Ibrox Fan Site Explodes With Phony Outrage After “No Silence” Announcement For Celtic.

Image for Ibrox Fan Site Explodes With Phony Outrage After “No Silence” Announcement For Celtic.

An Ibrox fan forum – which I’m not going to name – has self-detonated with phony outrage at the announcement that no minute’s silence will take place tonight in Warsaw.

The announcement is less than an hour old.

The thread expressing disgust has already got three pages, over 100 replies and two thousand views.

It sums them up.

I said in a recent piece that these Peepul were more interested in how others respond to any tribute than they were in making one themselves. The news yesterday that UEFA won’t allow “the anthem” to be played is the one exception, sparking a ferocious response which I get the feeling is also as fake as powdered egg.

The outburst of anger over that seems more to be about picking a fight than it does about honouring the dead woman.

It’s not clear who made the decision, whether that was UEFA or if the clubs genuinely had an input it into it, and it’s not even clear why the clubs took the decision in the first place if they did.

I like to think that Celtic thought it crass and insensitive to ask Ukrainians to pay respect to some women most of them have only vaguely heard of whilst their country fights a war and civilians are dying along with their armed forces every day of the week.

It doesn’t take a genius to see why that might be a problem for the Donetsk team itself.

But these Peepul don’t want to hear that, and they don’t want to hear silence either. What they wanted to hear was booing. That’s all they care about, and more than 100 replies on their fan forum bears this out.

For what do they care otherwise?

This is the same forum, of course, where a child abuse thread started in March has over a thousand responses and runs to 25 pages at the time of writing this.

These are diseased individuals who get up in the morning with only hate on their minds.

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  • John Paul Bruen says:

    Why r u even bringing them up

  • David Mullen says:

    Surely if they want to show the Queen respect , they could just pay up those outstanding tax bills ? Just saying ……

  • REBELLIOUS says:

    That lot have some brass neck, of course they would 100% abide by a minute’s silence for another country’s head of state, they would definitely 100% WOULD NOT do that.


    Here ends the lesson for any currants ending this, if they can read obviously …

    Thanks James.

    I want ma telly programs back on ASAP… ANUFF OF THIS FALSE MOURNING BS.

  • Malc says:

    The Celtic Blog? You sure about that?! FFS…

  • REBELLIOUS says:

    33/1 on b365 or Napoli to win 4-0 … get onnit HH

    • Dora says:

      Worth a lazy 5er for sure Rebellious- I’m in!
      Hopefully a 2-0 or 3-1 win for Celtic..PLEASE!!

    • Scouse bhoy says:

      It is the hypocrisy that is off the radar in this fiasco. Can you imagine the outcry if celtic owed the british government money in unpaid taxes and national insurance payments ?. They have some brass neck tryng to call out our loyalty.

  • Ryan Ellis says:

    Dunno why you care, in casa Ryan zero fucks are given ?

  • Martin says:

    Their go to is that it is “disrespectful”

    Yup. And? Respect is earned. This woman has done nothing for me or mine. She was disgracefully allowed to “opt out” of equality laws and sat in one of her many palaces whilst people starved.

    People can respect her all they want, but to demand that we all adhere to group think and do the same is horrendous. Do they really think people will put aside their beliefs, their values because they might be a tad impolite? The whole cursed system of hereditary monarchy is everything the working class, the decent minded and the democratically leaning should abhor. That doesn’t change after one of them dies after nearly 100 years of elaborate privilege, most of which was spent married to her older cousin.

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Utter scum that’s all they ever where, on the 40th anniversary fron ibrox disaster they were more interested at staring at our support than honouring those poor souls and there wasnt a sound not even off a pin dropping! Celtic fans honoured those fans not them!To their anger! That sums that poison up same on the 25th anniversary when Fergus with smith went into centre circle at park head compare this to year before Celtic asked murray for a minutes silence at the hellhole for Tony Mowbray wife who sadly passed day previous, ” no was the answer” couldnt trust their vermin hoards same when Pope died in 2005 every ground in uk that Sunday respected it the orcs were protect by well many of their ilk on duty at fir park that day yes the guardians of our streets decided it wasnt happening protected again just like everytime they cause carnage at george square or anywhere in brigadoon on their hate marches each year! What a place this is!

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Ever were I meant

  • Marie says:

    Spot on, it’s not about respect or anything else it’s about mud slinging which at this time they hoped would help take the attention away from their abysmal teams performance. The don’t support their own team unless they are winning and actually believed singing their anthem would guarantee them a win somehow. On a positive note, they did improve since their last two outings. This time they only lost 3 goals?

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