Ange Has Said Nothing That Celtic Fans Who Pay Attention Didn’t Already Know.

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Today the internet is full of the big guy, the boss, Big Ange, and his interview with the Australian media where, according to the headlines, he assured us all that there was nothing to worry about in terms of his links with England.

Who was worried though? Certainly not those of us who have listened carefully to what this man has been saying since the day and hour he walked through the doors of Celtic Park.

We are the club he was waiting for; a massive club, playing at a level where his talents would be recognised and he would have the responsibility for winning things.

He’s said this repeatedly.

He’s said it to the media, to the fan media, he’s said it before games and after games and during pre-season. How many more times does the guy need to say it before people stop worrying that he’s going to do a Brendan midnight flit?

As I’ve already pointed out, if Celtic were in the least bit concerned, they would rush through a big offer of a five year deal with a massive buyout clause in it. They would tie the man up so that any club which made an approach would need to bleed red ink.

But Celtic has not done that. Celtic has not seriously moved in any way in that direction.

They clearly have no concerns inside the club, so why should we worry?

If you believe that Ange is an honourable man, then there’s nothing to concern ourselves with.

If we believe that he’s a man of his word there’s nothing to concern ourselves with. If we believe that this board is, at the moment, even partially competent there is nothing to concern ourselves with.

This club is in a damned good place right now, and this guy is very happy here.

This is everything he’s ever wanted in his career, and when the man is talking – as he did this week – about planning the next two, three, four transfer windows … that’s a man who is only moving forward with Celtic, and with no interest in anything happening elsewhere.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    Ange is a Godsend for Celtic and the fans, like Moses with the Israelites he is leading us to the promised land, he will have temporary setbacks, like who put that fkn Sea there?, but he will overcome all obstacles in his path. He is living the dream and we will be living it right along with him, great times ahead. COYBIG!

  • REBELLIOUS says:

    Exactly James he’s an honourable man, we have nothing to fret over.
    He speaks plainly enough and for me, he’s no intentions of going anywhere, in fact, in an earlier interview from Oz this morning he said the following; ‘I’m living the dream’
    Doesn’t sound like someone who’s unsettled, does it?

    Take him on his word and stop putting stock into the utterly hopeless Scottish media, they want shot of him because they can all see what he’s building and doing here.

    They don’t like that and they don’t like him being @Celtic Football Club.

    Long May Ange Postecoglou Reign…

    HH to Our Glorious Leader

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    If we’re all tired of the daily speculative tripe this media’s throwin at him, how must the guy feel ?! He should just tell them beforehand, no speculative questions about this rubbish or your interviews cut aff, stopped dead. If they persist, bar them from interviewin him again. Then tell them tae fuck right off. (Last bit wishful thinkin).

  • MarkE says:

    Yip he seems happy, content even, being Celtic manager. He speaks highly of the club and of him achieving his aspiration to manage a huge club.

    He’s got a great opportunity here to build a team his way, win trophies and manage in the biggest club competition on the planet.

    It seems like it’d take something ridiculously huge to tempt him away from us, like a huge club in a huge league with similar aspirations and the possibility of achieving them as well as Champions League football, or that clubs continental equivalent, similarly with becoming an international coach again.

    Obviously in football you can never say never, but all signs point to him being Celtic manager for the foreseeable future

  • Seppington says:

    This is a man who wants to compete at the highest level…and that’s not the English Premiership. Do these meeja fuds think Ferenc Puskas was saying to young Ange “England’s domestic league is the place to be?” If he had gone to a diddy team like Brighton what would be the chances of them getting a CL place every year? Virtually non-existent, whereas at Celtic he’s got a (an let’s be ridiculously generous here) a 50-50 shot at it every single season and the CL is the pinnacle of world club football. This is a man building a team of his design to specifically play his system with the aim of competing in the Champions league, and if he can achieve success with an SPFL budget there’s ZERO need to go to the tourist league, is there? I think (well hope) Ange is a man of honour who will be at CP for many years to come.

  • SSMPM says:

    Thought I’d heard all the gushing hero-worshipping last week or with Rodgers.
    History tells you the real answer. It didn’t take him long to move on from Japan when we went in for him. Loyalty to what. If a Liverpool or a Manchester club came in for him ….

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