Ibrox Moon-Howlers Squeal That The SPFL “Changed The Rules” To Get Sky Vote Through.

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The moon howlers of Sevco social media are spitting with fury this afternoon at the way in which the SPFL “changed the rules” to get the Sky deal through. This childish bitching is the result of being spoon-fed lies and disinformation and nonsense and swallowing it whole.

Those fans believe anything their club tells them, and worse than that; they believe that what happened here today is the fault of the governing bodies when actually all the governing bodies have done is respond to a piece of blatant sabotage.

This is clearly proving difficult for these goons to understand so let me put it into very clear language. The SPFL put this to the member clubs and those member’s clubs voted for the deal to go through. They only required an 11-1 majority and they had one.

Livingston’s alleged opposition turned out to be nothing. They voted along with the rest for the proposal and so it had enough support to go through.

What the Ibrox club did here was take advantage of a weird procedural rule saying that until the votes were “counted” all the votes had to be in. And knowing they wouldn’t win the vote they simply refused to respond at all.

In short, they attempted to turn Scottish football into the parliament of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth of the 16th century where a single objection – called the liberum veto – could scupper any agreement. It was blatant and it was this, not anything the governing bodies themselves did, which sought to overturn the will of the clubs.

So the league body had to be flexible.

They withdrew the original motion which called for the 11-1 majority (which bear in mind they had secured) and went for what’s called a Qualified Resolution instead. This allowed them to pass the deal as long as they had 11 votes from the top flight – which they did – and a majority of votes from each of the other divisions, and they also secured that.

Jackson and other idiots in the press claim this “tore up the rulebook” just to screw Ibrox over, but this is manifestly untrue.

The SPFL did not invent new rules here, it simply amended existing ones to defeat Ibrox’s ridiculous effort to bring down the deal. The voting threshold to get this second version of the vote through was actually higher than what they needed the first time, but the obstacle fo the Ibrox “veto” was removed at the same time.

The Ibrox websites are, of course, having a nutty over this, as if their club has been victimised here but actually they attempted to blackmail the SPFL over this affair, by making a ridiculous demand for a public apology over the cinch fiasco and a cheque to cover their legal fees from that case. The SPFL is rightly refusing to even entertain that.

Nor should they.

As this website and others have pointed out, the Ibrox club should be sanctioned for the way they’ve behaved in this case and in other instances, and if they had been made to pay for their earlier disgraceful behaviour we might not be here at all.

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  • Richard Mccole says:

    Every thing you say is true. Rangers want to run the whole of scottish football.they also should not ne paid any of the cinch money.since they are not part of it

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