Ibrox Considers Harm To Other Clubs Collateral Damage. And Now They Know It.

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This morning, the press was full of stories about Neil Doncaster. We’ll get to the interview itself later on, but one of the most important takeaways from the piece was that he confirmed one of the darker stories which have swirled about on the Sky deal.

That was the story about how their club essentially tried to extort the SPFL.

Outside of match fixing, it is hard to think of something with a more negative impact on the sport than a club which is determined to win a pissing contest with the governing bodies no matter what the cost is. Those words are crucial. No matter what the cost is.

Even if that cost is paid by every other club in the league, who clearly Ibrox considers mere collateral damage. The Chinese say that those who seek revenge should dig two graves. Ibrox doesn’t care if there end up being twelve, and even if the clubs themselves were content to live in denial about what that means, this is now a matter of public record.

For the sake humiliating Doncaster and a handful of grubby notes, Ibrox was willing to risk torching not only a commercial sponsorship but the most important commercial sponsorship in the game, and all the bullshit from over there about how this was a principled stand against a bad deal has been exposed for the sham most of us knew it was from the start.

I say most of us, because this morning Keith Jackson was still clinging to the view that the Ibrox club were in the right here and that it’s Doncaster’s job to placate them, which he has shown no sign whatsoever that he is minded to do.

Jackson is either such an Ibrox sycophant that he can’t wrap his brain around the idea that they might be the ones acting spitefully here, or he’s the stupidest person in the room and will be literally the last to recognise this for what it is.

That’s a luxury the leaders of the clubs can no longer afford though.

It is clear that the SPFL is at war with Ibrox. That could not be more obvious, and the thing about Doncaster is that he’s finally cottoned onto the fact that this is not a hungry wolf that you can feed in the hope it goes away; this is a rabid animal which is intent on doing you harm. He cannot yield an inch cause if he does he’s finished.

What the other clubs must finally be awake to is that Ibrox will not stop, and that their directors are perfectly willing to scorch the earth to get their pound of flesh. That means no club is safe as long as they are on the rampage.

Stopping them will require unity and growing some balls. Whether someone steps up to say it remains to be seen, but it has to happen now and everyone has to know it.

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  • Dando says:

    The document they issued to the embryo club upon it’s conception has given said club an advantage over EVERY other club in the country.

    If the Hampden lackeys think for a second that Europe’s newest club won’t reveal it and destroy Scottish football…… they’re wrong…..


  • kingmurdy says:

    yea…nothing new here about the ibrox scum…
    they could have been dealt a fatal blow back in 2011/2012….but nope…
    here we are still having to deal with the bastards…
    thanks to the sfa, spl and lawwell and his band of spineless bastard board members….
    if the shoe had been on the other foot….does anyone honestly believe celtic fc would have been dealt with similarly ? would we fuq.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Agree with kingmurdy. We had the chance tae really put them in their place in 2011-12. But Lawell and Co saw them as too much of a cash cow. Greed won in that situation, now they’re back to their arrogant worst. Was ALWAYS goin tae happen. As for super hypocrite jackson, still waitin on him callin out the Scotland support for booin the minutes applause for the queen, just like he did emphatically with the Celtic support. Absolutely sums the prick up.

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    They are weirdos!! If this is cause they wrecked their old club and want to release a rabid , sectarian, racist hoard of cretins on the world! While they stood back and let oldco die! Well I say be brave and go and meet them head on tell the truth!! Tell them they are a new club!! That they stole, lied and cheated and they let their club die so be angry with their board but more importantly themselves!! Do that Mr. Doncaster! And you’ll never have spoken a true word!! ” Truth sets you free” they say do they? But really the poison should be thanking this guy as he and that other clown ” social unrest”” reagan! ha ha aye right then ! They would pissed off back to their wee bowling clubs, golf clubs and lodges! Tho wonder who put those words in his mouth!! My bet is one of the real boys in blue! The enablers! They that let social unrest happen not once twice but a million times!! George square is their favourite eh but old ” boy in blue” likes say ” o f” problem! Not on your life!! So mr Doncaster might the bullies head on!!99percent are utter cowards believe me!

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Meet the bullies head on! Even

  • SSMPM says:

    Jackson is not naive, he knows exactly what he is doing, it’s his remit. Why you question that I don’t know, with your either he is not aware, naive or bla bla bla. He’s an out an out hater of us, and I don’t mean just Celtic, everything that we stand for and a follower, supporter and promoter of the bigotry that club and its foot-soldiers spout, and he reports on it gleefully

    • Kevan McKeown says:

      @SSMPM. Exactly, see’s himself as some sort of crusader for that mob. Just like his DR cronies berry, young, who are among the worst. Some of the stuff he’s come away wi is nae less than what ye’ll read on their fan blogs. Utter constant, spiteful shite and he (they) can’t hide it.

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