A Crumbling Economy, Prices Rising, A Government Collapsing And Ibrox Brings Out A Fourth Kit.

Image for A Crumbling Economy, Prices Rising, A Government Collapsing And Ibrox Brings Out A Fourth Kit.

They pick their moments, don’t they?

The economy is tanking. The pound is falling. Prices are rising and the government is collapsing.

People are terrified by spiralling food costs, energy is about to spike upwards again and Liz Truss has been “on the job” for a mere 22 days and is already under threat.

If we turned on the telly to find out that the sky was falling a lot of people would shrug and say “what else is new?”

And it’s into the maelstrom of scared and skint people and crumbling confidence that Ibrox has released its fourth kit today.

If ever a commercial product deserved to flop spectacularly it is this one.

But if ever fans needed to learn what their club’s priorities really are it’s these guys.

The club has no shame. But it’s marketing to Peepul with no sense.

This is the week in which the club were fined for running a cartel ripping their own fans off.

This is the week in which they put their new range online and fans found out that they would have to spend £10 if they wanted the Ibrox themed rubber duck.

(It’s better than the early Banter Years when their website was trying to flog them the Celtic one. But not that much better. A tenner? For that?)

You think to yourself, “these muppets can’t possibly be daft enough to buy this as well can they?” and then you go to their forums and find that many of them are planning to do exactly that.

Bad enough having to buy one new strip every year … there must be entire rooms in their houses filled with nothing but crap quality merchandise from the last three years.

It wasn’t that long ago that they were caught selling knock-off generic school jumpers with a logo sewn onto them. For a fortune as well.

And you realise that these Peepul deserve everything they get.

Their club’s directors must be laughing at them.

An entire year of let-downs and appeals to staunchness still get the wallets out.

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  • Derek harvey says:

    What’s that line in Forrest Gump “ stupid is as stupid does “. They deserve everything they get including dodgy gear

  • Nick66 says:

    Get your own special edition, red white and blue Queen Lizzie truss, the best support, for the best support. Each one signed personally by The PM, the Right Honourable Liz, please support me too, Truss.

  • Allan Loveman says:

    Allan Loveman I saw it was an all black affair bar the blue pinstripe….it’ll be marketed as a nod to Lizzie passing n the blue as the blood in her viens… 70 notes to mark her 70 yrs on the throne ….telling ye ?

  • Ryan Ellis says:

    Have I been whooshed here? Someone posted a picture on twitter with a price tag of £104.99! That can’t be right, can it?

  • 18871888 says:

    For the first seven words of the headline, I thought you were describing Ibrox itself

    • Martin H. says:

      Get a grip James, I’m afraid you’ve got politics mixed up with football, something you should never do, you have turned into the green brigade, one horrible part of the Celtic family, and something, we would be glad be rid of.

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