking it when they hear or read wee keevins and his ilk talking about our players being sold for ‘terrific amounts of money’.

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