The Evening Times Has Published A Ludicrous Defence For Freddy The Ned.

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The Evening Times used to be a “quality paper.” Remember that? Back when the organisation that owned it took itself seriously. Before it went into “blogging.” Before it started hiring cut and paste experts. Remember those days?

When did the downhill slide begin? When it started giving ex-players columns? Or before that? I do know I used to be baffled that any publication gave space to someone like Derek Johnstone, whose work was often unreadable even after an editor had gone over it. We now regard those days, and those columns, as a relative high point.

Today they are giving Neil Warnock a platform to accuse Hibs players of going out of their way to deliberately wind up Alfredo Morelos.

“Wait, what?” I hear you say, with deep sarcasm. “Surely that shouldn’t be allowed?”

This is mitigation for Mad Dog. This is someone trying to say that it’s not his fault. But I ask you; why did Hibs players think they could pull this off? And isn’t the onus on Morelos to behave himself rather than on them playing nice?

What a pitiful argument to make in his favour.

Of course Hibs players were trying to wind him up. When even I, a layperson, can see that this is a viable strategy for teams how does Warnock expect managers to miss that or to pass it up?

As I’ve said often on this site, if you give Mad Dog a dig in the first five minutes of a game you own him. He forgets he’s there to play football and starts rampaging about the pitch trying to settle scores. Everyone in Scottish football knows this.

It is up to his club to settle him down, and then up to the player himself to behave. Warnock himself was a nut-case on the pitch at times and I’m sure he was frequently the target for similar tactics, and I am 100% certain that he has dished that treatment out to others.

Almost all professional footballers have, and do, on a regular basis.

Warnock either pretends not to know that or hopes the rest of us don’t. But The Evening Times printing this as if it were wisdom from the Gods shows how far that paper has sunk from its heyday.

Yeah, the one where Darryl King used to write for them.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    If he has finally learned enough English to know the meanings of ‘Fat Bastard’ ‘Flabby Fukker’ ‘Lard Ass’ and ‘Chubby Chunt’ then he may well have been susceptible to a bit of banter right enough.

    No wonder the Michelin Man reacted the way he did, poor soul.

    • Malc says:

      Who? Neil Warnock? I doubt it, Morelos probably speaks better English than that fuckin twat.

  • Jim says:

    Morelos is a disgrace who winds himself up and sends his elbows flying into people’s faces as a normal part of his game.

    I hope they continue to think he’s great over there, that will help us.

  • Jorge says:

    If Morelos had been on the park from the start and had been subjected to 76 minutes of constant abuse… He had been on the park for 13 minutes ffs!

  • Johnny Green says:

    When Lundstram received his red card he looked bewildered and that fat slug Alfredo dumbfoundedly laughed it off as a joke. The reason being was that they are not used to receiving red cards for red card offences, I play for Rangers, that shouldn’t happen to me, I’m sure it’s in my contract somewhere that I am immune from sending offs, there must be a mistake, no comprendo!

  • Garry Cowan says:

    It’s not Neil Warnock I’d maybe check that first lol

  • John Copeland says:

    I’ll bet you Christopher Joke interviewed Warnock.All of the tabloid’s 93 readers will no doubt be in raptures!

  • SSMPM says:

    He laughs sarcastically as if he’s the victim of wrong doing when actually what he’s done is let everyone around him down. Hitting out is a shocking but revealing show of the ebox contempt, laughing exhibits his ridicule for the game’s authority figure’s decision making and is parallel totally to that of his club. He’s mirroring back what that club’s mindset is. He’s displaying ‘done too’ rather than ‘be responsible for’ behaviour. Actions speak louder than words. Rankers are supposed to be a football club, he’s supposed to be a football player. Focus on you’re job, off and on the pitch. He should be given an extra game ban for being a dick and a contract extension for … well for being a dick

  • Scud Missile says:

    Lol we just love feeling their pain and the fact they have jumped down south to get the word of a HASBEEN manager makes it all the better.
    That nugget with a bigger nose than concorde was once tipped to be the next sevco manager I reckon he still thinks he is in with a chance. Should that happen his first interview after his first game in charge would be an action replay of Gerrard s first interview after his first game.
    Infamy infamy they all have it infamy klub.

  • Dando says:

    His frustration emanates from one source, no other …

    The guy has been trying to escape that club for years…


  • harold shand says:

    Wonder how many other people they phoned before Neil said he would back him ?

    Couple of points dropped and the meltdown from the orcs and the laptop loyal has been off the scale

  • john mc guire says:

    Fat Freddy has now beat bud johnson with the red cards maybe sin dye the fat cunt fling him out our game now !!!

  • JimBhoy says:

    I believe even his captain called it out as a let down and some media men saying he laughed at the fans on the way off. Still holding out for monopoly money for the liability he is. Said for years he will see his contract out and walk giving 70% effort in subsequent games.

    Ange wants a certain player but first and foremost they MUST want to be at the club and try their hardest to stay in the team otherwise they will be replaced. Good thing about Ange’s tactics is that he tries to get a better option for each position. Progressive team building.

    2 weeks to the big one, can’t wait to hear the wailing after that result. If this one is a sore one.

  • Bob (original) says:

    The Evening Times failed miserably with its coverage of Scottish football,

    along with all the other dailies.

    We just didn’t know it at the time.

  • Michael Conway says:

    Pumpkin head is a thug end off

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