Jackson Embarrassed Himself With His Anti-Celtic Fan Diatribe This Morning.

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After Keevins had his say yesterday, with all the backward stupidity of his argument, it was the turn of Keith Jackson today. His piece was in many ways even worse.

It rang with such contrived indignation that you could almost hear the “outraged” squeals. It also rang with a kind of forelock tugging subservience that smacks of someone who has spent a long time in the orbit of Ibrox.

I’m not even going to go into the football element of it; he thinks his favourite club’s manager was handed a “lifeline” by Celtic.

He seems to be under the misapprehension that one bad result means this team isn’t as strong as it was, or that it has somehow done the impossible and elevated the team at Ibrox to a new level.

Neither of those is true.

So I will dispense with any notion that he had anything to say about football.

It was his foot-stamping at the “obnoxious” behaviour of our fans that grated on me.

He appears not to recognise what those fans did yesterday. As with the banners in Poland, this was not some slander against the dead monarch but against the idea of hereditary rule.

He seemed to suggest that the behaviour of Celtic fans, Hibs fans and Dundee Utd fans shamed Scotland.

But Scotland is too big and diverse a country to be hammered so easily into the mould that this eejit thinks it should fit.

As has been demonstrated ably by other, better writers, Scotland’s opinion on the monarchy is vastly different than that of England … it’s not even clear that the anti-monarchist sentiment of our fans is a minority view up here.

He says there is a “time and a place” for expressing such a view. I wish to God those writing such claptrap would have the balls to tell us when suits them. Because that’s the crux of it. Freedom of speech is not really what it says on the tin if we have people like this clown telling us where and when we might exercise it.

The one thing I’ve gotten really sick of over the last week and a bit are people claiming to respect differing views whilst they piss all over them.

He objects to the “crassness” in our national sport and talks of how it offends him. It’s funny that in all his years as a journalist he has only rarely expressed his views on the rampant bigotry and rising levels of bile in the support in which he self-defines.

It is amazing to me to find out what truly matters to these people.

They are perfectly fine with thousands of fans singing about being up to their knees in fenian blood but balk at a lack of deference to an institution which is nakedly racist, supremacist, imperial and sectarian.

He embarrassed himself with that article this morning, but then when does he never?

This guy is a dreadful writer and an appalling excuse for a journalist.

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  • Charles says:

    I have always believed that if you protest then try to get it out to the biggest audience possible. Today was that opportunity with the whole world a captive audience at some point NOT at a game of football. Where were all the banners etc against monarchy when numerous monarchs presidents and country leaders were in London for the biggest gathering this century. Ask that question and get back to us mate.

  • harold shand says:

    A referee bottling giving bottom of the league cannon fodder Dundee United a penalty on Saturday at Ibrox kept wee Gio in a job , we lose a game and suddenly their not sh*te anymore .

    Oh aye and Keith’s backing Kenny on his take that Kent’s still better than Jota


  • Michael Gallagher says:

    Keevins never has a good word used to be our biscuit tin was his favourite but that lot spend other people’s money never mentioned the cheating if you go back in his so called predictions I’d say 90% were always in favour of that lot just anti Celtic everytime as for jackass well lol never a journalist rem Craigy was a billionaire

  • Thomas black says:

    James jingle jangle is nothing but a DOB before the bunnet came in he got a battering outside the old Broomfield tavern for shouting his mouth off if he could buy celtic and shut them down shower of micky bustards he was told by a rangers fan to shut up but would not stop and a celtic fan took him outside and battered him and he deserved it and if he keeps it up someone will do it to him again

  • Thomas black says:

    Jackson is just a idiotic DOB who got a doing outside the Broomfield tavern for shouting his mouth off about wanting to buy celtic and shut them down the taig bastards he was told by a rangers fan to be quiet or he would be in trouble but would not and a celtic fan dragged him outside and gave him a doing

  • Scouse bhoy says:

    After the 2016 scottish cup final in an age of mobile phone cameras he told us every newco player was attacked and spat on . I rest my case on this imposter.

  • Bill says:

    ” Hello, is that the village? We have Keith here with us. You can have your idiot back”

  • Effarr says:

    It`s not Jackson`s or his ilk`s fault. That belongs to their bigoted parents and in the hatred, against Catholics, in their cursed homes. They try to suppress you by “shaming” you. Let them do as much of their shaming as they can, it makes them more angry by the minute. I may not agree with everything the GB get up to but it is better than allowing them to walk all over you. I can`t understand this “oh, the whole world is watching us”. “We are the best supporters in the world” rubbish.

    Take the ratbag Whale yapping about scum and the Third World country comment. This from a real scumbag who cheated on his sick wife. An expert on the subject right enough. The there`s Kyle talking about cowards. This
    from a nonentity who needed two sixteen stone bodyguards while he was squeaking at poor unfortunate beings whom he looked down on.

    Ignore them, don`t ever allow them to force you not even into the bus but asking you to run behind it. They hate
    the IRA but pretend to support the Ukrainians who are also in the middle of expelling uninvited guests from
    their homeland. Talk about two-faced! Even the BBC showed a statue of Ghandi in India while describing him as a freedom fighter. How things can change for certain people.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Thank God that the whole mass-mourn porn fest will finally be over today.

    I’m sick to the teeth of it and the whole circus that has surrounded it.
    No more royal deaths for a while yet please, I’m puffed out, I need a break.

  • SSMPM says:

    I agree what a palaver. I ran out of recorded programmes to watch about 4.30pm, ended up watching Brassed Off again and came to the realisation that I really did hate Thatcher more

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Jackson surfaces again and the ONLY ‘steaming pile’ of shite is his own article. Clearly also ragin at the imaginative protest from the Celtic support yesterday. This is the same guy, who began his article on OUR game the day after our defeat against Real M, with a sarcastic remark about ‘disco lights’. Just couldnae help himself. Next day, after his favourites were totally dismantled, toyed with and embarrassed by Ajax and for the whole week he was anonymous. Not a peep. Last Wed again, out he comes, gushin about the ibrox sides ‘heroic, ravenous’ performance, even hintin by his wording, that tha Napoli penalties were questionable. Even tho VAR had proved otherwise. Of course, not a mention that the fat ned shouldve had an early visit tae McDonald’s for a 2nd bookable offence. Now today again, eagerly and negatively, writin about a CELTIC game, wi the usual insults and what he thinks are ‘clever’ remarks. Keeps a low profile when his ibrox side have a shite game tho, ye noticed that. Meanwhile, his DR sidekicks like berry, young etc, just as busy, lookin tae dredge up anythin or anybody that’s goin tae be negative towards Celtic. What a bunch of fuckin weasels.

    • Scud Missile says:

      Berry the junkie wrote a few weeks ago Celtic will win nothing this season and sevco will do the double,with their doppelganger klub from Edinburgh winning the other trophy.
      Again this tosser ain’t been seen since.

  • Scud Missile says:

    He wrote that article after drinking a case of Buckfast,no mention of the bigoted fans when they sing their catalogue of hatred sectarian racist song’s.
    Remember this was the guy that had spread the FAKE NEWS about Whyte being a billionaire,the guy has told more lies than Tam Pepper he went to the big bad fire in Hell for that.
    Imagine leaving an ALKIE in charge of a sports desk,it’s like asking the same alike to watch your kerryoot.
    It would suit the James Hunt better if he got some treatment done on that ALKIE jakey coupon of his instead of walking about with a face like a melted wellie.

  • Scud Missile says:

    Berry the junkie wrote a few weeks ago Celtic will win nothing this season and sevco will do the double,with their doppelganger klub from Edinburgh winning the other trophy.
    Again this tosser ain’t been seen since.

  • Thomas Daly says:

    Remember st Peter’s got the key,and he knows who gets in and who doesn’t,HEYHO???

  • Derek Duncan says:

    Jackarse is a complete kkklan kclown redundancy coming when the Daily returd folds.

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