Ex-Ibrox Fan Gets Some Headlines For Not Wanting Outstanding Ex-Celt Signing For His Club.

Image for Ex-Ibrox Fan Gets Some Headlines For Not Wanting Outstanding Ex-Celt Signing For His Club.

The stuff the media thinks is important to us.

Honest to God. International fortnight is brain damage and even as you come to the end of it there is filler everywhere online.

This hopefully isn’t going to count as filler. I just want to talk about Ally Robertson.

I know, I’ve never heard of him either but he’s in multiple headlines today because he “joked” about not wanting to see Tom Rogic at The Hawthornes because he played for us and Robertson self-defines as an Ibrox club’s supporter.

This is what passes for humour. This apparently is what passes for news.

Isn’t it amazing how well we’ve internalised narrow minded bigotry? It reminds me of the hacks all laughing when Billy Gilmour signed for Norwich and his mother “joked” about not wanting to touch the green bit on a scarf. Whilst pointedly not touching the green bit on the scarf. This was apparently very funny to some people.

Except it was goonish idiocy and her family must have cringed.

I don’t know who Ally Robertson is and I care even less. I don’t care that he was joking when he said that he didn’t want Rogic because he played for Celtic, but I think it’s telling that this was his first thought when the big guy signed the deal and it’s what he chose to open his media interviews with. If you want some insight, there’s some to be had there.

Someone like that doesn’t deserve a player like Rogic at their club.

But honestly, that our news feeds should be full of a story like that is symptomatic of a press corps full of people who scour the internet all day long and write dreck. Last week their websites were full of stuff about the FIFA 2023 player rankings … I mean who cares? Who honestly thinks that this has any value in understanding the game here?

The last two weeks have been a horror-show slog, and I am only thankful that there were real issues to write about like media’s disgraceful response to a handful of Celtic fans exercising free speech and the SPFL-Ibrox standoff.

Writing this stuff for a fortnight would have driven me up the wall.

But honestly, it has a serious purpose to it.

Which is that we’re normalising goonish behaviour by making it some kind of joke. I’ve written often about the story Hugh Keevins once talked about sitting next to John Brown at a function and watching as he pushed aside a bowl of green jelly with a snarl. That’s a bigot, that’s someone consumed by hate, and Keevins found that funny.

We’ve blurred the line, and I’m not saying that this guy Robertson has crossed it … but it’s getting increasingly hard to know where the jokes stop and something darker starts seeping in, and that’s partly the media’s fault.

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  • Frankie says:

    I have never herd of him and possibly will never be able to lace Toms boots, maybe Tom should show him his medals.

    • Starman says:


  • Tam says:

    Wait until he sees WBA away kit for this season!

  • Johnny Green says:

    They are steeped in bitterness, every last one of THEM!

  • SSMPM says:

    The use of the word ‘banter’ is pretty much always a mask or cover up word for discrimination. It’s only used by discriminators to explain away their thickness and hatred as a laugh.
    Sad when you enter the latter years of your career, I mean what a step down for Tom signing for a club with a bigot like that

  • John McKenzie says:

    Who the Feck is Ally Robertson?
    Was he the guy who was in charge of the Programme Sellers ??

  • Paul says:

    “I am not so happy because I’m Rangers! But he’s come from Scottish football and can show what he can do.

    “So many people have said what a great time he’s had and done well, hopefully he can do similar here.

    “They loved him up there, they thought he was great and actually would’ve had him back!”

    Just thought I’d put the full quote up since you seem to forget it

  • Frankiebhoy says:

    Starman I’m a 75 year old Celtic fanatic but you are on about the wba Hun vocabulary have a look at your own your language and abuse of woman is a disgrace so I suggest you calm down hh

    • Jim Duffy says:

      Well said Frankiebhoy,some of starmans posts are cringe worthy,that BAWHHAHAHA,WTF is that about.

      • Jimmy says:

        I have mentioned him plenty of times Frankiebhoy. A clown of the highest order. He had had many other names, Sean, not the recent one. kyogos dream team. Special needs freak is sort of language he uses. Yet. James allows him on his site without issue.

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    That poison cant help themselves these pretend humour jibes are what they always been about utter poison! I have dealt with and touted plenty!! Not just oldco but the Motherwell , airdrie and ” anyone but Celtic ” filth! Some of our fans are indifferent to it as if it’s no big deal but it is to that scum ” aye he awrite for a Celtic supporter” you’ll here many these diddy team fans say notice they never say that about the poisin of ibrox!! These clowns openly tell you they have nothing with green in their clothing, car, house anything! That ain’t funny and we can see their hate coming to the fore when we beat them which is plenty or they are struggling! Their no banter with these weirdos! Never had a real friend from that background!! Why would you! And I love my blue !! Love reminding many of that cretins on various job sites of met them and that’s all over the world! They look at you with bewilderment cause to the scum their behaviour is fine , tho I will ladd when overseas they change as they obviously realise they cant act the way they were dragged up! Hence the have no real affinity to ibrox as we saw when they did nothing ! When oldco died!!All about the hate for ” der hun”

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