McCoist Says Celtic Fan’s Banners Are “Unforgivable.” Oh God, Whatever Will We Do?

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In 2012, Ally McCoist sat in front of the media and did one of the most inflammatory things in the history of the game. He accused a secret panel of attempting to kill Rangers and then he demanded their names. He knew exactly what he was doing; he was whipping up a hate mob. There has never been much doubt as to what his intentions were.

In the aftermath, some of those names made their way into the mainstream press. Eric Drysdale of Raith Rovers was one of them. In the interim, he received death threats and there was an attempt by some to burn down Raith’s stadium Starks Park.

McCoist has never apologised for this act of spite which put people in danger.

A year later, when the Ibrox team bus was gutted by a fire, McCoist sat in front of the press and gave another disgraceful statement where he darkly hinted at the involvement of Celtic fans although there was not one bit of evidence which suggested that.

Those of us who knew better confidently predicted that those responsible would never be brought to justice for it, that it smacked of a professional job. Nine years on, it’s an almost forgotten incident for which nobody has ever been arrested or charged.

But we didn’t forget. Not the incident nor McCoist’s allegations.

This is the man who moralises on the behaviour of certain Scottish football fans and who called the banners which the Celtic fans unveiled in relation to the dead monarch “unforgivable.” I say certain of Scottish football’s fans because he spoke on those of Hibs, Dundee Utd and Celtic but said not one word about the allegations against his own club’s supporters which are, of course, far worse.

The thing is, who is asking for forgiveness? That would suggest repentance of some sort and I’m very sure that those who made and displayed those banners don’t repent in the least. Who is asking for forgiveness from this clown in particular? Nobody.

Because McCoist is what he is, and that TalkSport are still banging on about this and invited on every gibbering Son Of William that they can reveals the agenda. But they need to start finding people with some shred of credibility, and in terms of trotting out this nonsense that they want to push that is going to be extremely difficult to do.

McCoist certainly does not tick that box.

So he’s not going to forgive those who put those banners up. Oh wow. How in God’s name are any of them ever supposed to sleep at night?

Like babies, I expect.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    Imagine a FRAUDSTER making allegations like this,from a guy taking a wage of £750,000 a year with bonuses and expenses taking the total to over a million pounds for a team that played in the old division 3 of the Scottish league.

    • Bigmick says:

      He only took such a big Sally salary so he could pay back Her Maj in taxes.
      Aye Right!
      Ally McCunt with a conscience?
      Nothing binds these bastards together like the prospect and threat of being ‘outed’….the fear of their darkly secret deeds (blackmail material) is a powerful persuader to toe the line.

  • Tinkerty tonk says:

    It’s ironic the comments made about football clubs and if they check back the history King William of Orange was a catholic at the time of the Boyne incident so they really hero worship a king yet they are bigoted towards catholic people who most have too much self respect to lower themselves to the levels that the media do. Let it go.

  • Jimmock says:

    Yes, I agree with your every word and I am neither a Celtic fa nor even a football supporter. McCoists words are truly despicable. I am no longer disappointed at Ian Blackford. I have come to believe that the SNP leadership is either no longer interested in independence or they are displaying signs of madness by continuing to believe they can win over the non- existent “ soft nos”

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