Andy Robertson Will Never Play For Celtic, And The Way He Means It He Shouldn’t.

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I know Andy Robertson is a die-hard Celtic fan. I appreciate that.

He’s a good guy too, from everything I’ve seen from him in the papers and whenever he’s interviewed. He’s a grounded guy in spite of his stardom and his quality as a footballer.

So I don’t want to seem like I’m on a downer with this guy in the writing of this piece, but in a sort of a way I obviously am.

Because although the idea of Andy Robertson playing for our club sounds like a good one in theory, in practice what he’s talking about is a non-starter.

He says he would like to finish his career here if he can’t finish it at Liverpool.

He said he dreams of giving his “best years” to Celtic … these are his best years.

So what’s he going to do? Leave Anfield?

He’s not going to do that, and he freely admits that he wants to end his career there.

Which to my mind means what he’s really talking about is a wee bit tacked on at the end, a wee sojourn up to Scotland to fulfil an ambition when he’s in thirties. Which let’s be honest, that’s not going to happen and nor should it.

Celtic isn’t a rest home for players who want to slow it down and go through the motions, or some final destination for players who want to check off a box in their career goals.

Robertson plays for a massive club and has everything someone could want.

I understand if Celtic is an itch he’d like to scratch but I suggest that it would be easy to do; he could run down his current deal and there is no question that we would take him on a free.

But he’s not going to do that of course, and nor should he.

We’re a serious football club, involved in the serious business of playing and winning football games.

If he wants to play for this club – genuinely play for it as opposed to some vague dream that he has sometimes when he’s checking the scores – he should know that we’d want a footballer in his prime, not a guy on the downslope who thinks this is an easy gig.

Which, I repeat, is what he says he sometimes dreams about.

But let’s deal in reality. Unless he comes here at the end of his career he’s not going to do this.

No harm to the guy, but I’m never interested in hearing “I’d love to finish my career in the Hoops …”

You look at the young, vibrant side we have right now and that’s an insult, frankly, and although I know that’s not what Andy Robertson intended, it’s not something we should even be thinking about far less rubbing our hands over.

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  • S Thomas says:

    He at an amazing club, with amazing fans, who are amongst the best in world football, it’s only natural he wants to play somewhere with another massive fanbase. Andy Robertson , is 1 of the best full backs in world football, he is hardly ever injured, and 1 of the first on jurgen klopps team sheet. It would be a pleasure to have him at Celtic, as he a massive Celtic fan. Obviously not in his mid 30’s though. But he is the epitome of any young footballer, who gets a knock back early in ther career, that anything is possible , if you believe in yourself. And he deserves all the success he has.

  • SSMPM says:

    It would be a pleasure to have him at Celtic but unless he’s talking about next season then I agree it’s a nonstarter. Surely, we’ve had enough of over the hill tribute players like Ian Wright, Dion Dublin, and Roy Maurice Keane, losing to Clyde in the cup.

  • Erin go bragh says:

    Andy will be playing at this level for another 5 years.Superb athlete.We can all understand for any diehard to pull on the Hoops.Never write it off.I won’t.5 years is a long time.
    Let’s see.He has said he does no want to come to us,washed up.I believe him.
    Let’s hope he delivers a brilliant performance against the scum.

  • kingmurdy says:

    sick of these players saying he’d love to play here…i like andy robertson also,brilliant player…well, whats stopping him/them….run down your contract, and if your good enough…then on you come…
    mclean is another 1 who always seemed to come out with this shit periodically…snodgrass…etc….anyone remember a life-long tim with similar ambitions….what was his name again…?…oh yea..shane fukn duffy…
    celtic fc should never, ever take any of these glory hunters on…never, ever works out…the 2 keane’s were proof of that if ever it was needed…
    would rather persevere with young guys from the academy….

  • Pan says:

    Totally agree James.

  • John says:

    Can’t disagree with anything you said James. We are a club building for success not providing a home for people looking for a last hoorah. Personally I can’t understand the hype around Robertson. He’s a pretty decent player no more than that. Give me Tierney any day. Much rather have him back

  • Stevie b says:

    You’re right! No one says I want to ‘end’ my career at Real Madrid or Barcelona (apart from the king of kings). But it’s a kind of declaration for Celtic. So that’s good. It will be good when guys, who have the choice of top clubs, choose Celtic when they are on top of their game. That day will return. Cmon the hoops

  • Iljas baker says:

    es no more “marquee” players who no longer can make in the EPL. Always a slap in the face to discriminating fans.

  • Iljas Baker says:

    That should have read: “Yes no more “marquee players who can no longer make it in the EPL.”

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