Clown Keevins Makes A Fool Of Himself Again With Ridiculous Celtic Criticism.

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It doesn’t bother me that Keevins is criticising Celtic after the weekend; we deserve a bit of stick for a dreadful performance. It does bother me that he’s talking utter balls when he does it. He says that Ange was complacent and felt he could stick any team out there to win the game. This is typical of this idiot, applying his tiny brain to a problem much larger than it.

“I may be simplistic,” he says. Yeah, now we’ve got to the root of it alright.

Ange made nine changes for Ross County and we won that one. The Celtic squad was built for rotation. It’s the whole purpose of having two men for every position. Sometimes things don’t go your way on the day; is every manager guilty of complacency when they don’t win?

There is literally no starting eleven in our squad which should not have been good enough to win that game. On another day we would won comfortably. There was clearly something wrong at the weekend but to simply apply idiot logic to it as he’s done here brings nobody a step closer to understanding exactly what the problem was.

The whole performance was off, both by the players who play every week and those who were brought in for this match.

It had damn all to do with arrogance or complacency. It was one of those days.

I can’t stand this guy. That’s no secret.

I can’t stand him because his career is a fraud. He is one of the most clueless individuals ever to sit in a commentary booth and his written work wouldn’t get him a gig on a school newspaper. His lack of understanding of tactics, of strategy, his utter absence of general knowledge about the sport he’s meant to cover is embarrassing.

Imagine this joker critiquing the Celtic boss.

How dare he even try.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    So Heevins is still alive I thought he was pan breed it’s been that long since I had heard anything from him.
    As I said before this dithering dopey auld man is well past his sell buy date he is stale and BLUE moulded just like the klub he supports.
    Not once has he spoken since his return about the 11-0 skelpings his favourite klub got dished out to them.
    He is that daft and in denial of those 3 beatings his klub took.
    He is a leech clinging on to any negative Celtic story a sad auld man holding a grudge because he got papped out all those years ago.

  • Tony B says:

    Demented doddery auld Spew Heavins shiting his adult nappy again.

    He’ll have forgotten what it was about already.t

  • Paul Sweeney says:

    No arguments about Keevins however the boss does deserve a bit of scrutiny, not least with not only the selection but the signing of Mooy.

  • Mr Vincent McSherry says:

    Keevins is a very intelligent person and of course he does not believe his own writings! His intention is to annoy us Celtic fans and you continually take the bate! For Keevins? mission accomplished! Come on James, When are you going to learn to completely ignore? HH

  • Sophie Johnstone says:

    Have any of you ever seen Hugh Keevins and state aid looney Joe Black in the same room?

  • Effarr says:

    There`s a ballad about Keevins, a catholic who supports Old Firm Sevco: it`s called the old Fenian Hun.

  • Michael Conway says:

    Keevins is a bottom feeder

    • Michael Gordon says:

      Absolutely Not Good Enough. That was the clowns first opinion. He is irrelevant and an apologist for the team across tje rivef

  • Gerrard Duffin says:


  • SSMPM says:

    We’re not as good as you like to think we are. Ange and his decisions should be under scrutiny, particularly after a dross performance like that or do you really believe he and his decisions are beyond that

  • Johnny Green says:


  • Tony B says:

    Always good for a laugh is auld doddery Spew, but I don’t believe in ignoring even obviously demented geezers like him. If they have a go then they’re fair game for scrutiny and in his case, ridicule.

  • Charlie Kelly says:

    You should stop giving this Dope time and space as he’s not worth it I’m convinced he writes his crap to get a reaction,I grew up beside him in Partick went to same schools and were Alter Boys in St Simon’s.He was Billy no mates then,and he is Arrogant bordering on Stupidity thinking there’s nobody like him,So please stop giving him space

  • Michael Gordon says:

    Absolutely Not Good Enough. That was the clowns first opinion. He is irrelevant and an apologist for the team across tje rivef

  • Fun time frankie says:

    Vinnie concentrate on driving your hovis lorry ,crash,bang ,wallop mc cherry ya nugget.

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