Storming Celtic Deserved The Win But Have To Settle For A Champions League Point.

Image for Storming Celtic Deserved The Win But Have To Settle For A Champions League Point.

Had someone said to me before that kicked off that we would take a point from the game I would have been broadly satisfied with that.

I said before a ball was kicked in this group that we needed four of them from the first three games and this would have put us well on track for that achievement. As it happens, we still are.

But that was a chance to win the three instead of a single one. We were the better side tonight and not just a little but by a lot. By a considerable distance.

We were, I thought, fantastic tonight with only the finishing letting us down.

That’s where we have to improve, but by God the difference between this Celtic team and the one that played in Europe last season, where I thought we were actually a lot better than a lot of the negative press that has surrounded us.

We are a different animal now. We were in total command of that game, and we should have gotten the Champions League away victory which would have set us up for the home ties no matter what happens in Germany.

But we can go to Germany confident.

I thought that was a brilliant display from a Celtic team that needed to be tested at this level and proved that it can’t just compete but that it can do so with high expectations.

The performance had everything we would have wanted … except the win at the end.

But overall I am damned proud of my team and the way they played tonight. Obviously, I’m going to do a full review on the game tomorrow but these early impressions are where I usually convey my immediate thoughts and they are that we totally commanded the pitch and on another day, with more composed finishing, would have battered them.

That is a very big point, ladies and gents, and more; it is a very big point proved.

We belong here. We are good enough to qualify from this Group.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    I challenged one the klan in bookies earlier on when I was in putting my bets on for tonight 4-0, 5-0,5-1 for Napoli.The daftie I had to dig up was watching our game when he shouts at the TV teams like shouldn’t be in champions league,a said to him tell me then who should be in, teams that finish 2nd,3rd and 4th in their league.
    I said to him we are there because we deserve to be there we won our league we are champions,your team finished second and think they are entitled to everything.
    Your team should be nowhere the champions league your not champions of Scotland.
    Ah finished off by showing him my correct score for the game tonight,he didn’t know where to look,probably thought nobody was going to challenge him on his pish,trying to sit there giving it the big I’am. FUD.

    • Stephen McAdam says:

      Well said, I have done simmilar plenty a times no orc gets a pass from me! Bully cowards are 99 percent of that poison total shitebags and hate a challenge! Utter filth!

  • S Thomas says:

    Celtic played brilliant tonight, I’m just struggling to understand why we are not taking these chances though. I see us beating shakhtar, and Liepzig at home, but I think we might need to win in Germany. Still think 3rd place finish at the very least. 7 points we should be aiming for, our next 3 games.

  • Nick66 says:

    So happy to watch Celtic. We were in the front seat in that game today. I think it’s the split second thought in the head, that moment of composure is needed. When we win, we will have that more relaxed, more clinical decision making and the confidence that comes from that. 3 points needed next for sure. However, on this evening’s showing we should take heart that we can get second at best, third at least, and post Christmas European football.

  • Geoff says:

    Wasn’t confident
    Not sure what happened after first twenty
    Second half great performance
    So many chances to win
    Oh for a Henrik
    Still expected the cruel ending
    Delighted with a point
    Come on Napoli
    Celtic the Musical on Friday HH

  • john clarke says:

    Discourteous, disrespectful, ill-mannered, low-life Celtic support who live off the scrapings
    from the anus of a gnat. You have let the good mannered fans and your Club down once again. No need.

    • Johnny Green says:


    • Stephen McAdam says:

      Beat it! The poison you no doubt use to vent your hate and bigotry! Have always brought shame to this place!! So there be no bs morolising from likes of you clown shoe!! You let your club die!! You know the one that stole 100million quid of her tax money!! You stood back and let oldco die ! Why? Cause you have nothing! No community ,no Solidarity no faith! Hence you cling to a monarchy that laugh at your ilk! Redneck clown that you are! Now beat it ! Cause our Great Club Celtic are a real club borne out of Charity, love ,faith and solidarity! Everything you cowards ain’t basically!! And could only dream to be!

    • Kevan McKeown says:

      How’s that ? Because they won’t arse lick an outdated imperialistic sectarian institution. And the support across the city…….obvious role model pillars of society eh ?! Selective amnesia as usual. Away back tae yer bed.

  • Jim says:

    A weird game. After the great start, sluggish for much of the first and second half and then we came alive again, although they still looked dangerous.

    Maeda – I love the wee guy’s guts and spirit, but he misses so many times when it looks easier to score. By my count, we missed seven gilt-edged chances in the second-half.

    Juranovic caught cold for the goal and I thought we were in for a long night, but in the second half, I don’t know if it was deliberate or not, but we didn’t play as high a line when they had the ball, and Jura stayed goal side of Mudryk. Thankfully he drifted out of the game. The pace of that lad is phenomenal. Juranovic is not slow, and he left him for dead.

    I think we are beginning to see what a master Aaron Mooy is. He keeps it simple when it needs to be simple, but when he has time to look up and someone is making a run, he can find them with a killer pass.

    Hopefully Real can do us a turn and keep Leipzig on zero points for us.

  • Johnny Green says:

    We played well and I don’t want to be too critical, but Joe Harts attempted save at their goal was dreadful.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Thought we started really well, tho when they equalized for a spell ah was thinkin ‘aw naw, here we go again, surely no’. Turns out in the 2nd half we shouldve won it. They’ll need tae learn quickly tae take these scorin chances in the CL. Overall quite pleased wi the performance. Whit a difference from even a year ago.

  • Seppington says:

    Good performance, happy wnough with a point but yes it should have been three. I don’t want to be negative but someone needs to have a wee word with Jota. Far from being outstanding I thought he looked like he was going to trip over his own feet so many times and I thought that for several of his mazy runs that ended with flubbed shots if he had passed it we would have got a goal and the three points. I imagine this is because the lad is just desperate to get a CL goal (look what it meant to Hatate, though unfortunately he won’t get credited with it) and I’m supremely confident that he will get his goal but he needs to have a little patience about it. I just felt he was maybe a tad too selfish tonight. Contrast that with Kyogo who could’ve gotten his first CL goal but pulled his foot away when he realised it was definitely going in, obviously he didn’t want to steal Reo’s goal! Japan is clearly a very different footballing culture…just about every striker everywhere else is stealing that goal!

    Still, we again showed we very much belong in that competition.

    As for the banners…whilst I absolutely agree with the sentiment I would have liked us to have been a little classier than that, plus that banner would be better suited for when Chuckles Windsock is getting coronated. I felt the “Sorry for your loss” banner was just crass. It’s obviously the GB that are behind it and to my eyes they’ve let themselves and the club down again. I’m not as against them as a lot of fans are but sometimes I think they need taken down a peg or two. They do not represent the entire support but they bring a lot of negativity toward all of us when they pull this kind of crap. They really need to do a bit of growing up.

    • Kevan McKeown says:

      @ Seppington. Think kyogo actually pulled his foot away because he would’ve been offside. Tho ah don’t think anybody has the right tae spew their vitreol at the Celtic support for protestin against an over-privelaged institution that couldnae give a shit really about the workin class, ah think thats fair comment about the banners and GB. Need tae show a wee bit more class than that.

  • BJM says:

    Good performance, don’t want to be negative thought jota should have been subbed 15 mins before he was out on his feet. A few good chances after Abada came on .

  • S Thomas says:

    I think what we are missing is a really top marksman, because we would have won that match with 1 last night. I’ve just watched the man city highlights on YouTube there, and I’ll tell you that Haaland goal is absolutely outrageous. That was larssonesque, pure quality, from a phenomenal marksman. The only thing I’ll post about the other episode last night, is the banners were horrible. It made it personal, and that’s not ok for me. I understand about the wealth etc, because I feel like that myself, I think everybody should be the same, and nobody is better than anybody. But they banners were personal, and it’s never been personal with me.

  • Roonsa says:

    If you look at the DR webpage the headlines seem to suggest that the huns doing their silly wee TIFO display and then getting humped is more newsworthy than Celtic doing what they did last night.

    I can’t believe people are trying to pick holes in last night’s performance. Considering where we have come from, last night was very encouraging. Not getting carried away but it’s good going into these matches actually looking forward to them rather than dreading them.

  • Mark b says:

    For first time in 15 years I am looking forward to these games and we are actually competing well it’s an absolute pleasure. Away leg CL and we are massively disappointed with a draw. When did that last happen ? We need to take our chances but at least we are in the game.

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