No Disgrace For Celtic As Madrid Proves Too High A Mountain To Climb.

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Last night I was proud of my team.

Proud in spite of the defeat. Proud in spite of starting the group with a loss, and in spite of some of the sniping from certain sections of the media. Not all the media, mind you, because for the most part they were fair-minded and covered the game properly.

But there are always a few halfwits out there.

I was proud that our players went toe-to-toe with Madrid for 60 minutes. Proud that they could have scored a couple of times, and then this would be a very different article. Proud that our club drew respectful commentary from neutrals south of the border who I think were waiting to see us fall flat on our faces. Proud that we didn’t at all.

To be beaten by a team like Real Madrid is no disgrace.

They have the best manager in the world at the helm, a man with a good claim to being the best of all time. They have the kind of footballers who can turn your lights out in two seconds with a flick of the boot.

They have the experience of having been there and done it.

Multiple times Champions League winners, there are also World Cup winners and Euros winners in that squad of theirs. In short, that is a team which has done everything there is to do in football and there is absolutely no shame at all in coming up short against them.

This was not a Rodgers-style 7-1 humiliation either.

For an hour we more than matched them. At no point did it look like a cricket score would be achieved. At no stage did we look hopelessly out of our depth. We were just beaten by a better football team.

What we wanted last night were signs of progress, and all of them were there.

This team was never going to be equipped to beat the reigning European champions, but we gave them a Hell of a fright and only the most blinkered and deluded amongst our rival fan-base would argue otherwise.

This is a Celtic team which is still growing, still improving.

And what we saw last night is that there is much for Europe’s middle ranked teams to fear.

Finishing second in this group is now a distinct possibility.

We certainly have the tools and the talent for it.

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  • Frankie says:

    Ange could fill the stadium if he wanted to speak about who we are and what we are and fans would pay money to listen to him no problem, now our directors should offer him a lucrative contract to keep him hopefully for a long long time would it be possible for you James to write a piece about this?

  • Jimduffy says:

    Well said James my thoughts exactly,I’m glad we tried to play against them instead of sitting 10 men behind the ball where we would still have probably been beaten 3-0 at least we gave it a go which is all you could ask for hail hail!!!

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Thought we done really well considerin and we’ve also gained a good bit of respect outwith Scotland. Team, manager and support alike. The difference in this team compared tae 2 seasons ago is night and day. Funny how, although in the end outclassed really, the only negativity is comin from the ibrox support. Even fukwit jackson couldnae help openin his DR account wi a sarcastic remark. That’s underlyin fear and jealousy of course.

  • Effarr says:

    All Celtic lacked last night was the unbelievable luck that Old Firm FC enjoys in Europe. Hope it fails them tonight!

    • Martin says:

      Effarr you are absolutely spot on with this. We’re we to have the opposition goalie throw the ball into his own net, or a defender inexplicably throw a hand out to the ball in his box, we’d be talking about a very different game today. Against big teams you need luck. And we’ve not had much of late. But hopefully Ibrox has used it up against their mediocre opponents to date.


      Your wish has been granted, with interest.

      Oh the joy

  • Frank Connelly says:

    Yep James two nil at halftime would not have flattered us.. Just felt if we could ahve got the subs on at 55 mins we might have held on. as some of our mid were defo running on fumes. A great performance none the less.

  • SSMPM says:

    Only an idiot bigot would not recognise that we are a team of developing progress. Sure we lost to the best team in Europe with shed loads of investment we could only dream about but those very critics have short and delusional memories. Your team is going downhill fast and as you well know we did just your mob, 4 times and left you crying. Jackson is good at throwing out his vibrating toys from the pram. Useless learns his lesson and remains a contributor to bigotry, no other words for a failing journo from a failing paper than useless. Well done to Celtic 4 – 0 annihilators of Jackson’s bag of shite

  • kingmurdy says:

    yea james…..couldn’t agree more..

    we were so good especially in first 45 mins…score could have been 3 – 1 if abada and maeda had taken their chances and callum’s had went in…
    but didn’t happen and Real upped a gear..just as we do against scottish teams…only differance is we had a GO….unlike our domestic opponents…

    we have a magic wee team in the making and think we can actually emerge from group in 2nd place…

    roll on 5.45 and watch the huns being horsed again….


  • Don says:

    Took the words out of my mouth. Exactly my feeling. After the Rodgers debacles I thought we’re just not in this league. Last night gave a tantalising glimpse of a world in which we are. And that, from where we were when Ange joined, is some achievement.

  • SSMPM says:

    Soz – useless never learns his lesson

  • Geoff says:

    Really disappointed at the score line as it was a bit harsh and looks like a straightforward victory for Real.
    If only, once again is the aftermath of us in Europe.
    However as night follows day we are still conceding on the counter attack which has alarm bells ringing for Shakhtar as it’s a major strength of theirs.
    4 on target 4 goals
    We are in for an extremely tough game next week.

  • Johnny Green says:

    The team we played last night, I’m sure is the sort of team that Ange is aspiring to. We were very good to a point, but the cream eventually rose to to the top and the difference in quality was evident by the games end. Every one of Reals players were comfortable and confident on the ball, their slick inter passing was sublime to watch. Yes, we put up a great show, and yes we will learn from that experience. Hopefully we will get them in the Final.

  • Jimmy R says:

    Tonight’s early kick offs in the CL groups demonstrates that the two teams who reached the Europa League final last season were far from the elite of Europe’s clubs. Ajax, a CL last 16 team demolished sevco while Sporting went to Germany and won 3 – 0 against the Europa league winners. The big boys league is a much different kettle of fish.

  • Katana67 says:

    Jings !! Crivvens!! Help Mi’ Boab !!

    Dejà Vu experience for Sevco(2012) the nicht, after latest humbling at Parkheid ….
    Only this time, exposed without the benefit of the indulgent Scoddish Mibbery..

    Even down to the hilarious new “Whit’s the Goalie dae’in….Tam ???? ” moments in each game..

    Stuck in ‘The Matrix…!!
    Do they choose the Red Pill, the Blue Pill…
    The Black….or the White..????

    Now onwards to Pittodrie for a Third Helping..

    Liam Scales, Johnny Hayes….
    Ange EXPECTS….!!!!

    • Johnny Green says:

      And after the mutton molesters sort them out, they will be playing against Napoli who are presently 3-0 up at half time against Liverpool despite Napoli also missing a penalty.

  • S Thomas says:

    Good piece James.. although don’t agree with all of it. The bit were you said the English commentators want us to fail.. I don’t agree with that at all. Glenn Hoddle, has an it of a soft spot for us, as for Rio Ferdinand, Gary Linekar, to name a few. I thought we did ourselves proud last night, and with bit more experience, we could have scored a couple. Real Madrid, are a phenomenal football club, and arguably, the most famous club in the world. They are 14 times European champions, and are ruthless, and they have a fox as a manager. I am very proud of my team, and I think at the absolute worst, third place, but very manageable second is within our grasp. HH.

  • S Thomas says:

    As does Rio Ferdinand, and Gary Linekar.

  • john clarke says:

    Spain: Population 41.35. GDP 1.803 trillion US$. La Liga football attendance 8,675,829 2020-21. Real Madrid Television Rights 2020-21 163 million Euros. La Liga guaranteed
    4.485 billion in revenue from international audio-visual rights for the next five seasons. Twenty teams.

    Scotland: Population 5.5 million. GDP US$205 billion. SPL attendance 603,495.
    Scotland the Brave. Well played Celtic FC.

  • Damian says:

    Completely agree. Every player played well and the manager made the right calls. Disappointing, yes, because we were so well and truly in the game for so much of it; going toe to toe with the bold style the manager insists upon. Just a fantastic and very clever and patient opponent.

  • SSMPM says:

    I don’t expect Shakhtar to be an easy game at all and they’ll have their hopes and expectations heightened by a fine result last night. I get your point but we just can’t come back from there 6 points behind them. That would be very disappointing and undeserving, a huge brae to struggle up. I hope/feel we can get enough points by the end of round 4 to keep us in 2/3rd place contention and that’s got to be our minimum target. We have the stuff aboot us but first we put Livi to bed with more plastic fantastic

  • TC says:

    On another night we may have witnessed a positive Celtic result. At the end of the day goals count and we unfortunately didn’t capitalise on our chances when they came round. 15 months ago we were distraught in relation to where our club was. However Ange has changed all of that. To be beaten by probably the best team in the world Celtic supporters are disappointed. How far have we come. I believe the support we gave the team last night will live with Ange forever and will keep him here and in our hearts for years to come.
    We’re on the one road. Believe me to God knows where.

  • Mark B says:

    I agree 100%. For the first time in years I was proud to watch us in the CL and felt first half we were the better team. Yes we lost we could have been up at half time and 1-2 was probably a fair reflection. We competed and I was proud and surprised how well we played first half. We will win CL matches if we lay like that. Rodgers team was great but didn’t compete in Europe like that so let’s hope we continue this way.

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