Celtic’s Green Monster Takes Our Rivals From La La Land To Ha Ha Land.

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The problem with believing in fairy-tales is that you forever have to be wary of dragons. Living in a fantasy world where reality bends around the outside of the bubble, anything that can happen will and eventually a dragon is going to come along.

Well today the dragon arrived for the deluded of Ibrox. It arrived, and it was hungry, and by the time it was finished not a scrap of their arrogance or even their idiocy remained. To be frank, their egotistical drum-banging, which has been going on for months in the face of mounting evidence that this Celtic side had the teeth and claws and the ability to turn it all to ashes, should leave them feeling the twin emotions of despair and embarrassment.

We destroyed them today, and with it the argument that has dominated the “thinking” – if we might stretch that word to the outer limits of its usage – of the commenteriat and the deranged dwellers of their forums and their social media sites.

We had “played nobody.” We had “not been tested.”

Well guess what? That one still applies because were certainly weren’t tested today.

As for playing nobody, well I have argued for many months now that their “European form” is illusory and that their swagger is grossly misplaced; but let’s presume that those telling me I’m wrong are, in fact, right to do so … today we made them look very ordinary indeed. Whatever the merits of their team, there should no longer be the least doubt that we are streets ahead of them, and have been for some time.

We are owed more credit for the way we have played in the last month or so than we are ever going to get from the semi-literate goons in our media and elsewhere who have been trotting out this line. Our form since this campaign began has been sensational, and the football has been other-wordly in its quality. They refused to acknowledge it. They preferred to live in the fairy-tale.

Well today the upbeat story they’ve been telling themselves they were were living in ended, the dragon showed up and they are faced with two options; continue in their derangement and accept that it’s become a horror movie or swallow their pride and accept reality.

Hey, either option is going to hurt and it’s going to hurt like Hell. If I were them, I’d get engaged with the truth and the facts and start treating the situation they are now in with the appropriate level of seriousness, or continue to tell themselves that everything with will be alright, that they have a better team , a better squad, that injuries are the problem and that we are not actually that good a side. I think I know which one they will prefer.

But if they think this has a happy ending, they haven’t been paying attention.

For months they have been dealing in fantastical levels of denial. Ttoday, that sound the hear is our laughter. From La La Land to Ha Ha Land, and their pain isn’t over, not by a long way, but if they recognise the root causes of it they can start learning to live with it.

Because, to be blunt, they are going to have to and so are their media apologists. That, today, was absolutely on the cards for them. This Celtic team is the most exciting I’ve seen in my lifetime. That is not hyperbole. It is a stone cold fact.

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  • john mc guire says:

    hope you are reading this Barry Ferguson Goi canny change anything ya wee Fud .

  • Garry Cowan says:

    Seen this coming in fact everyone with any common sense did apart from them HH

  • Peterbrdy says:

    What about thug lunstrum 7 lunges takes out kyohgo in 1st minute deliberately no booking then ccv Starman and big George all booked Walsh dirty wee corrupt zombie Hun scumbag

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    Radio clyde pundits kidding on they’re not bothered. Laughing and joking. Wait till their core demographic get on the phone lines at 5.00pm. ? HH

  • Johnny Green says:

    I’ve lived longer than you James and I saw the Lisbon Lions, just saying like.
    As for THEM. their season is just about already over, for we shall not be moved.

  • S Thomas says:

    Excellent performance today.. our midfield, and forward players were phenomenal. Some of the passing was outstanding, jotas goal was top drawer, from a top drawer player. I fancied us strongly today, so delighted with the performance, and result. Still early doors though, only 6 games played. But plenty to look forward to this season. Bring on Los Blancos on Tuesday.. I’ll be in Madrid in November, happy days to that HH.

  • John Copeland says:

    Speaking of dragons ! Lundstram’s tackle on Kyogo was a strategy straight from the dressing room ! Hit the wee guy early, inflict damage immediately ! The guys a snide reptile of the worst kind ! And don’t get me started on Goldson .Blind Willie McTell would have seen his disgraceful elbow on Jota . Another horrible fraud who knew exactly what he was doing wrong !

    • MarkE says:

      Lundstram forced Kyogo’s arm back, pushing into his antecubital fossa/ell/eln/inside of the elbow(we really need a simple name for this, the opposite side of the elbow; elbopp?) with force, possibly damaging Pectoralis(chest to shoulder) tendons in the process; it looks painful and Kyogo will likely need muscle relaxers to get relief from it, depending on just how bad it is!

      Lundstram did it on purpose, no doubt about that, probably been coached on it like so many other underhand tactics they employ!

      Goldson should’ve been sent off too for a couple of bad incidents, but the ref chose to be over lenient throughout most of the match!

      The rules of football need looked at, given that a player protesting a bad tackle receives the same punishment as the player committing one e.g Giakoumakis protesting Goldsons desperate lunge on Maeda, which should have been a straight red card, not a yellow, given his intent was solely to scythe Maeda down!

      • kingmurdy says:

        i don’t think lungestrum did that on purpose at all mate…he may have orthopedic knowledge, but really don’t think he has the required accuracy…think he just goes for anything/everything below the groin – scatter gun approach – john greig specialised in that…goldson’s wee sleekit elbow was a disgrace…obviously learnt from the ugly,fat columbian kunt…
        but u seem to know your stuff – fair play – my knee is giving me a bit of bother…maybe u could advise?

        • MarkE says:

          I watched replays of the incident and googled the rest! …but it looked deliberate, they’re a sleekit team who try every dirty trick in the book and then some; he definitely meant it!

          As for your knee, maybe water in it; is it swollen? If not, might be calcification and/or arthritis, dealing with a bit of that myself … I’d definitely see a Dr though mate

  • MarkE says:

    I don’t pay the slightest bit of attention to anything they say or do, i probably couldn’t even name their teams players.

    One thing though, they did make the Europa League final last season and knocked out a Dutch giant to make this season’s Champions League, and Celtic swatted them aside!

    If Celtic can take this form and playing style into the Champions League and make it work, they’ll be a tough opponent for any team!

  • Roonsa says:

    That Lundstram. What a lump of wood. LOLZ!

  • kingmurdy says:

    well said james…yea, been watching the tic since early 60’s….this is the most exciting side/squad since stein’s teams of late 60’s and early 70’s….we’ll see how we fair against the superior CL teams….
    i’ve been reading hun forums……fuqn delicious……reality’s a bitch innit……

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    They couldna live wi us, especially first half. So much for us bein unable tae cope wi ‘rangers european style football’ their slabberin, demented media and support have been braggin about. Tho hope they keep it up, makes the fall and the reality all the harder tae take. HH.

  • Zed says:

    There more business to get done here. Celtic need to dish out some medicine. The elbow in Jotas face was.not officiated on and Celtic should be looking for a retrospective Red Card. It’s time they got a bit of what they are dishing out.

  • Damian says:

    Well we hadn’t really played any particularly good teams so far this season, and therefore hadn’t been particularly tested.

    But, what an absolutely magnificent performance. Really incredible stuff.

  • john clarke says:

    The off-sider ? with Ally McCoist said after an Abada goal, “It breaks my heart”.

  • Davie says:

    The Rangers fans tried clinging onto a statistic that they had 55% possession, I fully agree with them, it’s hard for celtic to increase possession when the balls in The Rangers net so often.

  • Mr James mccusker says:

    Long may their pain continue for years to come.

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