A Lot Of Celtic’s “Critics” Are Raging Today, And This Is Glorious To See.

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This afternoon, there is a lot of revisionism online. It is actually hilarious to go through some of it, from that in the mainstream press to that which is appearing online on the Ibrox forums and fan sites.

Revisionism has replaced the denial of reality.

Let’s take Kenny Miller, for example.

He is fuming today and saying that a result like this has been on the cards for the Ibrox club and that he’s been saying it for weeks.

Funny that, because when he was asked prior to kick-off for his verdict he said that the teams were too close to call and that it was hard to pick a winner. Now this is what he expected?

What a joke. But no bigger a one than Barry Ferguson looks, of course.

For him this ought to be a hide under the bed day, after his idiotic rant about how Van Bronckhorst had Ange sussed with his Plan A, B and C. Now, today, he’s in on a full-scale rage about his team’s performance and the manager’s decision making.

Just listen to him talk about the goalkeeper and who he thinks is the club number one; if that’s not telling the manager he was lauding just days ago that he got it badly wrong I don’t know what is.

Ange was very clear when he slapped down this eejit at his presser the other day; He considers himself a Plan A manager, and to him Plan A means whatever wins you the game. He sticks to the current strategy because – shock horror – it does appear to be working. Five points clear at the top of the league and that whopping goal difference proves it.

The to-and-fro hopping of those who claim we’ve yet to be tested is equally amusing.

They have pivoted to how Tuesday will be the actual test.

Odd that they appear not to remember the logic of their position before the match; that we were playing against the Europa League finalists and a team that has just knocked out PSV to get to the Champions League.

Suddenly playing your domestic rivals isn’t a real test?

Amazing too the conclusions some of them are drawing about certain players. Kent and Goldson aren’t up to it? Really? Suddenly that’s obvious? When this site and others have been pouring scorn on these guys for many, many months?

It is great to see such fury on the other side of the city.

It’s the anger of someone who has just seen evidence that they cannot refute that their loved one is playing away from home. This after being consistently told that by friends, and hearing rumours everywhere they went for months. The pain – and the anger – is multiplied by realising what a mug you’ve been.

And yes, some of these people are looking and feeling very stupid indeed.

I’d be angry too. Mostly at myself.

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  • Dando says:

    I’ll tell you what, if Celtic FC can get a result against galactico they will have achieved the double over the best two teams (respectively) in the whole wide world within 3 days….


  • Geoff says:

    Goldson and Tavernier and their agents led them up the garden path with stories about all the clubs interested in them to secure bumper long term pension contracts.
    McGregor Arfield Davis all given extensions and now smelling the coffee that they should have been let go.
    Kent Kamara Morelos still there despite all the media led interest.
    Despite the meltdown among their bloggers and forums they still consider that we are really not that good.

  • Frankie says:

    Are their so called pundits do they not realise that you have to pay your debts before you can spend this is the hole they are in, and that’s good Goldson no one wanted him put him in a boat, tav same boat, Kent same boat, Alfie same boat, Kama road same boat , it’s like the titanic.

  • Scud Missile says:

    For all the pundits eating humble pie today where is auld Shug the Mug.

  • Neil Smith says:

    True that re soup taking shug I’ve been checking for his weekly screed of nonsense all day and no sign … Did viewing yesterday finish him off ?? Having to praise Celtic in print too much for him?

    • John says:

      Always think when huns say its to close to call they know? They do not want to accept Celtic were better.

      At the 3-0 game the old man was being blamed now they want him in. FFS how desparate can they get?

  • Roonsa says:

    My own personal view is that James’s article on UEFA putting the huns on the FFP naughty step that is most pertinent.

    Put yourself in the shoes of a huns fan for a few horrible minutes. Right, OK, paedos – calm down. Right nae bother, can we have a discussion that doesn’t contain the word paedos please? Thanks.

    Your team has just lost on the Europa final by a very fine margin. You have seen off much fancied Dutch opposition to secure a CL group stage place. Let the good times roll.

    But towards the end of the transfer window the talk was all about Morelos being a fat dick and potentially losing Kent and / or Kamara. This on top of already losing Aribo and Bassey. Two players who were bummed up to the max by the compliant Scottish media.

    The players they have brought in like Colak and Tillman all looked well off the pace yesterday. And where the fuck are all other players they spent their ill gotten gains on? Ben Davies – Liverpool – £4.23 million, Rabbi Mantondo – FC Schalke 04 – £2.70 million, Ridvan Yilmaz – £3.60 million. And let’s not forget they got Souttar on a free.

    So on top of all that, you were expecting some real business to take place? I think James’s article was a fair explanation as to why there wasn’t. Hopefully now the sharks are circling there will be real repurcussions for years of fiddling the books. Let’s hope so anyway.

  • SSMPM says:

    Silly billys talking through their itches, trying to convince everyone hun, themselves included, with their excuses and denial. What they fail to admit out loud, because they’re dishonest to the bone and they do know this, is that they just don’t play football. They don’t even try to play football. They will try to play cheat-ball at every occasion the ref will allow them instead of trying to play the beautiful game.
    Running around, pushing, shoving, Lungestruming into players as they pretend its really a tackle. They are very fortunate the refs are sympathetic or scared of their order of orange so as to keep their jobs. Its all just nullifying non football. What a bag of cheating c.nts. That idiot Tavernearly a player, shouting and balling at the assistant ref to cancel out Jota world of pain goal when he was clearly the twat playing them on, greeting faced cabbage.
    Obviously like others I look at statistics and I was surprised to see that we don’t apparently lead on them all. The rangers lead with their elbows.

  • Justshatered says:

    Of course they won’t give Celtic credit as that would hurt them too much. With them, there always has to be an ulterior reason for a loss like yesterday.
    Celtic have scored SEVENTEEN goals in a week: three games seventeen goals. Indeed we’ve only lost two goals domestically this season both to the same player.
    Celtic had worked on a game plan all week and had to change it after four minutes when we lost Kyogo and yet still dominated the match.
    The Rangers play nice triangles but if the opposition hold their shape eventually they play it to Tavernier or Barasic to cross into the box where if essentially becomes a free for all. Not once yesterday were we opened up by good play.
    In the summer they kicked the can down the road by giving extensions to players already too old.
    Now come next summer it will be difficult to replace these players while being on a UEFA financial watch list.
    This current Celtic side is easily on course to score over 150 goals. Yesterday’s result will have sent shockwaves through the league.

  • SSMPM says:

    Still no mention of that FFP by press and media, still no complaints about the zombies keeping Lawrence’s injury secret til after the transfer window closed even though their shower of shite fans were asking the so called expert pundits why they didn’t purchase any world legends in the closing days. Thickos. Its easy, your skint and you’ve been found out cheating again by the governing body, not the hun supporting SFA/SPFL governing bodys funnily enough. Also funnily enough the only statement I’ve seen being made is a 4 – 0 get it right up ye Celtic statement

  • John Copeland says:

    Remember those who gushed in the SMSM ,that the Europa League cup final was bigger and better than Celtic winning the European cup ? Remember those geniuses ? Move forward a few months later and the same mob were declaring The Rangers shoot out against PSV ,was their biggest game ever ! They really do make it up as they go along ! The worst about it all is that some of these charlatans are drawing wages for this guff !

  • Garry Cowan says:

    It’s been a day of glorious gloating and I’m not the least bit ashamed to admit it , I absolutely love seeing them eat their own words ??

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    That’s because they get pumped up with so much hysterical, deluded shite from their pro ibrox media and fan blogs they actually start tae believe their own hype. Culpable time and time again. Nae surprise then, they’re left borderline suicidal when reality jumps up and kicks their arse.

  • Robert Jenkins says:

    Their best chance of the game was McGreggor’s header. I love BBC iPlayer as it means that I can watch the game on Sportscene time and time again here in Wales.

  • Martin H. says:

    Duff goalkeeper, didn’t hear any complaints with the idiot between the sticks for p.s.v.

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