Attempts To Smear Celtic Fans Continue. Last Night, The Tartan Army Made That Harder.

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You’ll notice that the first post I put up today, about Ian Blackford, did not mention – although you might have thought that it would – that sections of the Tartan Army booed during the minute’s applause last night.

I left that out for this article.

Blackford should have been pinned to the wall over that, if they were going to ask him anything at all. McCoist and Souness should be dragged out of their holes and asked about it today.

Is this, after it all, the true “unacceptable face of Scottish football”?

Or will people finally have to shut up about this and stop pretending that only Celtic fans, out of everyone in the country, have a serious problem with all this crap?

Dundee Utd fans, Hibs fans and now Scotland fans.

That really does spoil the picture for these goons a little bit, doesn’t it? It really does make it difficult for them to credibly argue that this is a stain on the game here that spreads from Celtic Park.

I understand Blackford’s appalling performance this morning.

He’s a politician and it was a stock politicians answer; follow the herd.

Because of course that’s what most of our modern politicians actually do; they don’t lead at all, they follow. They follow opinion polls, public opinion, they say whatever keeps them out of the gunsights of the right wing press.

Of course, that’s how our country ends up in the state it’s in … that sort of moral cowardice.

So Blackford, yeah I understand him to an extent, and it only increases my contempt for his behaviour in front of the Sky cameras today.

But I understand the rest of the gallery of goons even better, of course.

We know what motivates the people who the press has asked for comment on this.

The ex-players and ex-managers of Ibrox.

For them, this is just an opportunity to have a go at Celtic and in demanding that the board make a statement they are blatantly trying to drive a wedge between the club and the fans.

That’s all it is, and our directors and senior management are too smart not to be able to spot that a mile away.

Which is why all this is just pissing in the wind.

But last night, the Tartan Army threw a spanner in the works as any sensible person might have known that they would. There was nothing even slightly surprising about the applause being booed by a section of the fans.

The only two surprising things were that there wasn’t more booing and that an applause was even held in the first place.

I mean what the Hell was that all about? I thought football had done its bit?

The tributes were all last week.

Now that the funeral’s over with what are we clapping for?

That the funeral went well? That she didn’t leap up out of the coffin and dance around the Abbey to the tune of The Pointer Sister’s I’m So Excited?

The tributes are over with.

Still people clamour to get to the microphone to say how appalled they were.

At this point all I hear is the braying of sheep, because that’s all they are.

I see desperados who haven’t been in the papers for a while clawing their way to the front of the queue so that they can express their disgust. 99% of it totally put-on.

These people couldn’t give a toss about the Queen.

Aside from a small segment of the population which really is completely bat-shit and buys into all this in full, most people forgot she existed for 364 days of the year until they inadvertently caught her on the telly at Christmas.

But now they all want to speak up for her and express their fury?

Don’t make me laugh, all of it is a pathetic fraud.

But this has been useful to the enemies of Celtic, and although they have failed utterly to achieve even a single one of their goals, they continue to swing their big foam hammer at the Celtic Park stone wall.

Last night, the Tartan Army made that a little harder to do.

Let’s see who comes out and roundly condemns them.

I’m betting nobody does.

I’m betting that the response to their protest last night is near universal stone silence.

Because to even properly discuss it challenges every last bit of their despicable anti-Celtic narrative.

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  • Sophie Johnstone says:

    Do they really believe a German sportswear manufacturer or an Irish Alcohol brand will be appalled enough at fan reaction to,strip Celtic of their sponsorship deals or any others in the future.

  • Jim kearney says:

    They don’t like it when it lands firmly at their front door and the reality of it sticks out a mile the empire has crumbled and the gong seekers are being put back in their boxes

  • John Paul McCafferty says:

    100% agree with every point made in this statement
    Brilliant piece of writing

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