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Rodgers On The Brink As The Leicester “Dream” Turns Into A Nightmare.

Image for Rodgers On The Brink As The Leicester “Dream” Turns Into A Nightmare.

One point in seven games.

That’s the statistical fact of Brendan Rodgers Premiership life at the moment, and it is a desperate situation for him to be in.

He spent the summer preparing the alibis and the excuses for this failure, and now the depth of it obvious to him. He wants out of the club but won’t walk.

He knows a sacking gets him that big payday he thinks he’s worth. He also knows that in terms of where that leaves his career that he’s gone decisively backwards. That’s why all the Mea Culpas were finding their way to the papers as the season drew near.

Rodgers is a man who has enough of what he needs but always wants more.

He had the perfect club at Celtic, but the place was too small for his ego and although he had to deal with another whose ego was extra-large that doesn’t let him off the hook for the manner in which he did as he did.

He wanted to be back in England … but he chose a provincial club and the winning of an FA Cup, for which he greedily took full credit, and a miraculous title before he arrived does not make them less of one.

Rodgers’ problem was that he never thought much beyond getting back into the limelight. He probably did believe that Leicester were a sleeping giant and that it was all in front of them, but that was as stupid as it was short-sighted.

In a league of Super Clubs and managers who are as good as him the money was always going to be the telling factor, and Leicester were only ever going to compete for prizes for a short time before the effort wore them out.

That’s what happened here, and when Rodgers – the last guy to realise that he was spectacularly outgunned – finally reached that conclusion he started pulling against the restraints. Doubtless he feels trapped and cheated.

And boy, did he let his frustration show.

During the waning days of the window, he actually gave an interview in which he used his experiences at Celtic to send a warning to his current club. What a foolish move that turned out to be. All he did was advertise his basic lack of loyalty to anyone but himself and those above him at the club will have noted it, and so will others.

As he stares down the barrel of the gun this evening it’s clear that he’s reached this point partly by accident and partly by design. Whether he departs Leicester with any shred of his reputation still intact or as “damaged goods” remains to be seen.

But depart he will, and it won’t be long in coming.

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  • Seppington says:

    My sympathy for the traitor is non-existent. You reap what you sow, Brendan….

  • Martin H. says:

    You are so bitter James you keep talking about the lack of support from the board, john mcginn was the last straw, don’t gloat in somebody losing their job.

  • Jim meechan says:

    Reminds me of the tifo after he left Celtic
    Immortality for mediocrity HH

  • Aaron says:

    Will never forgive Brenda for leaving like he did for a micky mouse club like Leicester

  • Aaron says:

    Brendan ?

  • Scud Missile says:

    Sun bed Sam no more.

  • Thomas M Daley says:

    If he had only stayed to the end of the season. Let us get a decent replacement and backroom team. But, no, like a thief in the night he scurried away like the rat he is.
    You have no friends in this house, just pass on by with your bed.

  • Mark B says:

    He did a great job for us. It’s a shame he didn’t stay and that we didn’t back him …if we did and he stayed we would be sitting on 11 in a row. And may have made an impact on CL. But it’s all in the past we focus now on the future. Huge credit to Ange for building a new team and for the first time in years I am enjoying CL games.

  • Johnny Green says:

    No one liked the manner in which Brendan left, but he did give us unparalleled success over a short period of time. We also received a healthy 9M transfer fee for him and his back room team, so it wasn’t all bad. He made his bed, he’s a rich man and he’s probably happy enough with his lot. He will get another club based on his CV, but not a big one, those days have gone for him.

  • David Miller says:

    Once again James, will you please give up with the Brendan Rodgers nonsense. He gave me two of the best ever seasons in my lifetime as a Celtic fan.

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