If Celtic Get The Big Dane Abildgaard The Ange Postecoglou Jigsaw Is Complete.

Image for If Celtic Get The Big Dane Abildgaard The Ange Postecoglou Jigsaw Is Complete.

The transfer window closes tonight, and we are homing in on yet another signing.

Indeed, if you believe what you read across the internet the business is just about done.

I heard the name yesterday afternoon, but the story didn’t properly get legs until late last night when the boss himself strongly hinted at the move when asked about the rumours.

So what are we getting if we bring this guy in?

Well, I can tell you that this would be an astute piece of business, the securing of a 26-year-old Danish international, at a knock-down sum of money, in a position where we are still a little short, the one position on the pitch where most of us have felt we didn’t have bang for our bucks.

The defensive midfield area is a crucial one for any team.

Ange knows that we need a big hard ball winner, and at 6’4 this guy ticks those boxes. Having him in the squad means that we can rotate Callum McGregor or even play him further forward.

It means we can mix it up in those games where you need something more than just guile.

That’s the missing piece of the jigsaw as far as I’m concerned and it gives the boss the final set of options as we look forward to the rest of this campaign.

To call what Ange has at his disposal an “embarrassment of riches” is an understatement. I have never seen a Celtic side this well covered in every position on the pitch.

Everyone at the club, from the boardroom down, deserves huge credit for it.

There will be departures today, but let’s be honest none of them are going to be players we are going to miss. James McCarthy himself may depart somewhere on loan; what a poor signing that turned out to be.

Don’t be surprised if he stays in Scotland though.

Mikey Johnston is off to Portugal, and now that we’ve got Ajeti, Barkas and Bolingoli out the door most of the Lennon mess has been properly cleaned up.

This team is moving forward into a brave new dawn, and I for one cannot way to see its final shape.

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  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Hope it happens.It’s the one area that’s still a concern imo. No because of the quality we have in there, just that we need a tough ‘wedge peg’ in the mix as well. Example bein imo, only reason sevco had the better of last 2 Derby games, the cup semi and the last CP 1-1 draw, was because they had some hard men in their mid and we had football players.Ye need at least one ball winner in there.

  • Bob (original) says:

    A hulking, hungry defensive midfielder would complete the squad.

    And if Mikey goes out on loan, that should leave a squad of players who really want to be at Celtic – and who can provide tough competition for every starting position.

    Ange has certainly improved on last year’s squad situation! 🙂

  • Seppington says:

    If the Danish lad signs that’ll be good but I wouldn’t say no to another striker to be on the safe side. Much as though we can get goals from all over if Kyogo or big Giakie get injured at the same time we’d have a wee problem…and who ever says no to more goalscorers?

  • Robert Downey says:

    Yet another one who blames Lennon for the mess that Ange took over.
    You know and I know that Peter Lawwells hands were all over those transfers, in his unofficial role as DOF.
    Only difference is, I’m not afraid to say it.


    Not disputing what you said about the former CEO.
    .However the reality was that Lennon was unemployable in Scotland for obvious and not so obvious reasons that made it impossible for some of the squad to accept his authority as Manager, especially the foreign contingent who loathed his unprofessionalism.
    His permanent signing in the ‘showers’ by Lawwell was a masterstroke by Pistol Pete. A pliant unemployable fall guy while the unofficial Director of Football downsized the playing squad all during the most important season to most fans hoping for the ten. Covid accelerated the process. The Celtic Board were aghast at the possibility of actually achieving the ‘10’. It would have buried a debt laden Sevco possibly for good this time and that couldn’t be allowed to happen.
    Neil’s problem is that he should never accepted the gig permanently although it’s understandable why he did. His Managerial career was going nowhere after being found out at Bolton and Hibs. His exit from Hibs and subsequent appointment as interim boss after Buck Rogers bailed out seemed too contrived to be coincidental. After ‘steering’ a stable, hungry and professional Celtic squad to the historic Quadruple he should have left when his stock was high. Alas no, his mis management of the squad, Covid and it’s repercussions, players downing tools due to his excesses turned what should have been a Historic Milestone into an epitaph.
    And before anyone mentions what he had to endure as a player because of his nationality and religion. it was unacceptable and a disgrace on a supposedly modern, cosmopolitan, multicultural country.
    As a player he is a Legend. All he has achieved with his refusal to accept responsibility for his own actions as a manager is to tarnish that memory. That he was used by the ex CEO and Board is without a doubt. However he accepted the job with it’s restrictions and must accept his own part for what unfolded. His continual moans to his favoured ‘Churnalists’ in the Scottish Media just diminishes his achievements.

  • Gary wade says:

    Brilliantly said I couldn’t have put it any better myself

  • SSMPM says:

    Well said, sometimes you just don’t know, for all the wisdom in the world, how its going to turn out.
    There was an outcry with the loss of, disaster that could have been, Eddie Howe. What could he do without a PL budget? The signing of an unknown Aussie outback from Japan instead? ‘Ffs. The board need to go, they’re a useless bag of cants and taking us for absolute mugs. They’ve money grabbed the season ticket sales and made some nobody the manager’. Sometimes you just don’t know how its going to turn out.
    Its worked out perfectly we should be together and get behind them

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