The Last Person Celtic Needs To Hear From Right Now Is Michael Kelly.

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Just when you thought the gallery of goons was complete, along comes a figure so discredited and ridiculous and dripping in scandal that he makes Boris Johnson look like a paragon of virtue.

I refer of course to our former director Michael Kelly, a guy who was part of the board which took our club to the brink of administration, and who history will judge without mercy as it’s not even close to being the worst thing he was involved in whilst a director at Celtic Park.

Now he’s telling our board that our club has always supported the monarchy and that they should “break their silence” and, it is to be assumed, slam their own paying customers.

Get this guy so far across the horizon that you won’t be able to see him with the Hubble telescope. Our board needs advice from this clown like the BMA needed advice from Harold Shipman.

He is not even a joke, he and that board are the most disgraced figures in Celtic history and for him to be handing out lessons in morality and reputation management makes me ill.

I saw that he was involved in that fiasco with Jeremy Kyle the other day, and I thought that just about summed up both men. One a desperate attention seeking scumbag and the other a desperate attention seeking clown.

It was a perfect meeting of half-a-minds.

What he and that family of his put our club through in the final years of that crumbling regime would, on its own, have been enough to damn them in the eyes of our support. That The Record is pulling this creaking walking skeleton out of the cupboard shows how desperate they are to keep this story going.

But again, I say to you all, look at the “quality” lined up on the other side of this debate. The likes of this idiot. The likes of Farage and Whale and Kyle. These are the people trying to tell us that what they really want is a kinder, gentler world.

It’s the so-called straight media outlets – not the Mail or the Express or the Torygraph but those who’ve thrown in their lot with them – on the other side of this who should hang their heads in shame, and by drafting in this individual they have compounded that a thousand fold.

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  • MarkE says:

    Honestly feel our support should just show up tomorrow and support the team, and by that i mean ignore everything else thats being attempted to be forced upon us and just sing from the minute we get in the ground until we leave.

    Doesn’t have to be disrespectful songs about recent events, nor banners or anything like that, ignore the whole circus of a media frenzy regarding recent events elsewhere completely and sing songs of support about the club.

    We’re going to a game of football, not a wake, so treat it as such

  • Thomas Davidson says:

    James, is it not the case that Michael Kelly, while Lord Provost of Glasgow, insisted on having his children chauffeur-driven from his house in Aytoun Road, Pollokshields, to St Aloysius’ College, in vehicles belonging to the City Council, including a Rolls-Royce?

  • Johnny Green says:

    It will all be over bar the shouting on Tuesday once she is planted and we can get back to some sort of normality. I hope Charles lives for a long time and gives us all a bit of well deserved mourn porn break.

  • Thomas says:

    James, I’m huge fan of yours. But our fans were wrong to do that sign. It creates enemies for Celtic. English players might choose not to play in front of Fuck the Crown and up the ra chants. I find them distasteful. Catholics in Scotland have supported the Stuart Monarchy so too simple to attack the crown, and as far the Ra stuff… I remember the Troubles. No glorifying of that period is needed in a football stadium.

  • Geoff says:

    The Kellys Whites and Grants used the club as a cash cow for over a century but when asked to raise or guarantee £500k between them they were prepared to let the club go to the wall!!
    Step forward wee Fergus.
    £1m without a moments hesitation.

    • Kevan McKeown says:

      An absolute deluded clown of a man, who actually still believes, in spite of the damage him and his greedy, self-servin, utterly inept board did to the club, that his opinion is relevant. He’s an embarrassment tae our clubs name and should shut his mouth.

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