Coronation Street Insulted Our Departed Queen By Promoting Evil Anti-Monarchist Club: An Exclusive By Trevor Madskull-Hissyfit

Image for Coronation Street Insulted Our Departed Queen By Promoting Evil Anti-Monarchist Club: An Exclusive By Trevor Madskull-Hissyfit

Coronation Street Insulted Our Departed Queen By Promoting Evil Anti-Monarchist Club:

An Exclusive By Trevor Madskull-Hissyfit

Royalist And Politics Writer For The Daily Wail.

Today, even as the body of our dear Queen is lowered to her final resting place (God rest her soul) the nation was united in revulsion and fury at the makers of Coronation Street, a show which should now have to change its name so as not to further insult the memory of the departed monarch.

For what show would dare call itself that when it has affronted her, when it has offended her family and infuriated all the good men and women of this land, by promoting an institution which is fundamentally opposed to all that we hold dear?

Notorious Scottish football club Celtic, a club with more than just republican leanings, but Irish Republican ones too, and whose fans are a mixture of militant Catholics and reactionary campaigners bent on dividing this Kingdom, used this period of mourning to promote insurrection and fan the flames of anti-monarchist sentiment.

Its fans used this period of deep national grief, when all but the voices of the righteous were respectfully silent, to preach intolerance and to challenge our God given right not to be offended in any way, shape or form by the promotion of views with which this paper and you, its readers, do not agree.

But as this paper is fond of reminding its readers, dangerous threats to our way of life are always waiting to show themselves.

Republican sentiment lurks everywhere, not just at the BBC who have not devoted nearly enough time to the Queen’s tributes, or with Meghan Markle, using every bit of her limited acting talents to fake tears as she left a service earlier. No, the left-wing agitators and those who would tear this country down are to be found in the most unexpected places.

So it was this week that the makers of Coronation Street lined up squarely behind the rabid forces of anarchy, those who would tear down statues, educate minorities and other future drum-bangers on our past history and make us all wallow in their hatred of what this country was, is and could yet become now that we are free from the tyranny of Brussels.

For Coronation Street, last week of all weeks, to allow the word “Celtic” to come out of the mouth of one of its over-paid lefty actors is the proof that good British values are being eroded and that the tolerance and decency which this paper strives to uphold are under siege like never before. This abomination took place just 24 hours after Celtic fans had mocked our dear departed monarch before a Champions League match in Poland.

It is clear now that this ably led Conservative government must attempt to follow in the footsteps of the great public servant, honest and capable patriot and unifying leader Boris Johnson, who was cruelly snatched from us,  in reforming every aspect of our national life, to assure that the universal right to free speech is enjoyed only by those whose values align with good old fashioned Britishness, as best exemplified by people like Nigel Farage, Katie Hopkins and Laurence Fox.

If this means that the government must review the licenses of companies which promote extremists and their views, as Coronation Street’s makers at Granada have here, then perhaps it’s time that we did just that.

No more pussyfooting around on this.

No more pretending that we embrace pluralism

The good people of this country need to be protected from opinions which may challenge their perceptions and perhaps even make them consider the information they get and where it comes from.

For that would threaten all the gains we’ve made down through the years, namely Brexit.

The good and generous and fair-minded people of Britain deserve nothing less. They do not need to be exposed to the hateful behaviour of Celtic and its fans, or at least not when we’re charging for our version instead.

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  • Daniel Caldwell says:

    Is this for real if it is we’re standing on the edge of a very very dangerous precipice. These words look and sound like they are tailor made to come straight out of the mouth of Adolf Hitler himself. Dangerous Dangerous journalism. This is pretty scary coming from a national tabloid

  • Seppington says:

    Did Corporation Street really mention the glorious? I haven’t watched that crap in decades but I assume so or this is one f’d-up article…

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