Sky Sports Has Whipped The Carpet Out From Under The Gawping Haters Of Celtic.

Image for Sky Sports Has Whipped The Carpet Out From Under The Gawping Haters Of Celtic.

Between St Mirren’s decision to hold a minute’s applause and Sky Sports deciding to turn down the volume tomorrow, those who were sharpening their pencils to attack Celtic on the basis of something that hadn’t even happened yet are redrawing their plans.

Let them.

Aside from the bitter hacks who will attend the game just to write about it, the majority of the world will never know what takes place or doesn’t in that crowd.

That’s where this has gotten to. That’s where this little farce has progressed.

So this morning, our enemies took their last shot. They are barracking Sky and St Mirren for the decisions they’ve taken, and in doing so they reveal what it is they really care about.

Stirring the shit and upping the ante on the hatred.

What else can you say?

Over on Sevco social media they are, of course, in a rage.

This was why so many of them were going to tune in tomorrow, to find out whether our fans “disgraced” the club.

This is the club they despise by the way, and they one they maintain is a horrible institution anyway, so why so many of them care what The Green Brigade does I don’t really know.

But they’ve been denied their prize.

They’ve been denied their day of moralising and finger pointing, and they are convulsed with their rage. It’s amusing to see them like that. Amusing to see them all over the place and beside themselves with frustration.

This has been the highlight of their year, all this, and I can understand why they are frustrated and angry that it’s almost over and life is returning to normal.

They think our club has been damaged by this, but the only people ranting and raving and foaming at the mouth over it are the goons of the far right and they have the attention span of amoeba and will be back targeting immigrants and Black Lives Matter and climate protesters again soon enough.

Sevco, for all its displays of uber-staunch, won’t even have the temporary salve of having made a few extra friends; Morgan, Farage, Whale and the like. Not friends any normal person would ever wish to have, of course, but they are a strange lot.

Tomorrow we’re going to shift the narrative here back to where it belongs.

Our football team, and the blinding, dazzling, devastating stuff that it’s playing right now.

That’s where they want the focus to be least, because it confronts them with the full horror of how this campaign has already begun to unfold. No wonder they’d rather immerse themselves in all this.

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  • Tony B says:

    We live rent free in their heads and their obsession with everything Celtic gnaws away at them like termites.

    • James Mallon says:

      It’s been great for the Huns 2 weeks of royal shit a diversion from their layers humping and the great big one FAIR PLAY.
      Let’s get back to the real wlorld from royal fairy tales to wake up call of reality.
      Love to see that institution being hit with morality, credibility, honesty and financial responsibility abuse that results in a housing development at Ibrox.

  • Charles says:

    Low life scum. Thats what some in the media now consider ALL Celtic supporters because of a few with a certain banner. Tens of thousands of supporters who had nothing to do with it. These protestors must be so proud. They have again tarnished the name of Celtic fc. Why dont they take their banner to Buckingham Palace to protest where football isnt part of it . Out of their comfort zone no doubt.

    • Sophie Johnstone says:

      See when your critics include Farage,Morgan and the moral guardian Jeremy Kyle as your major critics then I’m glad to be lined up against them.i won’t take a lesson in morals or decency from that bunch,if you want to be lily livered about it and get all bothered about that lot then have at it

  • Roonsa says:

    The GB, as self appointed representatives of the entire Celtic fanbase, need to sharpen up. Fuck the Crown is not a particularly clever thing to display on a banner for the World to see. I wasn’t offended, just embarrassed. And not by what they were saying, rather how they were saying it.

    This is a democracy. We have a right to offend people as long as you do it in a legal framework. So let’s be clever about this. Yes, boo. Yes, sing IRA songs or anti monarchy songs if you want. But also remind people WHY you are doing it. Most of all, remind them that you are ALLOWED to do it.

    If they want us to stop, change or bend the laws even further than you already have. See where that gets you.

    The huns bunker mentality has served them well. It’s a tactic that Celtic fans should not be embarrassed to copy. There are enough of us to make a difference.

    Fuck the system. Fuck the king. Fuck the huns.

    PS. Also remind them that the queen’s favourite son is a nonce. They’ll love that.

  • John Mcgarrell says:

    Exactly anything to deflect how hopeless their team is,at the end off the day this will blow over ,then the stark reality off how bad their team is compared to Celtics,will sink in and they will turn on their own

  • Mark B says:

    What a shame we even have to talk about all this. THAT is the problem with our away fans. Let’s hope it all goes ok tomorrow …. meaning we win!!!!!

  • MarkE says:

    Who cares? Really!? Its a game of football and nobody should be demanded to do anything when going to a football ground to watch a game, far less obey some directive handed down to down by people who don’t know them but want to control them!

    Do what you want, within the confines of the law.

    Personally i wouldn’t even acknowledge this whole circus of events, with banners, chants, songs or otherwise as to do that basically empowers them further and reinforces their beliefs and sense of entitlement!

    Just show up and support the team

  • SSMPM says:

    The huns are as good as being english, that’s why Nicola can’t win over their unionist vote. They are traitors of Scotland, unionist collaborators and as such should be challenged. The gb don’t face up to the huns on their march days or while they smash up Glasgow, just a silly little banner hiding amongst a crowd. It looks cowardly and it always leaves some other lot to pick up the flack and the fine – Celtic FC

    • MarkE says:

      Its a little more complicated than that, historically speaking.

      The Scottish Catholic crown under Mary Queen of Scots, having made a pact with their English cousins on the English throne several centuries ago, brought an army of Highlanders down to the Scottish borders to try and ethnically cleanse the population of Scottish borderers, and were beaten!

      This obviously created a huge split in the country and its people. These same borderers were then forcibly evicted from their lands under threat of execution when Mary’s son James took over both the Scottish and English throne and raised an army to ‘cleanse the borders’, which was effectively Scotlands first line of defence for centuries prior to that from English invasion, having been resettled there by James & Mary’s ancestor Robert the Bruce after the battle he became famous for.

      These borderers moved all over the globe, some to Canada, USA(Neil Armstrong, the first man on the Moon was descended from them, as was US President Richard Nixon, among other famous people) but some were allowed to be resettled in Ireland by James under the promise that they’d be loyal to the crown, and later became known as the Scots-Irish, who make up a large portion of the present day Northern Irish/British Protestant loyalists.

      There’s obviously more to the story, but thats the bare bones of it. Strange thing is them staying loyal to some Stuart royals, the Protestant ones, but not the Catholic ones in later battles in Ireland and on the British mainland; the present day British royals can apparently also trace their lineage in part back to the Scottish Stuart royals, Robert the Bruce, and before that to William the Conqueror and viking Rollo the walker.

      So its not exactly a simple case of them being traitors to Scotland given the last Scottish crown who their ancestors had protected for centuries tried to wipe them out, but again, they still remained loyal to the same family under the Protestant religion, which is probably more bizarre


      That’s a over generalisation, all Huns this, all Huns that.

      I know plenty of Sevco followers who don’t fall into this catch all heading.

      Relatives, friends people I have worked with and neighbours who are just supporters of a football team.
      A team that they follow because the were born into one side of the divide that was purposely created in Scotland by the Crown & Establishment.

      Just like in NI. Fight among ourselves and we take our eyes off the real oppressors.

      People who by birth are nominally Protestant but don’t practice. Just as I struggle to find among the people I went to school with or within my own extended family, from both sides of the divide, who practice their Catholic faith.

      Of the people that I know who are nominally Protestant there is a slight majority in favour of independence.
      Close neighbours, nominally Protestant, can be counted as fellow card carrying SNP members active in the local branch.

      There is a danger in alienating allies by lumping all non Catholic (sic) fans as ‘the scum of the earth’ ‘zombies’, ‘ Flag Shaggers’ and ‘goat botherers’.

      Comment on or trash their team, Board and Club on the issues that affect the Scottish game. Fair game.
      But ease off in the personal insults. Their are a lot of like minded people on both sides.

      • Sophie Johnstone says:

        Lucky you,I have got the usual insults aimed at me even from close family it comes easy to them,if there are decent huns their silence is deafening and makes them complicit in the abuse from the stands

  • James Mallon says:

    Who really cares, there is not one critic that can be judged as non partial or credible. They are all tarnished.
    Farage fkd the English Big time with Brexit, pity we got it as well

  • SSMPM says:

    I know I don’t want this or an alternative crown; its madness being stuck in the lavie pan and in the past

  • HAZZY says:

    Don’t forget our beloved prime minister protested against the crown do they hate her and her party i think not.just the same thing isn’t it.

  • MarkE says:

    Your surname, Johnstone, is from the Borders; a Border Reiver family, who historically participated in cross border raids in a type of guerilla warfare that lasted for centuries, until the aforementioned happened.

    There’s loads of cool stories from the borders that’d make brilliant films, but the last of them paint the Scottish crown in a bad light rather than the heroic tag movies like Braveheart and Outlaw King afford them.

    The one involving Mary Queen of Scots, her boyfriend and the army attacking the borders families in particular is a good story, especially in how it ends

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