Sevco Hangs Onto Celtic’s Coat-Tails But Their Fans Know That’s All They Are Doing.

Image for Sevco Hangs Onto Celtic’s Coat-Tails But Their Fans Know That’s All They Are Doing.

Can it only be a matter of weeks ago that we swept aside United like they weren’t even there, only to be told that our season hadn’t started yet because we had “played nobody”? Well, today they rolled up to Ibrox and made the home team sweat for every kick of the ball.

The whistle has just gone, and Sevco won the match … but it was a horrible display.

There are some who will clutch at straws and maintain that this was the result which “stopped the bleeding.” Their next two games are away at Hearts and at Anfield. We’ll see how much bleeding there is in those two, but an early guess would be that it’ll be a lot. There is nothing convincing about them. They look bereft of confidence and quality.

Had United got that late equaliser they were pressing for, I’d have been doing the ultimate Fear And Loathing piece right now. As it is, they cling on desperately … but most of their supporters, if you’re looking online, do realise that’s all they are doing.

Theirs is a side in real, serious trouble.

I very much doubt that there are many of their fans who believe otherwise.

I think they know this is bad and that it’s going to get worse. I think they know that this is a season which is not going to end in anything other than having to watch, with gritted teeth, as we do another lap of honour with the league trophy.

I’ve been listening carefully to the pundits in the last couple of weeks, and all of them believe that they are watching a Celtic side casually motoring towards the title.

On Graham Spiers recent podcast with Ewan Murray and Michael Grant, they talked about how good this team of ours is and one of them even predicted that we could win this title by a double digit margin.

I think that’s a pretty good assessment of where we are myself.

Today their manager was asked at their post-match presser if he was confident that his side could win the league, and he gave an answer which their fans would not have been impressed by in the least.

“We are here to give everything to become champions so we have to take it game by game. I’m confident we can compete in the championship.”

Confident that they can compete. And that’s where we are tonight.

He’s one of the only people in this country who actually is.

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  • Dando says:

    If the Aberdeen game had went ahead tottiweegio would have been gone by now !!


  • MarkE says:

    They look a decent side, DU, and have some decent players; they’re really sharp in midfield on the counter attack. Can see them working their way up the table to challenge for European spots

  • Johnny Green says:

    The huns were dreadful and Dundee United should have been also awarded a penalty just before they scored their second goal. They will be fighting it out with the rest for a top 6 place the way things are going.

  • SSMPM says:

    Thought Utd looked like they had a decent team at the start of the season until they went awol. I thought the second tackle by Thrillman was definitely a pen

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