Celtic Fan Site Accuses The Record Of Stealing A Story From Them.

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Earlier in the week, I did something I’ve never done before. I used the entire text (just about, I deleted a big, irrelevant section) of an article from the mainstream media in a piece I had written.

The article was written by Keith Jackson.

But not only did I acknowledge the fact that I had done so, but that was the very point of the piece. The article was so ridiculous and reality-bending that I wrote it up as a Keith Jackass piece and published it more or less as he had written it.

The ultimate spoof of an article which could have been written as one.

Tonight though, the Celtic fan website Vital Celtic, run by a good friend of mine, Paddy Sinat, has accused The Daily Record of stealing one of its articles, and not in the jokey way that I did during the week, to make a point, but to claim credit for it as their own.

The Record tried to disguise this by making it a “6 of the best” piece but they started with a very familiar section on Moritz Jenz which does look suspiciously like something lifted from somewhere else … naughty, naughty boys.

I wonder, if we looked hard enough, if we’d not find the other five segments of their article elsewhere?

Not that I’d accuse them of anything like that of course …

Because there are words for that. Unprofessional. Lazy.

Oh yeah, and what’s that other one that they use in journalism school as the Number One sin in the Do’s and Don’ts?

Oh yes, that’s right. Plagiarism.

Yet this is not the first time that the mainstream media has stood accused of having done this.

These people forget that we monitor every word they write.

And so we know every word that they don’t write, and thus every word that they steal.

The media has become famous for cut-and-paste garbage.

They do it now without even thinking of it. The next time you read an original, well written and well researched piece in our sports press will be the first time in a long time.

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  • Tony B says:

    Plagiarism, while not a criminal offence, is eminently liable to a civil law suit.

    Basically, the plagiarist is a thief, stealing the thoughts and writings of someone else, and therefore should be outed and made to PAY, as should their employer.

  • Nick66 says:

    Well James, I clicked on the highlighted txt on your article. So I’m transported to DR piece. On first view I read it and within second paragraph I recognised Paddy’s style of writing. I missed the Vital Celt article you alluded to James, I usually read most of them. It does show that much of what we read is indeed cut and paste, be It mainstream or popular.

  • Bilskiebhoy says:

    Never forgive never forget

  • MarkE says:

    I’ve noticed a few times that they’ll write whole stories based on comments made by Celtic fans on blogs like this too, usually regarding individual players .

    They no doubt troll these blogs(hi hacks!) desperate for throwaway comments they can try and sensationalise.

    I’m one of the few who don’t watch tv(tf in this climate, must be depressingly tedious) nor buy newspapers, and its a rarity I’ll click on newspaper headlines when searching online for ‘Celtic news’, so for me to notice stories that are direct plays off of comments I’ve read a day or few prior you’d expect to be like finding a needle in a haystack, so based on that it must be a common practice in tabloid journalism.

    I stopped using The Celtic Way forum too, after a brief usage, when i discovered it was linked to several newspapers(they share a comment forum) and not a solo Celtic fans forum; i only realised after posting a comment and receiving multiple different newspapers email alerts when i got responses(mostly from a deranged therangers fan trying to convince himself and others that his club did not die, it was only the company, apparently!), and am not happy that these hacks now have my email address!

  • FSTB says:

    There is a thread on the FF site
    From an article from the Scottish daily Express, regards communication between sevco and police Scotland at the time of sevco title day at Ibrokes.

    Talk about misleading headline .
    Incredible stuff

  • Dennis McLaughlan says:

    I agree with the comments you have highlighted . However I ask why does these posts continually show the profile of Eddie Howe .? He has no connection to Celtic anymore and does not carry any comments that are valid to our team.

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