Ibrox Moon-Howlers Seize On Absolutely Meaningless SPFL Booking Statistics.

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You have to hand it to the moon-howlers of the Ibrox fan forums and sites; they know how to cause themselves the maximum embarrassment, and tonight is no exception as they go all-in to humiliate themselves by seizing on the latest piece of media-inspired meaningless fluff; the decision by a newspaper today to publish the fouls to booking ratios.

It is hard to think of something so ridiculous as this, unless its acres of coverage being given to who got what stats on FIFA 23, another piece of flimflam which an awful lot of folk get their knickers in a knot over but which is as daft as worrying about the idiotic values on, or what the “supercomputer” says about who will win the league.

Honest to God, this kind of stuff is everywhere and not a single bit of it has any connection to objective reality far less what happens out on the pitch.

This is one of those, and a particularly daft one. According to the report, St Johnstone and the Ibrox club are the most punished in the league because their fouls are, statistically, more likely to result in a booking than those of other clubs. And what do you know? Not only is this “proved” by the figures but Celtic is one of the clubs least likely to see a foul turn into a card.

This is an obsession that started on the Ibrox fan forums and sites. It grew there. They believe that there is something significant in those numbers, and that they prove some sort of conspiracy against their club. It’s pretty shady for the media to lend credence to this kind of lunatic thinking, but once again they have legitimised an Ibrox fan concern.

But there is, of course, a much simpler explanation for all this, and for those Ibrox fans who constantly reads these articles here it comes. You ready for it?

Not every foul deserves a yellow card! There it is! Just that simple, simple enough even idiots like them should be able to grasp it. Idiots like the hack at The Record should be able to pick it up and wrap their heads around it.

Our team plays on the front foot. We are more fouled than fouled against as a result. We also possess the requisite skill-set that our players don’t need to charge into a tackle with elbows flying. There is nothing “off” in these stats, only in the brains of the people who are trying to fit them into some big massive over-arching conspiracy theory.

Which is why the Ibrox fan sites are doing tonight of course. This means refs go easier on Celtic, that’s what they think those figures represent. What they actually represent is that some teams are more … ahem, aggressive in the challenge than others and when you watch thugs like Morelos and Lundstram behave you can understand why they get more yellows.

Celtic’s players, on the other hand, have more finesse. That’s why when our player are penalised there is rarely anything more to it than a little mis-timed tackling rather than the outright neddish behaviour we see from other teams.

All of this is obvious to sane and rational people … but not the insane irrational Peepul apparently. They are, therefore, doing what they do best tonight.

They are howling at the moon.

There must be a lot of headaches at Hidden Hills.

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  • Ed says:

    What the stats tell me is that the Ibrokes club is getting less fouls against unless the referee has no other choice to book an Ibrokes player for a clear as day yellow card offense.

    • Martin says:

      To be fair that’s as valid a conclusion as any other from the stats. But that’s mainly because the stats are utterly useless. You can’t mathematically relate fouls to bookings because a yellow card is qualatitive not quantatitive. I don’t even have a set number for persistent fouling when I ref… If someone seems to be “at it” they get a warning then a booking. But for one game that could be 4 fouls, for another 6 etc. It depends on the game. Obviously if your foul is that you are very slightly off in an obviously well meaning tackle I interpret that differently to a cynical attempt to stop play.

      These numbers are meaningless as they lack context. Cards for/against per game or season are a more useful measure as you can trend it, but fouls to cards…. Meaningless.

  • Dominic Hannah says:

    Daily record are the biggest moonhowlers going,,

  • Jim Duffy says:

    Once more only in bigoted jockland ,that these people perceive this ,ie our players are nice gentle peepul who never elbow anyone or hack them down,we are nice fair Sevco players who do nothing wrong ,and then in Europe those Johnny foreigner referees book and red card us ,do these Johnny foreigner referees not know we are jocklands special established peepul.

  • Derek Duncan says:

    The Newco filth are as thick as shit howling at any nonsense, spot the braincell at ipox !!!

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Since when did they deal in reality. The crackpot accusations, predictions, super hype are all there every single season from their delusional media and support.

  • SSMPM says:

    They should try playing football with a ball

  • Derek Mcwhinnie says:

    They forget about james sands vs ross county
    Straight red but not even given as a foul
    Goldstons elbow on jota at parkhead not even mentioned by the media

    • Martin says:

      In fairness to the ref on that one, he just couldn’t see it. Breakaway was fast and unexpected. He had no chance of being close. And it was on his diagonal so AR2 would’ve been too far away to get clear view too. From the replays yeah it’s a foul and a red for DOGSO, but it was pretty clear from his reaction he hadn’t seen it to confidently call that, and his assistants weren’t giving him the answer either. It’s a tricky one as if you give the foul, a red is unavoidable. But sending someone off on a hunch they did something without having seen it is also a terrible idea. In the half second it takes for him to turn and head to the direction of play the incident has happened. You see the aftermath and you think “did one of them pull the other down, or did they bang into each other?” One is a foul and a red, the other is play on. It’s a bold ref that chooses option 1 not having seen it.

      This is one of my issues with VAR: this tool would effectively help enormously in situations just like this one, but it’s not to be used for them. Typical short sightedness by the football authorities. Honestly, rugby is so far ahead with this stuff it’s unreal.

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