BBC Scotland Has Brazenly Lied About A Leicester Link To Celtic’s Current Manager.

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Once again, before I start the article, a big thank you to Paddy Sinat, the hard working guy, and good mate of mine, at Vital Celtic, for forwarding me his piece on this and drawing my attention to the story. He keeps a great eye on the media, does Paddy, and his stuff is always worth checking out as a result of that. Well done to him again.

The crux of this is simple; BBC Sports Scotland has wilfully misrepresented a quote from another source in order to justify a wholly fictitious headline about how Ange is “under serious scrutiny” from Leicester City should they decide to pay Rodgers his reputed £18 million termination fee and get shot of him.

For some people that would represent an alarming development.

(I’m not in the least alarmed nor would I be even if the story was true.)

But of course, the story isn’t true at all.

It’s a complete put-up job by BBC Scotland and it took Paddy a mere five minutes to run down the source of that “serious scrutiny” quote … and of course, the quote refers to Rodgers’ position and not our manager.

What’s worse is that the initial source for this story is Joel Sked, the guy who I’ve repeatedly said is the worst “digital sports journalist” in Scotland, although he has serious competition from our usual suspects.

His article, which started off dismissing another media inspired piece of nonsense – the story which linked Ange to Brighton – was a classic example of a hack speculating on a slow news day.

When you are copying this guy it’s a bad one at the office alright.

Sked himself is the one who floated the idea that Ange “could” be considered by Leicester, a complete shot in the dark which no credible blog would even have bothered to write.

Of course he “could” be. In theory I “could” be. But I won’t be.

But even this dire excuse for a hack doesn’t go as far as the national broadcaster does in telling an outright, barefaced, no holds barred lie.

“Leicester City could be the next top-flight club looking for a new manager with former Celtic boss Brendan Rodgers under “serious scrutiny” according to reports in England,” Sked’s piece reads, which is all true … and as you can see, that’s where BBC Sport Scotland got the “serious scrutiny” quote, which they then used in a wholly falsified manner.

As Paddy pointed out on Twitter, that quote was in relation to Rodgers, not in relation to Ange.

The Scotsman did its bit on trying to create smoke where there was no fire, but it was the BBC itself, which you and I pay for, which absolutely took the piss here.

That headline should be, and will be, the subject of an official complaint.

It’s not misleading, it is 100% fraudulent and we should not have to pay a license fee to be fed lies.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    What makes you think it will be the subject of a official complaint James? Do you mean from Celtic, for I doubt if they will even give it a second thought, they don’t usually challenge anything and this garbage will probably just be ignored.

  • Bob (original) says:

    BBC Sport Scotland’s football coverage is fast becoming

    just a very big, very expensive, publicly funded version of the Daily Record!

    P!sh ‘reporting’ that’s best ignored or laughed at. 🙁

  • John Copeland says:

    I’m shocked that anyone is shocked at BBC Scotlands lies and fabrication of this tale ! If Celtic FC allow The James Gang to continue to peddle their deception and dishonesty about our club , then the state broadcaster shall trample all over us at every opportunity . Enough is enough .

  • Effarr says:

    Do what I do. DON’T PAY for a licence and don”r even look at their programmes.

  • SSMPM says:

    You expect ex hun players, eg Souness what a dick, to come out and support this. All while our ex-players and so called Celtic minded people are mute on rankers fans violent bigoted behaviour on their programmes. That’s where the real shame lies, traitors for the blue note.
    As for the Scotland game, well I was going, but since the SFA announcement on even more tributes to the crown, what a fqn joke, I won’t and it’s now a case of never again. Scotland, and its representatives, is an increasingly embarrassing country. Being hearing quite a few references to the Catholic Joe Biden on the BBC. Apparently, he’s against Britain and the Good Friday agreement because he won’t agree to the law changes proposed by the tories regarding the agreement they signed on movement of goods to the North of Ireland. Good luck with the complaint fella

  • Tim Buffy says:

    Best of luck with complaining to the BBC. I tried it a few years ago and it got nowhere. Their complaints system is long, complicated and laborious. It’s designed to frustrate the user and when they eventually reply the explanation is obscure and designed to avoid the point.

  • MAGUA says:

    Laugh? I nearly paid my license fee.

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    I dont pay for it! And none of us should!

  • Scud Missile says:

    Lol as if our board have the balls to challenge or call out anything.or any journalists shite that they write.
    Our board are full of shitebags not one of them has the bottle to stand up to them.

  • Justso says:

    If you check a later version of the BBC’s Scottish Football Gossip page it has changed to the actual rubbish Sked wrote. i.e. Rodgers is under “serious scrutiny” not Ange’s prospects for the job. However, the BBC just don’t get that the mis-quoting wasn’t the issue. The issue is they regurgitate another hack’s p!sh

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