Napoli Winger Accuses The Daily Record Of Inventing An Interview With Him.

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A bizarre little tale here, but one that I find amusing and interesting for obvious reasons; Napoli are said to have responded angrily to quotes reported in The Daily Record and which Khvicha Kvaratskhelia, their Georgian winger, is alleged to have made.

There’s nothing particularly controversial in them; they mostly talk about how amazing the atmosphere is at Ibrox, so they are a bit of Sevco feel-good.

There’s just one problem with them; the club denies that he ever said any of it.

Calcio Napoli, and other independent outlets in Italy, were carrying the quotes from the interview. But the club itself got in touch with those outlets and flatly denied that any such interview was given to the media here.

Now it’s a strange story this because I’ve actually looked for The Daily Record interview in question and I cannot find it anywhere and I’m moved to wonder if they’ve bagged it already and taken it offline or if someone else has gotten their wires crossed.

I’ll tell you, reading the quotes, it does sound like the sort of thing that a Record writer might throw together by himself.

You be the judge.

“Playing the Champions League is the dream of any player. It is too early to say where we can get in the group, but we will have our say. We are very happy to have beaten one of the most prestigious clubs in Europe like Liverpool but it is already part of the past. We have to think about the Glasgow match. It will not be an easy match because they will play in front of their audience, we know the electric atmosphere that reigns on that pitch. They will push hard to bring home a good result but we are confident in ourselves and in being able to score there too.”

Those quotes are all over the place now, and Calcio Napoli and others are claiming that they are part of a Daily Record story; indeed, part of an interview with the player.

You can see why the club and the player might be puzzled as they are adamant that no such thing took place.

There is pressure on writers, constantly, and I know it myself.

There are a lot of things that we are permitted to do in order to hit targets and accomplish goals and put food on the table, but we’re not allowed to make stuff up.

If someone at The Record did that then for a publication with standards that would be an instant sacking offence.

Inventing stories is the direst sin that a journalist can commit; it’s why the names Jayson Blair, Janet Cooke and Stephen Glass are notorious, and their disgraces serve as a cautionary tale to anyone in the profession who would do it.

When a publication allows something like this their credibility tanks.

Not that The Record has a great deal of that anyway.

They are supposed to be in the business of printing facts, not fiction.

They are meant to obtain stories, not manufacture them.

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  • Chris says:

    Chris Union Jack done similar a couple of years ago and was found out.

  • Scouse bhoy says:

    The greatest fact they ever printed was 140 years of history ended , 55 and 150 scotlands sevco media shame.

  • REBELLIOUS says:

    They’re SUPPOSED to write and print stories with substance and facts, they do NEITHER.

    They print lies daily, when they print about sevco being the same klub, they’re NOT AND THEY ALL KNOW IT.

    However, try asking the people, IPSO, that are meant to uphold the press and investigate complaints about what newspapers print and they’ll gladly direct you elsewhere / anywhere rather than do their jobs; they simply don’t want to know. I know, I tried.

  • John Copeland says:

    In most instances ,the hacks have got the ideal excuse if they are getting chinned for snide typing ! Lazy and cheap ‘according to a report ‘ to accompany the tale ,will get them off the wrongdoing hook . Tabloid journalism is a thing of the past ! Yes there still are fantastic writers out there, but the integrity , honesty, and sincerity are values which are long gone ,with very few exceptions .

  • Garry Cowan says:

    Shock horror daily record tells lies

  • Lordmac says:

    Name and shame the cunt

  • Henriksgoldenboot says:

    SLOWLY! Very slowly you are waking up James. And so it seems many of your followers! You can clearly see the manipulation by the media (owned by the elite)and how it carries it out at a low level (football) all the way through to shaping national policy!

    This has been going on for YEARS culminating spectacularly these past two years over covid con (but you already know this right!?) And now as they try to blind us all with their Ukrainian proxy war goggles and suffocate us with the mask of the climate change hoax I hope it’s not too late for us all to fully wake up and say NO MORE!

  • Green Machine says:

    Fabricating Tales has a familiar ring to it.Like (Same)Kkklub.Going for 55.Blah blah fecken Blah.And the saddest part of all it’s Tolerated

  • Mike d says:

    That rag lost any credibility it had years ago,
    I stopped buying any ‘news’papers after the 2014 referendum.

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