Our Rival’s Plea To Brighton Proves The Celtic Manager Is No Longer A Joke To Them.

Image for Our Rival’s Plea To Brighton Proves The Celtic Manager Is No Longer A Joke To Them.

Oh how tragic. How sad. How desperate.

Ibrox fan sites are tonight virtually begging Brighton to end their Hell and take Ange Postecoglou, the man they have consistently sneered at and laughed over.

If you don’t believe me, go ahead and see for yourself.

At a time when most of them are meant to be mourning their dearly departed monarch, a thread on one particular site, on Ange and Brighton, sits as the third most active and has reached 22,000 views and garnered more than 500 replies.

They aren’t laughing any longer. These Peepul are terrified and that they actually believe this could happen, or want to believe that it could happen, shows how little hope they have of their team being able to stop this Celtic juggernaut whilst he is at the helm.

Talk about a back-handed compliment.

Other of their fan-sites are weighing in, with a tone more akin to desperate pleading than anything else. They know, deep down, that there isn’t the remotest possibility of this happening, but that they are even discussing it in the manner which they are shows that the fear has gripped them, the fear that the big guy has their number.

And he does, of course, as that pasting we gave them just a week ago (it seems longer, doesn’t it?) proves conclusively. They have spent the past week reeling from it, a situation not made any better when they watched us go after Madrid aggressively, and then saw their side flop meekly to another scudding at the hands of Ajax.

Celtic is a settled environment right now, and when that’s the case there are always people out there trying to stir the pot. But the reek of desperation from their supporters is new and fresh and welcome and hilarious.

They should stick to honouring their dead idol and stop indulging in this kind of daftness. They are only going to be disappointed.

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  • Frankie says:

    Wee boncky wants out.

  • MarkE says:

    Their second incarnation has been a barrel of laughs for the most part; its sometimes hard to believe that these are grown men and not infants squawking, but like their club, immaturity is rife in their ranks!

    On a more serious note though, this past week in Europe should be a wake up call for Scottish football in general, that all clubs need to adapt their ‘tactics’, where they have them, to give themselves a chance at competing in European competition.

    We’re never going to be able to compete on an even financial field to our European neighbours as things currently stand, but we could become more tactically savvy and give ourselves a chance.

    Teams like Shahktar Donetsk this week against a financially superior side in RB Leipzig proved that tactics can trump cash, as did Bodo Glimt last season.

    Ange doesn’t need to change much about his approach, but if he can fine tune this team to cancel out opportunities like the one’s gifted to Real Madrid, and at the same time teach them to be more clinical in attack, we’ll be a force no team will face lightly.

    • Martin H. says:

      James, I cannot believe the hatred and language on this website, we are not about this, you are allowing the standing people, you complain about, to take over this forum, I know your political beliefs, but if you are a true socialist, you should be more tolerant, let people bury their dead.

      • Walter Chinstrap says:

        They’ve been burying the dead in their millions for centuries all in the name of this family.
        For opium, land, slaves, precious jewels and metal.
        They’re my son’s and daughter’s!!
        How many of them have fought on the front line?
        How many of them went over the top?
        Read a book you forelock tugging prick!


          Wish I could give you a big ‘Smiley’ emoji for that.
          The rest of the World views their Royal Family and Union Jack in a different light.


          Wish I could give you a big ‘Smiley’ emoji for that.
          The rest of the World views their Royal Family and Union Jack
          in a completely different light.

  • Tony B says:

    Huns/Zombies go through what passes for their lives in a stew of anger fear and hate.

    It is not possible for these people to experience any of the positive healthy emotions that the rest of us normal human beings enjoy.

    If they weren’t so hateful I would feel sorry for them.

  • MarkE says:

    On another note, i see our club, along with Liverpool, are being blamed for football being cancelled this weekend as we were expected to not be able to resist the urge to disrupt any proposed minutes silence!

    Interestingly, i seen mention(in an article online, didn’t witness it personally) of Hearts fans not observing a minutes silence or mark of respect, though they themselves dodged any blame of hypothetical disturbance!

    • Roonsa says:

      I doubt that would have been the main reason but it will have been a consideration. Football fans, as we all know, are treated with contempt. Whilst the 3rd day of the test match between England and South Africa was taking place today, football fans all over the country were thinking, to themselves, what the absolute fuck am a gonnae dae the day? Thankfully, for me, the weather was magic and I got a lot done in the garden. Hardly as good as a day at Celtic Park
      , though.

      As for what Celtic fans would have done, of course there would have have been a lack of respect for any period of silence. We live in a democracy so don’t blame Celtic fans. Blame the fucking snowflakes who are all too ready to hop on the offended bus.

      These right wing cunts only rebuke woke and cancel culture when it suits them. Hun pricks.

  • Frankiebhoy says:

    What a week to be a sevconian sat 4 0 wed 4 0 thurs lizzie dies what a treble hh

  • S Thomas says:

    When it comes to booing minute silences.. we are the number 1 club for that lol. Our fans don’t observe anything at all. On a serious note, big Ange would be mad if he left us the now, we are on the crest of a wave here. Domination for the next few seasons at least. I fancy the treble this season actually.

  • Scud Missile says:

    Time to get that search party out for we shug,he is still in hiding after the Skelping his team got last weekend.

  • Johnny Green says:

    They know that as long as Ange is the manager of Celtic that they will be consigned to owning the 2nd best tag in the SPFL. They are going to continually be playing catch-up and they are never going to get better at it, just used to it, The best they can possibly achieve is 2nd in the League and runners up in both cups, that will be a successful season for them, their virtual treble, a proud moment and an excuse to wreck George Square,

    Perhaps a top European club some day will answer their prayers and take Ange from us, but it certainly won’t be Brighton and it will not be any time soon.

  • Dan Spain says:

    How many separate plans for defeat does Gio now have?
    Asking for a friend.

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