Souness’s Queen’s Portrait Story Is The Tale Of A Backwards Club And A Backwards Culture.

Image for Souness’s Queen’s Portrait Story Is The Tale Of A Backwards Club And A Backwards Culture.

Who exactly is the story Graeme Souness has been telling today, about how it was him who decided that the Queen’s portrait should hang in the dressing room at Ibrox, meant to impress?

Is he supposed to come over as staunch?

Is it supposed to be a mark of respect to the woman herself?

His contention that they ought to have it as a “Protestant institution” actually runs counter to the things he did there as manager and which once brought him credit.

This brainless waffling should have people concerned about him, coming as it does on the heels of his rant about women in the game. He’s starting to sound like Alf Garnett.

I don’t know who he thinks this brings credit to.

Not to him, for sure.

Certainly not to the club he was once the manager of.

This whole “Protestant institution” thing just makes Ibrox sound like a place for backward thinking bigots, and although most of us understand that this is exactly what the two Ibrox operations are, and have been, it’s not the impression they want to give to the rest of the world.

All the last few days has done is remind everyone else in this country, and beyond, that there is a spectacularly misplaced egotism and arrogance and exceptionalism about that club.

They think they are special, They believe they hold a special place in the fabric of this nation, but they ignore what happened when the club Souness once managed fell into trouble.

Not one of the “institutions” they had relied on and expected to come to their aid did so.

When you’re actually ripping one of them off why should they?

But that should have been their lesson that even the culture they cling to doesn’t have a minute for them when real world consequences are in play. Nobody came to their aid for precisely this reason, this “Protestant culture” garbage the NewCo couldn’t wait to appropriate and has spent the last few days wallowing in.

Souness sounded like an eejit.

He made the club sound as retrograde and reactionary and prejudiced as well all know that it was, and as we all know the NewCo is.

We, not they, should be thanking him for it.

Because the more the world focusses on what they’re about the deeper the understanding is of just how unlike them we actually are.

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  • Peterbrady says:

    Whose the next dinasaur the media will drag out the gutter of the deid club/team oldco newco sevco engine room subsidy holding company vehicle intergalactic foreign object.

  • harold shand says:

    This kind of story has certain newspapers squealing with delight

    The guy is a fcking dinosaur

  • Seppington says:

    “What if” time…

    What if this is a precursor to a return to Ayebrokes for Souness? Van B is oot on his bahookie if things don’t improve sharpish and who better than the legned-ary hard-man to instil some toughness into the milquetoast Sevco squad? Plus think of the box-office of putting him up against a Celtic manager that may have idolised him as a Liverpool player. I could see their board being so desperate to fend off King that they’d pull a stunt like that, and the gullibillies would drink that lavvy water like good little staunchies…

    Of course, it would backfire spectacularly as Souness is a dinosaur and would have no way to counter Angeball beyond brutality. 5 yellows 5 substitutions 5 yellows….reds if required…

  • Frankie says:

    He was nothing but a thug, the tackle on George McCluskey ripping his calf muscle, maybe they will now put a photo up of King Charles or lucky the Labrador.

  • John Copeland says:

    Souness ,a narcissistic fraud ,who will do and say anything to be in the limelight ,including in people’s time of grief and sorrow !

  • kingmurdy says:

    he’s a dirty fukn eejit !!!

    ANYONE who thinks the monarchy have any feelings for the “common” man is the same…
    the monarchy is an anachronistic institution built on cruelty,bigotry,racism,and elitism….
    it is astonishing this outpouring of “grief” ….the monarchy today is just 1 leech less than this day last week…

    oh…and i think the catholic church could be measured by the same……


  • Effarr says:

    The common man himself doesn`t have any feelings for the “common man”, so don`t kid yourself. The ordinary common man nowadays would stab you in the back as quick as look at you. Common man??? An utter joke.

  • john clarke says:

    STOP PRESS: The self-proclaimed largest share-holder of “the other club” wants transparently. Barry Ferguson wants spirit and fight. A few noisy aberrant Fans want Gio out. The SMSM oblige. The sensible Ally McCoist, does not concur. The rebels want more investment; but no investor can be bigger than Mr. D King.
    My mail says the Fans have found a rich investor from down south. He is willing to take over Player Management as well. On hearing this news, Barry Ferguson left the rebel group, in fury.

    The eccentric humourist Charlie Windsor, will be Giovanni’s replacement.
    The Record reports Barcelona are already negotiating with Gio directly.
    The first player Charlie Windsor wants, is the exciting centre-forward Harry Windsor from MSL Los Angelos FC. Morelos will be put out for loan.
    The rabid Fans have urged Charlie to buy Andy Windsor from Bermuda FC. “They say he is a wrecking-ball, central midfield defender”. Charlie placated them with an “OK”; then said, out of hearing …”He will be last man on the bench”.
    The speedy winger Eddie Windsor will move from QPR to the new club for thruppence. He has great natural aerobic fitness; so they say. He plays like Sir Stanley Matthews did….at 60.
    Alan McGregor is to coach a new Keeper, the tall, agile, Willie Windsor.
    Rebel Fans want George Windsor to be Archbishop of The Scottish Church. The outrageous Sevconian and Fan Chaplin, Rev Calvin Luther Beaton said; “during the Reformation, an 11 year old was appointed archbishop”. “There is a precedent”. Willie was horrified; “George first needs to be trained in ribbon cutting and tree planting. He first has to meet Prince Philip’s standards”. “Charlie, I and Harry would like him to be an Environmental Scientist”.

    There is to be a new Club name. Fans will have no say. “New Firm Sevco” is dead. “Old Firm” is dead. New name to be announced is, “The King’s Rangers”. King’s Rangers for short. The CEO said, the Bear Pit will be deliriously ecstatic.
    All this was leaked to me by a young man with a big Union Jack paper bag over his head. He smelt like a geers pub.

    On a serious note: A Catholic Bishop at Mass today said, the Queen was a woman of integrity, goodness and simple holiness. He said, she probably does not need our prayers (so good) but asked parishioners to join with Anglicans in praying for the Queen. (I did have some worries about the correctness of reporting this. The Bishop is a good man. I thought deeply and objectively, then unequivocally agreed with the Bishop.
    I hope you do too). Remember the Queen did not create the Institution she worked for. She had a separate identity and soul.
    If you are Christian, Jesus is your Sovereign not Charles.

    • Jim Duffy says:

      Very well said John ,love your satire in the first section,and think you and your bishop is right about the queen.

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