The Media Continues To Get Mileage Out Of Its Discredited Matt O’Riley Story.

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Like the Juranovic story earlier in the window, a story which was not based in reality in any way, shape or form, the Matt O’Riley story refuses to die. It is just as stupid. It is just as false.

The player has expressly said he’s not interested in any of it. Still, it lives.

Today the papers are full of stuff about how we can keep him.

How about this? We don’t accept any transfer bid that should arrive, and in the meantime we encourage him to ignore everything that he’s hearing because almost all of it isn’t true anyway.

Celtic is constantly surrounded by this stuff of course, but this summer feels like it’s been particularly ridiculous, first with the Juranovic story and now this one. It didn’t matter how many times the story about the Croatian was stamped on, it refused to die and this one feels a bit like that too.

Tonight’s story is the stupidest yet; it comes, of course, from some stupid clickbait site which masquerades as a media source, and of course the mainstream press is all over it. They call the writer a “journalist” but that only fits if you expand the meaning to include people who can write complete sentences.

Apparently, according to this clown, we can use Champions League football to convince O’Riley to stay.

He’s been at the club for six months. There is no verified interest from any other club, and yet we should dangle a competition we’ve already qualified for in front of him to convince him to stay “at least another season.”

What a joke. And someone was paid for writing that crap?

I genuinely do hate the transfer window at times. I will be a lot happier at the end of the month when it is closed, and whilst I expect that a couple of players will be departing before then none of them are guys we’re going to miss much.

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  • Nick66 says:

    Just because Sevco are punting all their squad, means we must do likewise. Part of these stories- and they are stories – is so that the Media lackeys can value our players at £15-25mil, then compare like for like in the Sevco bag of no hopers. Jordan L, the King’s lad is in the news again. So that particular non event, re Celtic, is closed now.
    Like you James, the sooner the better, when it comes to shutting the window.

  • Bunter says:

    As the band Talking Heads sing, it’s the ‘same as it ever was’. But it does seem to be getting more regular as the MSM search around the sewers for anti-Celtic ’news’. And of course Sevco continue to get a free pass from our MSM – despite the continuous financial irregularities, sectarianism and anti-Irish racism that’s spewed out on a weekly basis across Scotland.

  • Johnny Green says:

    As I’ve said before, no matter the media’s own personal reasons for their tales of fantasy, they are in fact giving our players free publicity and inadvertently boosting their price tags into the bargain. With Champion’s league football coming up, our players are all as happy as Larry and none of this media speculation will be affecting them in any way, in fact it might even boost their confidence a bit if they do take it in the least bit seriously. So if the media’s intention is to unsettle our players, then they are basically wasting their time, let them prattle on, their shameful attempts at undermining us are a more of a help than a hindrance in the grand scheme of things.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Well done to Dundee United last night, although it was a narrow victory it was still a significant win against a decent side and it gives the coefficient a wee boost into the bargain. it’s good to see a Scottish side not dragging the reputation of Scottish football through the mud and embarrassing the country like the lavvie lickers did.

  • Martin H. says:

    Same every season, media always try to destabilise our players, Matt played in England, and was in the shop window but Celtic took a punt on him, and turned out to be an outstanding buy.

  • Paul Mac says:

    Hasn´t his best mate signed for the club on loan after he told him to ? I think maybe next season or the season after we will probably lose him but right now ??

  • SSMPM says:

    ‘Bog standard’ midden loving journos simply trying to deflect from their pish poor performance in another failed attempt at the big league. This is a pathetic attempt at levelling down from rank rotten writers of the rank rotten zombie club.
    Well done to United last night, possibly 2nd best team in the league. Ross has put together a pretty good squad and last night was a terrific performance and a deserved result. Seems we do have two good teams in Europe after all

  • Effarr says:

    We constantly read, and rightly so, that Celtic couldn`t afford to buy £25million players and will never ever afford one. This, they say,
    reflects badly on Scottish football.

    Yet, when Celtic themselves produce a few of them, the bigots in the media can`t get rid of them quick enough.

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