Football Comes To A Standstill Out Of Respect For Who? Certainly Not For The Fans.

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So the decision has been taken and it’s as grim as it was grimly inevitable.

The whole of our professional sport will come to a stand-still, regardless of the impact on an already torturous fixture calendar. Official government guidance was that the show could and probably should go on.

Other sports will not be closing their doors.

But football has decided to disenfranchise thousands of its own customers, up and down the country, by needlessly cancelling games. Did you book travel? Tough. Did you book hotels? Tough. Did you cancel work to be at the game? Tough.

Because you too have now been dragooned into the utterly false impression that this is a country that has been plunged into incalculable despair.

All this out of “respect” for some old woman who lived in a castle.

It’s preposterous. This is a country that treats its citizens (subjects) like children. Grief used to be a personal thing. Now it is imposed on us, collectivised whether we like it or not.

If you thought that it was disrespectful for there to be games, or if you were too overcome with the emotions of it all this weekend you had a simply choice; don’t go to the game. Stay at home and cry into your Golden Jubilee sofa cushions and wear your commemorative tea towel as a flannel.

But let the rest of the world carry on as normal.

The SPFL has bottled it here. They had the chance to put up a sign that said “business as usual” and treat our supporters like adults with minds of their own. It is not up to the governing bodies to speak for fans and presume that we’re all too out of our minds wondering how we’ll cope without this bizarre figure in our lives.

Fans should have been allowed to make that decision on their own.

Most of us – those of us who aren’t afraid to watch our team at the moment – wanted the games to go ahead.

So that’s where the respect should have started and finished, with the people who keep the game afloat in Scotland, but as per usual that was the last thing anyone cared about.

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  • Scully says:

    So we are now on a mini lockdown again. Kids lazing about with no sport this weekend and the rest in the pub “grieving”. Great Britain, eh …??

  • Mikeyb says:

    Excellent (and funny) article. It’s not just the Scottish that feel the same as you mate. The awful assumption is that the whole English nation feels like this. Many of us don’t give a shite.

  • Craig Peden says:

    I totally agree with what you said. It seems weird that we are all expected at work today but can’t go to football tomorrow. Surely there could have been a minutes applause as show of respect and then carry on with our lives.

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