Another Day, Another Dishonest Celtic Headline From The Daily Record.

Image for Another Day, Another Dishonest Celtic Headline From The Daily Record.

The headline seems straightforward enough when you look at it; “Celtic board ‘pulling their hair out’ over Queen banners as UEFA stadium ban punishment floated.”

There are two elements to it and both are equally important, and would need to be taken seriously. The first is that the board are frustrated and angry over the banners and the second is that there is a credible threat of a stadium closure.

But none of those things is even remotely based on actual information or fact. The opening line of the article proper tells you that right away.

“Tam McManus reckons …”

So the entire piece is based around the ignorant view of one idiot, someone with no connection to the club whatsoever and who has exactly zero inside knowledge of either our boardroom or the machinations of UEFA. The headline is a fraud.

Even the “stadium ban punishment” hasn’t been plucked from anywhere credible. No, this too has sprung from the mind of an ex-player so dense that a raft of others have found employment in the mainstream media whilst he works for a blog.

“McManus insists the football authorities could come down hard on Celtic and put a partial stadium ban in place,” says the article, as if he was a big-wig in Nyon and his view was any more relevant than that of a drunk in the local pub.

How nice it must be to be able get yourself into the headlines with such ease. Simply say something ridiculous about Celtic, something designed to create controversy, and no matter how mindless or unmoored from reality it is, you can get yourself in the papers.

I see absolutely nothing in this piece which stands up to the slightest scrutiny. Whilst I’m sure some members of our board might be a bit frustrated that the entire week has been devoted to this nonsense, I can’t help but conclude that if they were ever seriously concerned about a section of our support that they would actually do something about it.

The idea that UEFA will shut part of the stadium … this guy is wired to the moon if he thinks that’s even a possibility as a result of this. More concerning, by far, are the continued use of pyro, but that’s not what his piece is about and it’s not even mentioned.

No, this is not a legitimate news story. When I read it I hear the distant sound of bars rattling and a squeal for attention, which the paper was more than happy to amplify.

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  • MarkE says:

    They’ve been at it for weeks now, even prior to the famous death thats took over the country, desperately using any far stretch of their imagination’s to try and unsettle Celtic!

    The banners in Warsaw, that there’s no proof were actually Celtic supporters banners given anyone could’ve entered the stadium with them, only served to give them the ammunition they desperately desired in order to launch a full scale assault on the club!

    Honestly, pay no attention to them, don’t fuel their fire, just continue supporting the club and in a few weeks this whole episode will be confined to the history books and they’ll be desperately clutching for some other reason to attack Celtic and its support

    • Mike d says:

      Exactly, this time next week it’ll all be over.i was only hoping they had, had to play liverpool first at ipox instead of napoli, their faces would have been a picture when the boos came during the minutes silence from the liverpool support, lmao.

  • Bharney says:

    It’s rather ironic that the hopes of sanctions on Celtic from the Royalist , Loyalist ‘s and Brexiteers are dependent on UEFA, considering that, Hearts, Dundee Utd, and Hibernian fan’s, to name a few in Scotland have all expressed their anti monarchy views, only European football authorities think they have the power to penalise for what, meanwhile the Europe haters are salivating at the thought!!

  • harold shand says:

    The best bit was the ‘ Panel ‘ bit today and the question was ..

    ‘ Is the pressure easing on Gio ? ‘

    After 11-0 in three games

    Seriously wtf

  • Jimmy R says:

    When the dust settles and the international break is over, sevco will have to face the realistic prospect that, after the 2 games against Liverpool and a trip to Napoli, they could be going into the last group game having amassed 0 (that’s right, zero) points. It is not unrealistic that they may not have scored a goal by then.
    European pedigree. Aye. . . Right.

  • Scouse bhoy says:

    The radar told the truth when they printed 140 years of history ended .we will never ever get tired of reminding them that fact.

  • Michael Conway says:

    That sevco rag is renowned for fake news

  • Frankie says:

    The g b will need to watch what they are doing because every man and his dog are ready to put us down.

  • Dave Quayle says:

    Well said I’m a Man United fan but have always followed Celtis About time somebody should up for the Boys
    Rangers get away with murder you get away with nothing
    Stand firm and well done

  • Andrew cook says:

    The metro is a better read than the Dailey record who reads the record any way it’s anti Celtic fake news the record usual garbage

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