Celtic Dominate The Monthly Awards Again. A Pattern Is Emerging Here.

Image for Celtic Dominate The Monthly Awards Again. A Pattern Is Emerging Here.

Yesterday, Kyogo won the player of the month award for August.

That is probably the least surprising announcement I’ve heard since Jota winning the goal of the month award. Which itself was the least surprising news since Ange won the manager one.

Do you see the emergence of a pattern here?

Well if you do we should all get used to it, because I reckon this is the model for the season ahead. Celtic dominant everywhere and with everything.

With the form of this team we could keep racking these up all season long.

How many awards did Ange win last year? How many did individual Celtic players win?

Christ, if the players had parcelled out the spectacular goals over a couple of months instead of having a half dozen contenders in August alone we could have sewn that one up for half a year.

Later on I’m going to write about how Graham Spiers latest podcast guests think the campaign is going to pan out, but let’s just say that the hacks are coming around to what has been obvious to us since the season kicked off; that we’re going to leave everyone in the dust.

Some of these guys are going to need new wings on their house to keep all these awards in.

Ange in particular is going to need the proverbial bigger boat. If he keeps up winning manager of the month gongs he’s gonna end up on The Open Goal webcast more often than its hosts.

All this is great for the club, of course, and it keeps Ibrox firmly in the shade where it belongs.

Long may this continue.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    I don’t expect that pattern to continue at all. It might well be deserved, but the least bit of a resurgence from the spawn of satan will see those same prizes winging their way to THEM. It’s not that long ago when the Killie keeper was in the team of the week despite Celtic putting 5 past him and the powers that be will revert to type the first chance they get. We do not really expect accolades from these peepul so in my opinion there is no point in us getting even remotely used to it.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Pattern I see developin is this media tryin tae push Ange out the door. Now its Danny Murphy’s turn in the DR (who else) tae tell us what the managers thinkin. Never seen anything like this. They’re jumpin from one ‘source’ tae another about this Brighton shite. Utterly fuckin stinks of sheer desperation. If these media arseholes have the audacity tae ask him one more question on this, the Celtic PR should ban them. It’s fear and wishful thinkin that’s drivin them of course, but it’s beyond a joke.

  • Effarr says:

    Do you really have to take Our Lord’s name in vain? Even the hated Scottish press have more respect. It shows a lack of intelligent vocabulary.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    @ Effarr. Who or what exactly are you referrin to ? Are you hallucinatin ? As far as lack of ‘intelligent vocabulary’ goes, i can use my vocab however I see fit, or necessary in any situation. If ye don’t like it fuck off. That’s anglo-saxon vocab i beleive.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Noticed what Effarr was on about. My apologies if that’s OK with yourself (and our lord). Lighten up mate, ye sound like a crusty god botherer !

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