Moonhowling Sevco Fan Group Fumes Because Youth Football Is Going Ahead.

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The Sons Of Struth Football Academy are foaming at the mouth because Scottish Youth Football matches are going ahead this weekend, in a blatant and brazen demonstration of intolerance.

I’ve always said there is nothing quite so fascistic as this idea that we should all conform to one set of behavioural norms. God help these Peepul if that’s ever imposed on them.

These yahoos aren’t even hiding what they are about.

Their statement is appalling in its cynicism. It reeks of agenda setting, as you’ll see.

“Sons of Struth Football Academy are dismayed and greatly disappointed by the SYFAs two decisions regarding matches this weekend after the death of HM Queen Elizabeth II. Their first decision is to expect teams to play football this weekend despite the precedence set by the rest of Scottish football at every other level which is completely opposite our clubs view.

“This decision opposes our ethos of teaching children values such as respect and dignity. Their second decision isn’t even a proper decision. They have passed responsibility of deciding if clubs should show respect with a minute’s applause OR silence.

“We feel a body of this importance should be responsible for such decisions.”

Let’s start with the obvious, the idea that teams should not be “expected” to play football during the national period of shirt-rending and wailing at the monarch’s portrait on the wall.

For openers, nobody is saying they have to play, they can forfeit the matches if they genuinely feel that this is a point of principle or that their kids would be too traumatised by the death of a woman none of them have ever met and forgot existed for 364 days of the week.

This is parents, of course, bitterly trying to impose their tortured world view onto their kids, and that’s what we’re talking about here. They think we should all be forced to wallow in gloom, and their children’s enjoyment and pleasure be damned.

But the really insidious part, of course, is the part about the clubs being allowed to choose their own tribute. Therein lies the reeking stinking heart of this. They want clubs to be forced to impose silence on their fans because they want an excuse to climb onto the top of the shit-pile that passes for the high ground with them and crow when some don’t observe it.

She was supposed to embody all these values.

Ask them what values and I would guarantee you that one of them is freedom.

Some freedom when they call themselves subjects, of course, a contradiction that never seems to dawn on any of them when they get dressed up for Halloween in July to celebrate their “freedom from Rome.”

They are like this over the poppy as well, something else that used to be a voluntary thing, a private decision to pay respect and has now become a grotesque parody which is rammed down people’s throats like a chunk of asphalt.

What these Peepul want is North Korean like subservience, that and an excuse to indulge in their favourite past-time; pointing at people they hate and finding reasons to project themselves as the only enlightened folk in the country.

But their backward, redneck, right-wing, reactionary, intolerance shines through even in this.

The demand for a silence doesn’t even hide what it’s about; deep down these people don’t give a toss about the woman who just died.

As with so much else, this is simply an excuse for them to impose their “culture” on the rest of us.

I’ll be damned if I’m going to suffer that in silence.

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  • James McAllister says:

    Sooooooooo true and just typical from those hypocrites

  • Eoin Baillie says:

    Again and again Mr Forrest you fulminate and produce a diatribe. I am a Celtic season ticket holder for over 50 years , I’ve seen everything that can be seen in life except ignorance such as yours. I’m agnostic but had a Catholic mother and a Masonic father and brother , my sister supports Aberdeen and younger brother hates football. My point is, as you almost allude to , we are tolerant of others . You are a bigot and show your intolerance of people who think differently . Well tough luck sunshine I sit proudly in Celtic park , support the conservatives but accept others unlike yourself : take time to look in the mirror , you may not like what is looking back.

    • Garry Cowan says:

      God god you this isn’t even satire is it??

    • Stephen McAdam says:

      Clown!99.9 percent will agree with James here you belong in mordor. You know nothing our our Great club spouting such nonsense!

    • Pan says:

      Nobody is being intolerant here, except you Mr Bailie. Get down from your high horse and your own sense of superiority. You have read what you want to read from James’ argument. Nobody should be told what to do to pay respect. Everyone should be able to choose for themselves to show respect or not to, if they wish.

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      The night she passed away I went fishing with the Celtic strip I was wearing that day – Should I have not done that ?

      The planned day of her funeral ties in with my fortnightly grass cutting and I’ve a huge lawn and will be sticking to my two week schedule… Any objections Eion – hopefully not as I’ll be doing my grass that day…

      It’s a free country after all – unless you’re from a Sevco background of course…

  • kingmurdy says:

    well said james…

    enforced grief….N.Korea like….shall we all line the street and force ourselves to wail at the passing of an out of touch and out of date monarch?
    where is the respect for those that are not taken in by the anachronism that is the monarchy…but who shall not take part in their various sporting and cultural pastimes this weekend?

    eoin baillie speaks of your/our intolerance….well, his dad and brother would certainly have been made welcome amongst the ibrox brethern….but his ma wouldn’t have…
    and good for him being a tory….you needn’t have stated that mate….cause you sound like one…

    the king/queens forces caused the death many millions as they plundered their way around the globe….they don’t get my respect and i object to being instructed to bow my head at the death of one of them…


  • Paul Conner says:

    Crikey- saner peepul trying to get out. Do they expect children to care about someone they don’t know dying ? The woman in question had a good innings!! What a bunch of muppets. If they liked the Queen so much why did they let their former club die ? Answer: to save paying money to creditors- one of which was Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs !! Total idiots.

  • Sophie Johnstone says:

    I’ve made my opinions clear across social media over this farcical forced mourning.I’ll not disrupt any silence only because I’m not ignorant of those that want to obey it.thats the difference between me and them I guess

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    The line ” teach children respect dignity and integrity “! What coming from that poison of hate!! Right then ! They have no culture or belief system they only use this to vent their hate at others! God what a place! That club should been buried and that stadium demolished when oldco died!! Scotland a joke country full of these poisonous people

  • Pan says:

    One of your best ever James.
    Your arguments and points are well made and cannot be refuted except by those who wish to impose their views upon others.

  • Tony says:

    there should be no need to observe any silence after the decision to cancel yesterdays matches… this became a 90 minute silence for every club

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